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Monark returns to Twitter trends after talking about child sexual abuse controversy

Bruno Aiub, better known as Monark, returned to the most talked about topic on Twitter this weekend following a controversial statement about child sexual abuse made on the Monark Talks podcast, which aired last Friday (12/8). After defending the creation of a Nazi party in Brazil, which led to his dismissal from the Flow Podcast, Monarch said he doesn’t believe pedophilia is a crime.


A video circulating on social media shows the moment Monarch Newman LM, a guest on the podcast, asks if he believes YouTuber PC Siqueira, who became the target of a child sexual abuse investigation after messages attributed to him were leaked, is a pedophile.

“Do you think PC Siqueira was a pedophile, for example?” he asked. Neumann answers: “(I have) a fear of prosecution, but I don’t doubt it, I don’t know.”

“I don’t doubt anyone, to be honest, I find it hard to trust people. What he (PC Siqueira) said, by explanation, seems to be, like, the first time he’s felt something that could count as this[pedophilia]even In the infusion. I think one would think that if he didn’t do anything physically with any child, I don’t think he should be considered a criminal in the least.”

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Next, the guest asks if Monarch thinks the person who exploits child pornography is a criminal. The announcer replies, “I don’t know if he’s a criminal. I think the crime is in you. You produce and publish. But, that’s something you’d say: Bitch, this guy doesn’t hit balls well. Sure… you get that?”.

“But a criminal I don’t know. A pedophile man, why would I want to arrest him? If he threatens other children. Do you understand? If he was watching a procession it would be bad… It’s very strange, I wouldn’t be friends with this person, but I don’t know.” Whether he should be arrested, you know? Really, like that…because the real crime is that you’re offering a child. Or that you’re abusing a child, in my opinion. Or not?” Monarch continues.

In response, the guest said he’d prefer not to pass judgments, “primarily because of the lawsuit,” and the two go on to talk about child sexual abuse and child pornography. Monark says he doesn’t advocate PC Siqueira, but remembers the revocation: “I don’t advocate PC Siqueira, it’s just that it got repealed a lot, and if we’re against repeal, we should go against it anyway, even with irrational people.”


After his name ended up being the most talked about topic on Twitter, Monark used the social network to express himself. In two posts, the presenter stated that “child sexual abuse is the worst crime that exists,” and in another, he asks “how do the police know if content is criminal without seeing anything about it.”

Netizens commented on Monarch’s speech and blew up the announcer. Monarch suggested that anyone who has child pornography on their computer and watches this kind of thing cannot be considered a criminal. How long would it take for platforms to ban this guy who does the least bit of social sense? ‘ someone asked.

“The monk talking about the siqueira PC issue is something that, to me, shows how crazy a man makes relativism in favor of his supreme freedom of expression, seriously when there is a child in the middle for me, the man is a criminal and ready,” another commented. a look:

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