Bella Campos: A relationship and a game with the star's parents

Catch celebrities! lost? Understand who he’s been with in recent months

If you’re a bit lost with what’s going on in the love lives of celebrities, don’t worry, we’ll put you in the right place. Roughly in Carlos Drummond de Andrade’s “Quadrilha” (in which the poet recounts “Joao loved Teresa who loved Raimundo who loved Maria who loved Joachim who loved Lily who loved no one…”), they exchanged partners between them, at a party here, in a review Others out there, in the cast over there… How do these connections happen? Explain people.

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Bella Campos and Gabigol

One is in the Pantanal, the other is in the fields. What unites them? Flamengo, whom Bella Campos seems to be rooting for, and shows at Rio Nights. Muda in the series approaches Gabigol every day. In addition to standing next to the striker at a show, she was also seen watching Mingao’s last match with the star’s parents, at the Maracana. A few days ago, also during one of Fla’s matches, Bella was in the VIP audience of the box. On this occasion, singer Romani was wandering in space, where the actress was photographed in an intimate setting on Barra Beach, on a sunny Sunday. This, in turn, ended up, in another event, for the eyes of Rafaela Santos, former Gabigol, who was with Andre Lamoglia. Follow…

Bella Campos: A relationship and a game with the star’s parents Photo: rep twitter
Bella Campos
Bella Campos Photo: Reproduction – Alinne Volpato

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Singer Romanian is a celebrity who has been involved in affairs lately
Singer Romanian is one of the famous people who have been involved in affairs recently Image: clone / Instagram
Singer Romanian is a celebrity who has been involved in affairs lately
Singer Romanian is one of the famous people who have been involved in affairs recently Image: clone / Instagram

Gabigol and Raffaella Santos

In July, after attracting the attention of businesswoman and influencer Rafaela Santos, at a party hosted by Neymar in June, Andre Lamoglia met her again in Ibiza. The “elite” actor spent his holidays there in the company of Vinicius Jr. and your gang. The two were on the same tour, during a trip to Warner Park, in Madrid, where Neymar’s sister insisted on being with the actor the whole time. Some friends who were in Ibiza also played in the park. Raffaella appeared in a photo in which he was also Lamoglia. From there, they returned to Brazil and continued the relationship, until Lamoglia did not want to see Rafa exchanging looks with Roman. The singer who was with Bella, who was with Gabigol, who was with…

Gabigol from Flamengo with his girlfriend Rafaela Santos
Gabigol, from Flamingo, with his girlfriend, Raffaela Santos Image: clone/Instagram Gabriel Barbosa

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Gabigol and Rafaela, in Rio, in May: last public record
Gabigol and Rafaella, in Rio, in May: Last year’s record Photo: clone

Gabigol and Natalia Deniz

A few weeks ago, the player celebrated two well-accompanied Flamengo victories. Gabigol spent a few days in the company of Sao Paulo model Natalia Deniz, 21, who watched Flamengo’s win over Atletico Mineiro from a box in the Maracana. It was with her that Gabigol took part in the celebration which he gave in his new mansion after the match. The following Sunday, they went together to a music festival in Niterói. The girl returned to São Paulo, without entering (so far) the role of make-up on the same set. Last week even Jade Picon was linked to the striker. But the two are just neighbors. But with who has a trellis jade?

Natalia Deniz in the Maracana
Natalia Deniz in the Maracana Photo: clone / Instagram

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Nathália Diniz is a model and advertising student
Nathália Diniz is a model and student Advertising Image: clone / instagram

Andre Lamoglia and Jed Bacon

Jade Bacon and Andre Lamoglia were to be staying at the end of June. The kiss occurred at the Real Madrid player Vinicius Junior’s party in Para. The night didn’t go too far because the new world actress was already looking forward to another young single, and of course she’s part of that group. Remember that Lamoglia is the last brother friend of Neymar, who was among the companions of the so-called council, Gabriel Medina. And this is where the catch only increases.

Andre Lamoglia is 24 years old
Andre Lamoglia is 24 years old Photo: clone / Instagram

Andre Lamoglia and Jed Bacon

Jade Bacon and Andre Lamoglia were going to be at the end of June, at a party in Rio de Janeiro. The kiss was to take place at the party of Real Madrid’s Vinicius Junior, who promoted a three-day event called “Carnavini”, in Cachoeira de Macaco, in the metropolitan area of ​​Rio de Janeiro.

Jade Picon kisses the actor
Jade Bacon kisses the actor Image: clone / Instagram

Jade Bacon, Gabriel Medina, Jasmine Brunet and Leo Bacon

In the case of this quartet, it is easy to understand if we connect all four nouns at once. That’s because in July, Jade hooked up with Gabriel Medina, the ex of Yasmin Brunet, who exchanged kisses with Leo, Jade’s brother and surfer friend. And they’re all at the same party, in a bar in São Paulo. The former BBB and Medina were already the subject of speculation when she left the show. Jasmine found out from her gossip accounts on Instagram that the two became close and immediately stopped following her friend. Yes, because they were close friends, and Jasmine and Medina recently broke up. At the party, the quartet was “denounced” by fans who were in the same place. One of them said that Medina and Gadi stayed in an isolated room and left at the same time.

Jade Bacon and her brother Leo Bacon at a party
Jade Picon and her brother Leo Picon at the party Photo: rep instagram

Days later, Jade posted a little dance with Medina, and the two dressed up as the day of the party. Well…inside the bar, Leo exchanged kisses with Jasmine Brunet who, days before, at Luisa Sonza’s party, was with Joao Gillherme, ex-Jade, who was also with Bianca Andrade, aka Boca Rosa. Stop for some water and come back to understand this puzzle!

Jasmine Brunet appears as a fan who was at the same party as Eri Johnson
Yasmine Bruni poses in a fan photo who was at the same party as hers even a photo of Eri Johnson: rep / instagram

Joao Guilherme and Boca Rosa

Bianca Andrade, also known as Boca Rosa, admitted to kissing actor João Guilherme, son of singer Leonardo, at a party in June. However, the influencer says she was touched by criticism about the age difference between the two. She’s 27, and Joao, 20, who was the new maker of the piece, also kissed Jasmine there, as mentioned earlier, and he even gave some softness, via social networks, to Bruna Marquezine, the ex-Neymar, and he’s closing this circle so she can Begin to understand the other.

Joao Gillherme and Bianca Andrade
Joao Gillherme and Bianca Andrade Photo: clone – Instagram

Jose Loreto and Gabi Martins

Running out of the crowd, Gabe Martins stayed on the track after breaking up with Terry. He stayed with Felipe Neto, who did not stay with any other (as far as we know) of these men. Behold, the paths between former BBB sertaneja and “Pantanal” actor Jose Loreto crossed. Acknowledged the installation. At first he denied it. But she took it back: “I won’t let her go crazy,” she said at the time. But Loreto, who had an open relationship, was already looking forward to another former BBB…

Jose Loreto is a celebrity who has been in the business lately
Jose Loreto is a celebrity who has been involved in affairs recently Image: clone / Instagram

Jose Loreto and Rafa Calleman

This is supposed, very supposed. The new couple on the block, Jose Loreto and Rafa Calleman are no longer hiding their passion after they appeared side by side on the show celebrating Cayetano Veloso’s 80th birthday. The actor and influencer enjoyed hugging the show. Rafa doesn’t even remember befriending Gabi there on “BBB 20”. But friends are friends and romance aside. After all, she also became involved with two partners and ignited their friendship.

Rafa Calleman and Jose Loreto go to Caetano Veloso's party together
Rafa Calleman and Jose Loreto go together to the Caetano Veloso show Photo: Manuela Melo/Disclosure

Caliman, Bruninho and Joao Vicente

Until the end of June, little Rafa’s heart was beating for volleyball player and Olympic champion Bruno Resende, volleyball player Bruninho. Even the eyes sparkle when talking about it. But after her trip to Africa and his playing with the national team, things calmed down.

Joao Vicente and Rafa Calleman: Friendship in Color
Joao Vicente and Rafa Calleman: friendship in color Photo: rep / instagram

Before Bruninho, the actress now had a romance with Joao Vicente de Castro, Bruninho’s boyfriend. When Rafa and the player kiss in a video, Joao stops following his friend. Rafa raised hers off the line and let them sort themselves. Until he met Giuseppe Loreto and his friends saw the ships. The end of this season, but with spoilers for next season as Neymar is now the newest hit of the week. stay tuned!

Rafa Kaliman admits to having an affair with Bruninho after kissing at the party
Rafa Kaliman admits his relationship with Bruninho after kissing Pictured: Instagram Reproduction

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