Anne Heche used ecstasy and searched for a spacecraft after breaking up with Ellen

Anne Heche used ecstasy and searched for a spacecraft after breaking up with Ellen

American actress Anne Heck died yesterday at the age of 53 after being involved in a car accident. According to the police, the artist was driving his car under the influence of drugs at the time of the accident. However, this was not the first incident she was involved in after taking drugs.

In August 2000, shortly after ending her relationship with presenter Ellen DeGeneres, 64, Anne Heche parked her car on a highway in Fresno, California (USA). The car ran out of fuel. She wore only shorts and sneakers and a bra, and walked more than a mile and knocked on the door of a stranger’s house.

Araceli Campez, who lived there, recognized the actress and let her in. The student allowed Anne to drink water and take a shower, but soon noticed that the “Six Days and Seven Nights” star (1998) did not want to leave her house.

“She wanted to see a movie, but my VCR was broken,” she told People magazine at the time.

Then Campiz called the police. At the scene, clients noticed that Anne needed medical attention and called an ambulance. Hospital sources told the Fresno Bee that the actress was in a state of euphoria and appeared to be suffering from an “overdose”.

“Is he there [Anne Heche] She told me she was God and would take everyone to heaven with her in a spaceship,” Sharif wrote in the case records.

The next day, she left the hospital, refueled her car with her manager, and traveled to Toronto, Canada, to record “Act of Courage” (2002) alongside Denzel Washington.

In 2001, she admitted in interviews that she had used ecstasy prior to the accident.

I heard I have to go somewhere to find a spaceship. I heard that in order to ride a spaceship, I had to take an orgasm. Fresno was the culmination of a journey and a world that I thought I needed to escape in order to find love. Ann Heck, in an interview with Barbara Walters

She also spoke about what happened in an interview with Larry King: “I was so angry at that moment that I took the pill. [de ecstasy]He was waiting for my spaceship to show up.”

According to Anne, that day made her “get her sanity back” and “pick up the bits” of her life.

turbulent ending

Ann Heshe and Ellen DeGeneres dated between 1997 and 2000. At that time, the two were known in the American press as “the world’s most famous gay couple.”

The two rose to prominence by appearing together on the red carpet and taking on the relationship at a time when it wasn’t uncommon for Hollywood stars to reveal same-sex relationships. Despite saying in a statement that the breakup was “friendly,” Eileen said that wasn’t quite the case after a year of their split.

“I walked out the door and haven’t spoken to her since. I don’t have answers,” she told the Los Angeles Times.

In an interview with Perez Hilton in 2021, Ann provided details of the split. She stated that she went out, broke up with friends, and left Hollywood to devote herself to working with Ellen.

“But none of that satiated her soul. […] I desperately wanted that relationship to be the love of my life. […] But what happened was that I was left out of the things I cared about in order to feel loved. I will delete these things from my past, like acting, and replace them with things that would be the basis for it,” she said.

I told Eileen I needed to have friends. She replied that she did not want a girlfriend who needed her. This was the day I left. ann heck

The actress also spoke about her relationship with the presenter after the breakup: “Every day in my life I try to contact her. I think it was hard for her to believe that I was a woman who fell in love with another woman, without being gay. “

In 2020, Ann told Page Six that dating Elaine had hurt her professionally: “The stigma attached to this relationship was so bad… I haven’t worked with studios in 10 years. [após o namoro]. I was kicked out of a movie where I was going to make ten million dollars.”

Eileen mourned the death of her ex-boyfriend on social media: “It’s a sad day. Send Anne’s children, family and friends all my love.”

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