Jade Picon Changes Her Appearance To Debut As An Actress In Travessia: 'Chiara Is Born'

Jade Picon Changes Her Appearance To Debut As An Actress In Travessia: ‘Chiara Is Born’

The puzzle is over! After the suspense on social media, Jade Bacon Show off your new hair color and cut on Saturday 8/13. The former BBB and actress turned her first character, kiarafrom Travessia, the upcoming TV series at 9 AM.

Jade Picon changes looking for “Travessia” – Image: matheus yashi @eoyashi/Disclosure

The operation took about four hours and was performed by Hair stylist João Bosco, who dyed the hair in a natural ash-blond color, with dots of light, made a radical cut at the artist.

“It’s amazing. I got emotional and screamed and laughed, it was just crazy… I’ve never messed with the length, I’ve never seen myself in a different size, it’s exceeded all my expectations. The color is divine. I’m so happy,” Jade told Gshow exclusively.

Jade Picon spent about four hours in the salon cutting and painting wires – Photo: Matheus Yashi @ eoyashi / Disclosure

According to the professional, the release is a modernized version of Chanel: “With a well-structured base, an abundance of volume and a slight separation at the ends, which brings more Fresh. It is inspired by a strong, confident woman.”

The change began in the early afternoon, when Jade announced that she had begun hair procedures. After a while, she left her personal files without photos. 👇

Jade took her picture from social media – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Jade profile without any photo during conversion – Photo: Play / Twitter

He even joked with fans expecting to see the new locks:

Here’s the result! 💇🏻

Jade Picon radically changed her hair to play Chiara in Travessia – Photo: Matheus Yashi @ eoyashi / Disclosure

Jade was thrilled with the transformation, and said she started feeling the character soon after the change:

“Today, August 13, Kiara was born. It was so amazing. It was so symbolic for me to be able to see what she was going to be like. I really had a dream and it was so radical.”

Jade Picon said she loved her new hair and had never gone through such a transformation before – Photo: Matheus Yashi @eoyashi / Disclosure

“I’m totally detached. I’m ready for a change, but of course I feel anxious and nervous… I would never deny a job that should have made a transformation. I was so excited, because it gives purpose. It’s my first job as an actress that was really special, like my outward appearance can keep up with all Changes in my life recently.

“It is so nice when we see ourselves differently in a new moment, in a new home, with new experiences…and nothing is fairer than a new look.”

“Kiara is ready,” Jade ordered.

Jade Picon said she was affected by the change in her first character’s appearance – Photo: Matheus Yashi @eoyashi / Disclosure

Just come on, Kiara! We are also ready to welcome you!

Jade Picon appeared with a new face for her first character on TV – Photo: Matheus Yashi @eoyashi/Disclosure

See before and after! 👇💇🏻

Before and After Jade Picon – Photo: Matheus Yashi @eoyashi / Disclosure

Friends and fans have approved Jade’s new look!

Friends and fans have approved Jade’s new look! – Photo: Playback / Instagram

Jade Picon rehearsals for Travessia

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