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Best Moments CRB 2 x 0 Gremio | 08/13/2022

22:29 28 minutes ago

game over!

CRB beat Grêmio 2-0 with two goals from Diogo Silva.

22:28 28 minutes ago

49 min / 2 T

Jenderson enters the area, swings and kicks, but the ball goes out.

22:26 31 minutes ago

46 min / 2 T

CRB runs away again with Reginaldo, who shoots the cross but misses.

22:23 34 minutes ago

43 min / 2 T.

Grêmio rotates from side to side, but finds no spaces.

22:19 38 minutes ago

38 minutes / 2 T.

CRB escapes with a counterattack, Reginaldo passes a low cross and Richard arrives well to kick the ball, but he chooses to cut the light and no one seems to finish.

22:16 40 minutes ago

37 minutes / 2 T

Elkeson receives and fixes the area and kicks the ball steadily, but the ball hits the defense and goes out.

22:13 44 minutes ago

33 min / 2 T

Double substitution at CRB: Rafael Longuwen and Claudini leave, Bruninho and Olián Correa enter.

22:09 hours ago

30 minutes / 2 T

Grêmio continues to raise balls in the area but without success.

22:04 hours ago

25 minutes / 2 T

Substitution in Grêmio: Gabriel leaves Teixeira, enters Thaciano.

22:02 hours ago

22 min / 2 T

Double substitution at CRB: Gabriel Conceicao and Paulinho Mucklen leave, Richard and Reginaldo enter.

21:57 hours ago

18 minutes / 2 T

Ganderson starts on the right and tries to cross, but Diogo Silva stays with her.

21:52 hours ago

13 min / 2 T

Grêmio knocks a lot, but fails to generate good scoring opportunities.

21:49 hours ago

9 minutes / 2 T

Campaz takes the ball into the area in search of Guilherme, but it remains with goalkeeper Diogo Silva.

21:46 hours ago

7 minutes / 2 T

Campaz reaches the baseline, tries to pass behind him but is disarmed.

21:42 hours ago

3 minutes / 2 T

Rodrigo wakes up in the area, but is flagged offside.

21:41 hours ago

1 min/2 t

Bell receives the high and tries to head, but misses.

21:39 hours ago

The second half begins!

Let’s move on to the complementary phase of CRB x Grêmio.

21:39 hours ago

Replacement in the guild

Jeromell leaves, Petillo enters.

21:38 hours ago

Teams in the field!

The second half will start.

21:222 hours ago

End of the conversation in the first half

CRB outperforms Grêmio by 2 to 0, even with one less player.

21:222 hours ago

51 min / 1st T.

The ball is raised in the CRB area, the defender takes it but is left at the foot of Bill who kicks hard but goes out.

21:18 hours ago

47 min / 1st T.

Grêmio makes a good move, the ball crosses the CRB area twice, but is marked as offside.

21:162 hours ago

45 minutes / 1 T

Plus six plus.

21:142 hours ago

43 min / 1st T.

Grêmio makes a good move, the ball gets to Biel inside the area, but he gets in the way and loses possession.

21:10 2 hours ago

39 min / 1 h

Grêmio retains possession, but no creativity.

21:08 2 hours ago

37 minutes / 1st T.

Biel is thrown into the area, and he tries at first but misses the target.

21:07 2 hours ago


Diogo Silva expands the score!

21:05 2 hours ago

Penalty for CRB!!!!

Jeromeel put his hand on the ball inside the area.

21:04 2 hours ago

32 min / Q1- Another expulsion!

CRB Committee member expelled.

21:03 2 hours ago

32 min / 1st T.

Campaz takes a good shot, but Diogo Silva holds it.

20:552 hours ago

Red card!

Guilherme Romau was expelled.

20:542 hours ago

VAR is being checked!

Possible expulsion from the CRB team.

20: 512 hours ago

19 min / 1 T

Gum goes in after a free kick, but the ball goes away.

20:492 hours ago

18 min / 1 T

postponed match. Gabriel Conceicao on the floor.

20:482 hours ago

16 min / 1 T

Diogo Barbosa crosses the area, but the defender is moving away.

20: 472 hours ago

15 minutes / 1st T.

Gabriel Conceição goes head-to-head with Brenno, but he doesn’t kick and misses a big chance.

20: 432 hours ago

12 min / 1 T

Nothing noticeable in giving with Prino.

20: 422 hours ago

11 min / 1 T

The ball slipped to Perino and the fans complained that the goalkeeper would have grabbed it with his hand outside the area.

20:392 hours ago

8 minutes / 1 T

Campaz shoots off at the back of the defender, but is caught offside.

20:382 hours ago


Diogo Silva from a penalty kick opens the scoring for Shabab Balzan!

20:362 hours ago

Penalty for CRB!!!

Bale commits a foul inside the penalty area and the referee calls the offense.

20: 342 hours ago

3 minutes / 1st T.

The ball is thrown into the back of Grêmio’s defense, but Rodrygo takes it at a corner.

20: 332 hours ago

2 min / 1 t

Campaz controls the middle and advances and tries to pass in depth, but the defender cuts.

20: 312 hours ago

Start game!

Rolling the ball for CRB and Grêmio.

20:253 hours ago

Glimpse of the difference on the grass

Play the national anthem.

20: 203 hours ago

10 minutes into the game!

The ball is now rolling for CRB and Grêmio.

20:09 3 hours ago

Gremio goalkeepers in the warm-up period

19:563 hours ago

CRB stepped up!

19:553 hours ago

Climb the guild!

10:05 AM 13 hours ago

Where and how can CRB X GRÊMIO be watched live on TV and in real time?

Match: CRB vs Gremio LIVE
Date: 08/13/2022
Tournament: Brazilian 2022 Second Division
Location: Maceió
Stadium: King Pele
Time: 20:30
Where to watch: Premiere.
Real time: VAVEL Brazil

10:03 13 hours ago

When is CRB X GRÊMIO and how to watch it live and in real time?

Date: 08/13/2022
Time: 20:30 (from Brasilia)
Broadcasting: premiere.
VAVEL Brasil will perform in real time for the match.

10:03 13 hours ago

Guild lineup

Brino. Rodrigo Ferreira, Jeromel, Bruno Alves and Diogo Barbosa; Villasante, Lucas Leiva and Campaz; Bell, Gilherme and Diego Souza.

10:03 13 hours ago

Edelson and Thiago Santos do not play with Gremio

And while his right side has had tonsillitis, the midfielder is still undergoing treatment after sustaining a blow to his right knee during training on Sunday.

10:01 13 hours ago

CRB . Escalation

Diogo Silva Reginaldo, Iago Mendonca (Gome), Wellington Carvalho, Guilherme Lopez; Claudini and Iago (Gallison), Raphael Longines, and Bruninho; Paulinho Muklin and Gabriel Conceicao.

10:01 13 hours ago

Anselmo Ramon right embezzlement

The striker was sent off in the last match, against Náutico, when CRB lost 2-1, and is automatically suspended in that round. Young Gabriel Conceicao is the natural alternative.

10:00 13 hours ago

How to reach the guild

09:57 13 hours ago

How does CRB arrive?

09:55 13 hours ago

The situation in the second division

09:52 13 hours ago

you welcome in)!

Today we will be following together all the emotions that pervaded the match between CRB x Grêmio for Round 24 of the 2022 Campeonato Brasileiro Série B. The ball rolls at Rei Pelé at 20:30, and you can catch up on all the emotions here, at Vavel Brasil.

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