Atlético-MG eventually scored, winning Coritiba and returning provisionally to the G-6

Atlético-MG eventually scored, winning Coritiba and returning provisionally to the G-6

It was sweaty, but Atlético-MG beat Coritiba 1-0 in the last minute of the game over Couto Pereira, day (14), in Round 22 of Brazil. Alan Kardec scored the goal in stoppage time, after a tepid first half in the capital, Parana, and few chances. The match was headed towards 0-0, but in the second stage, Gallo improved with Kuka’s moves and began to create more chances of danger in front of the opponent.

With the result, the miners have reached 35 points, and can finish the round in the G-6, the rating area to the Libertadores of the competition. But for that to happen, Gallo needs encouragement against Internacional who are playing today and can reclaim the position. It was exactly after the loss to Gauchos when he left Atletico G-6 on July 31.

On the other hand, Coxa, with 22 points, follows in Z-4, 17th and could also lose positions.

Atlético return to the field next Saturday (20), against Goias, in Mineirao, at 16:30 (Brasilia). He will face Coxa Fluminense, in the Maracana, at 7 p.m. the same day.

Warm first half in Coto Pereira

The first stage was not very emotional. Atletico dominated the movement, more volume and possession of the ball, but there were few opportunities for real danger. Curitiba defended well and barely made it to the attack. The goalkeepers mainly watched the first half without difficult interventions.

The second half: The rooster is improving but does not score

The sleepiness of the first half led the coaches to make changes in the second half. Coca returned with Pedrinho in the place of Gayer. Gustavo Morenigo Nathanael replaced Mateus Alexander. In the 9th minute, Jose Hugo headed the ball dangerously past the right of Iverson’s post.

Hulk misses an incredible goal

At 15, Egídio hesitated and handed the ball to the Hulk. The Gallo sprinted off quickly, and Moralha came face-to-face, but was sent off. It was Minas Gerais’ first big chance in the match.

Trave saves thigh

After a corner kick in the 24th minute, Alan Kardec almost scored for Gallo. The player nodded, the ball hit the post and bounced close to the line, but did not enter. Atlético players asked for a review, but the ball clearly hit.

The wall goes into effect

At the age of 35, Nacho Fernandez just entered and demanded an excellent defense from Moralha. The Argentine finished the match after a good move by Ademir and the goalkeeper made the difference. Then, at the age of 45, Nacho took a free kick and the goalkeeper blocked again, saving Coxa.

Kardic He decided

after crossing nacho FernandezAnd the Kardic He rose above Coxa’s entire defense and sent the ball into the net in the 49th minute of the second half, securing Gallo’s victory.

Atlético-MG: Gallo took some time to wake up

Guilherme Arana, Atlético-MG player during a match against Coritiba in Couto Pereira for the Brazilian Championship

Photo: Robson Mafra/AGIF

Atlético tried to suggest actions, but had difficulties completing plays. The left side was the most explored with Keno and Arana, but cross passes and goal passing attempts were unsuccessful in the first half. In the second stage, the team improved with Coca’s changes. Nacho and Alan Kardec, who came off the bench, had the best chances. The team woke up, but they faced good defenses on the wall.

Curitiba: good in defense, bad in attack

Coritiba used the defense and go strategy on the counter-attacks, but he had a lot of trouble imposing speed and a good move fit. In the second stage, the team tried to get more dynamics with Nathaniel in, but this gave more space to Galo, who had grown up in the game.

Best: the wall

The goalkeeper’s evolution at a crucial moment of the match. With Coca’s changes, Gallo had two good chances with Nacho. The goalkeeper made good interventions before Kardec’s goal in the last minute.

Worst: The Hulk

The Hulk disappeared into the game, and didn’t do well in Curitiba. The player was not used much and showed little to try to lead the black and white attack. On the ball lost by Egidio, the striker sent it head-on with the goalkeeper.

data sheet
Curitiba 0 x 1 Atletico-MG

Competition: The twenty-second round of the First Division of the Brazilian Championship
Date: August 14, 2022 (Sunday)
Location and time: Coto Pereira, in Curitiba (PR), 11 a.m. (from Brasilia)
Rule: Marcelo de Lima Henrique (CE)
Auxiliaries: Nailton Junior de Sousa Oliveira (CE) and Renan Aguiar da Costa (CE)
Video Assistant Referee: Carlos Eduardo Nunes Braga (CE)
cards: Matthews Alexander, Luciano Castan and Willian Farias (Curitiba)

Goal: Alan Kardec (Atlético MG), in the 49th minute of the second half.

ATLETIC-MG: Iverson. Mariano, Alonso, Nathan Silva & Arana; Alan, Jair (Pedrinho) and Zaratcho (Nacho Fernandez); Bavon (Ademir), Kino (Robbins) and Hulk. Technician: Coca.

Curitiba: Wall; Matthews Alexander (Nathan), Guillermo, Luciano Castan and Egdio; Willian Farias, Bruno Gomez and Boschilia (Regis); Fabricio Daniel (Adrien Martinez), Jose Hugo (Guilherme Perú) and Leo Jamalho (Trinidad). Coach: Gustavo Morenego.

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