Marlon Gomez's impressive performance against Tompense was no surprise.  understand

Marlon Gomez’s impressive performance against Tompense was no surprise. understand

If anyone still doesn’t know Marlon Gomez, the 18-year-old tried his hand at presenting his credentials in the 3-1 win over Tompensee, on Saturday. With his superb goal right, he was one of the names of the game, though he left with pain at the start of the second half. A kind of performance that undoubtedly highlights the young club player from now on, but that does not cause any surprises to those who know him from the base.

Vasco chose Marlon in 2017, when he was playing at Nova Iguaçu base. Franzino, who was very hairy, arrived at the club at the time to play for the Under-15 team. He went through all the categories, including his call-up to the Brazilian national team, before starting the transition to the professional in the second half of this year. Vasco renewed his contract in February until the end of 2024.

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Today, Vasco Under-14 coach Diogo Calhau can be considered one of the “Godfather of Marlon” in football. He was responsible for watching him while at Nova Iguaçu, trained the boy when he was under 15 and also worked with him on the Brazilian national team. Diogo helped coach Dudu Batitusi whenever there was an invitation from the Brazilian Confederation – at the time there was no established technical committee in the under-15s, so the invitations to Dudu, who is currently in charge of the Brazilian U-16 team, were for temporary services. .

– When I went to see Marlon, I really liked his dedication to the game, he was always very stubborn, he was always on the verge of doing his part, occupying spaces well. He was a player who drew a lot of attention because of that, so we brought him in. He was a player who still had a significant physical disability, but he stood out – Calhow recalls at GE’s behest.

He adds, “He will definitely appear on the Brazilian and international football scene soon. He is a very promising boy.”

Marlinho quickly gained space in Vasco, to the point where he is considered one of the greatest talents of this generation that is being launched little by little. Andrei was the first, and now Marlon Gomez and Iginaldo have stepped up together. All three are 18 years old.

Initially promoted to a transitional period, Marlon became an important part of the main cast. He would have played, for example, in the Carioca Sub-20 final matches against Fluminense, which took place on July 20 and August 4, but the coaching staff decided to keep him among the professionals, as explained by Rodrigo Dias, coach of the Basque Country. Base.

– Our mission here at the base is to contribute to the formation of citizens and the development of talented athletes with Vasco’s DNA for the main team. We were with Figueiredo, Andre and Marlon Gomez in Copa Sao Paulo, and in less than six months, they managed to maintain a good level in the main team. Eguinaldo, who arrived in September last year, has had a huge development during this year and that’s why he also deserves to have the opportunity – he recalls.

Marlon Gomez Versatile

In the mixed zone after beating Tombense, Marlon Gomez summed up to reporters what he was feeling after scoring his first professional goal for Vasco.

– We were even joking in the locker room that the slide hadn’t sunk yet. From the base, I was singled out for being a versatile player, and I could play in some positions. “I am very happy with the performance today,” said the 18-year-old.

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Marlinho needed a little time to prove this versatility. He has five pro matches (he started against Ituano, CRB and Chapecoense before starting against Ponte Preta and Tombense) and has played in at least three different positions.

In the defeat to Ponte, last week, for example, he started as a starting goalkeeper and ended up on the left wing – where, incidentally, he contributed a lot to the team’s improvement in the second half. This Saturday, he made it rain on the right wing.

– At the base he already played as a first midfielder, then played the 8th, he was always very good. As an aside, a midfielder, who is 5 years old, he has always distinguished himself with his presentation. This has always fascinated me in Marlon – says Diogo Calhau.

The fact that he was injured in the match is not a concern. Vasco reported that Marlon Gomez will be re-evaluated “in the next few days,” but he went through the mixed zone without limping and even dancing. “I felt pain because I opened my legs so much, and felt my thighs, but it’s not a big deal,” he confirmed.

Vasco will be out on Sunday and will play again on Monday, at CT Pipes Barbosa, when he begins preparing for the next commitments for Brazil’s second series: he faces CSA on Thursday, away from home.

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