Fortaleza dominates and beats Ciara in the Clasico-Rey and leaves the relegation zone in Brazil

Fortaleza dominates and beats Ciara in the Clasico-Rey and leaves the relegation zone in Brazil

higher , the castle dominate car He won last place King Classic 1 to 0. moises Score the goal of the match. As a result, the team left the relegation zone in the Brazilian championship, remaining in the fifteenth place, with 24 points. Ciara, on the other hand, stayed in 14th place, with a combined 25.

It is the third win in a row for Tricolor, who is struggling to recover in Serie A. The next contender for the team led by Vojvoda will be Corinthians, on Sunday (21), also at home. On the other hand, Fuzao plays away from home against Bragantino, also on Sunday (21).

Game Summary

First time

Fortaleza tried to get in with Capixaba, but White and White’s defense stopped him. Mateos Peixoto headed in danger in the 3rd minute and remained in Fernando Miguel’s defense. Tite played for Moises, but Marcos Victor got the ball back. In the 8th minute, Thiago Gallardo tried to finish the match, and Marcos Victor arrived again at the show. Then, taking advantage of the remainder, Robson didn’t kick well and the ball veered off Victor Lewis. The three colors pressed even more forcefully in the attack. In the 14th minute, Moises pinned the ball and kicked towards the goal. The bid came.

It didn’t take long for Tricolor to open the registry. In the 16th minute, Robson took advantage of the ball and played for Moises. The striker finished the goal directly on the goal of Joao Ricardo. Grandfather tried to build on the attack with Mendoza, but Lucas Sacha avoided danger. Gabriel Lacerda arrived and dispatched them. We also submitted to no avail. To try to escape from the lion’s defense, the White and White attack bet on launches. Vojvoda followed closely behind in defences, especially with Tite and Pretz. Fortaleza imposed itself on speed and creating more chances.

The fencing was cut into the middle of the field. Victor Luis kicked and saw the goalkeeper keep the ball. The players began arguing on the field and the atmosphere intensified. Benevenuto, Galhardo, Lacerda received yellow cards for it. With the ball in the court again, Robson headed toward goal, but was offside. In the 42nd minute, Vina kicked with great danger, and the ball hit Lucas Sacha and hit the crossbar Fernando Miguel. Veena tried again, out of the area, and sent it. Well distributed in defense, Fortaleza disarmed and counterattacked lightly. Vojvoda was superior and closed the first half with an advantage on the scoreboard.

second period

Ciara started more aggressively in the second half comeback. But Marquinhos Santos’ team was not able to take the risk effectively. On the other hand, Fortaleza worked more on plays and progressed in high quality. The team found spaces in the middle and played the ball with some ease. At 9′, Zee Willison kicked out of the area. The show lost its power until Joao Ricardo’s defense. Tricolor insisted with Gallardo, Robson and Pritz. The team has not stopped striving to expand the feature.

Robson tried again. In 17 minutes, Joao Ricardo saved Gallardo’s header. Benevenuto insisted and Nino Paraíba cut the offer. At the age of 18, Ciara finally arrived. Lima kicked from outside the area, a move that veered to the left of the goal. Eric also sent strong, but Fernando Miguel held on well. Nino and Lima sought offensive action in favor of Alvenegro and were prevented by the tricolor defence. In the 29th minute in favor of Fortaleza, Gallardo started the field with a counterattack and played with Depetri, who lost time on the ball. Musa’s substitute also missed another chance to score after that.

Nino Paraiba and Lima tried to open the scoring and ended up being blocked by the opponent’s defense sector again. In a frightening move, Victor Luis received a head trauma and fell on the field. The player quickly showed up and left the scene conscious by ambulance. On appeal, Guilherme submitted Castilho to Alvenegro and sent him. Under pressure in tagging and unable to modify permits, the grandfather struggled to establish. He still crashes into the safe performance of the tricolor goalkeeper. Guilherme Castilho still hit a dangerous free kick near the small area and stayed in the bar. DiPetri had another opportunity to expand but lost. However, Fortaleza kept the score and left the relegation zone.


Ciara vs Fortaleza

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