Truck Driver Assistance: Two installments will be paid on Tuesday;  Take your doubts

How will truck driver assistance be paid?

Auxílio Caminhoneiro is paid through Digital Social Savings, whose deposit is managed by Caixa Econômica Federal, through the Caixa Tem app.

Digital Social Savings has been in effect in the country since the emergency aid payment – find out how to access Caixa Tem. Amounts not transferred within 90 days of the filing date will be returned to the federal government.

The so-called contingency benefits for independent shipping companies (BEm Caminhoneiro) are paid to independent shipping companies to offset the effects of the increase in fuel prices. A total of six installments of R$1,000 are planned until December.

The payment of aid began last Tuesday (9). Two installments were released, referring to the months of July and August. Therefore, the total down payment amounted to R$2,000.

Truck drivers start receiving R$1,000 in aid

In this first phase, carriers that, in addition to their activity in the National Register of Road Carriers (RNTR-C), of the National Road Transport Agency (ANTT) on May 31, 2022, received the transport registered with ANTT in 2022.

In all, 190,861 truck drivers benefited, with a total value of nearly R$381.8 million, according to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

However, other truck drivers, also active in RNTR-C, but without registered operations this year, must implement self-declaration of TAC registration conditions, on the Emprega Brasil portal or in the Digital Business Card application, specifically for the purpose of receiving benefits, from in order to ensure their ability to carry out transfers.

Truck drivers period to submit this self-certification Starts on Monday (15) and continues until August 29With the first and second installments due on September 6 to be paid.

Only shipping companies that meet the requirements after this period are entitled to interest on the third installment and beyond (retroactive payment of the period is not possible).

  • They are entitled to benefit Independent freight carriers with registration status “active” in the National Register of Road Cargo Carriers (RNTR-C).
  • Professionals must own the extension Valid National Driver’s License (CNH) and CPF.
  • The monthly payment for maturity will be made in the amount of R$1,000 No matter how many vehicles they own.
  • professionals You do not need to provide proof of diesel oil purchase to be entitled to the value.
  • Anyone with registration status ‘Pending’ or ‘Pending’ may compromise the registration In the National Agency for Road Transport and qualify for assistance.

Where does the money come from?

The truck drivers benefit is part of the pre-election social package created by the so-called PEC Kamikaze, which Congress passed on July 14. Among other points, the constitutional amendment increased the value of the Auxílio Brasil from R$400 to R$600, expanded the gas coupon and created assistance for taxi drivers. The total cost of the pre-election package is R$41.2 billion. In the case of truck drivers, the total release is R$5.4 billion.

How do I know if I qualify for it?

To consult the situation at RNTRC, simply refer to the ANTT website at this link. The search can be done using information about the carrier, location or vehicle.

Carriers registered with RNTRC can also update their registration data, such as address, contacts, links or specific information according to class.

Requests to change registration data must be submitted through RNTR-C Digital or in person, at service points approved by ANTT (click here for consultation).

Information regarding the results of processing and payments can be found on the website

In what cases will the benefit not be paid to drivers?

BEM Trucker will not be paid in the following cases:

  • If the truck driver has a Single Taxpayer Registration (CPF) pending settlement with the Federal Revenue Service in Brazil, in the case of a suspended, voided, void or deceased carrier;
  • In the event that the truck driver has tied his CPF to the award of a death pension of any kind or an exclusion allowance; or
  • If the truck driver is permanently incapacitated for work;
  • the beneficiary of the death certificate in the death control system, or in the national civil registry information system;
  • The benefit will not be paid cumulatively with the assistance of the taxi driver.

Is MEI Truck Driver included?

yes. The MEI Truck Driver category, as an independent shipping company registered with the National Register of Road Cargo Transporters (RNTR-C), may get the advantage.

  • Truck drivers can join MEI; See the rules and how to do it

The MEI Truck Driver category was created in December 2021, placing truck drivers in the list of occupations that can formalize themselves as Individual Entrepreneurs (MEIs) and ensuring social security and social and tax rights for this category.

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