The future is in danger?  How to invest so as not to lose money with inflation

The future is in danger? How to invest so as not to lose money with inflation

Inflation is on the rise, and many people are worried: where to invest so as not to lose money with rising prices? Inflation can put your future at risk, as it eats up a portion of the money, even when investing. No chat with a specialist, live program from UOLFinancial planner Vivian Rodriguez says the point is to have investments that are truly profitable.

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Gain over inflation

Vivian says there are some bonds that are produced according to inflation. That is, as inflation increases, the return on this investment increases – and vice versa.

In these bonds, the real yield, above inflation, is already guaranteed and agreed upon at the time of purchase.

According to her, the Selic Treasury is an example – profitability is related to the price of Selic (today, 13.75% per annum). “Selic has a higher rate of inflation. Therefore, you can also make real gains by investing in Selic Treasury or any other product that contains Selic as a base,” he says. Another example in direct treasury is the IPCA Treasury, which drives inflation plus a percentage above.

Before investing, know the product

For Vivian, if you want to protect your money from inflation until retirement, you should consider a diversified investment portfolio, with products that combine with each other.

“Depending on your investor profile, you may have some products linked to Selic or CDI, and others linked to inflation; maybe you have less risk in the stock exchange, little protection in gold, or dollars or investing abroad. The portfolio is in a diversified way. , not in the sense of searching for one product,” he says.

But if you’re a first-time investor, start with inflation-related investments, she says. Before putting your money into an investment, you first need to understand the characteristics of this product, so that you can make decisions that are aligned with your money goal, your profile, and the moment you live in, she advises.

Retirement amount needs to change every year

If you invest R$1,000 per month for retirement, how much should you increase each month so you don’t lose purchasing power in the future?

In her response to this question, Vivian says that an investment adjustment in her retirement investments should happen once a year. “At the end of the year, you should apply year-to-year inflation to this value. I suggest you do it annually,” he says.

In other words, if inflation in one year is 7%, the money invested in the next year should be R$1070. Next year, this value will increase again as the period swells.

How much do I invest to get 5,000 BRL in the future?

Vivian says there is a simplified way to calculate how much investment you will need to have a monthly income of R$5,000 in the future. To do this, simply multiply R$5000 by 300. That is, today you will need to invest 1.5 million R$ to earn R$5000 every month. But even this amount needs correction for inflation, because at the time of retirement, the same amount will not be paid for the same things.

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