Morpheus: Everything you need to know about the protagonist The Sandman

Morpheus: Everything you need to know about the protagonist The Sandman

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MorpheusAnd the SandmanAnd the DaydreamAnd the dream king. Created by Neil GaimanAnd the Sam Keith And the Mike Dringenbergthe perpetual dream had all kinds of names, and among the different faces and personalities, some personality traits remained the same.

So you know what you can expect from him in the future of the series NetflixAnd the SandmanHere, we present everything you need to know about the character. paying off!


Dreamor MorpheusHe came to life the moment he dreamed of his first life form. as one of permanent seventhe dream is conceptualizationTherefore, it does not have a specific gender, gender or ethnicity. destined to manage to dream Until the end of time, Dream and his brothers are sons timeAnd the night and his mother.

The story of Sonho is ancient, and therefore its existence is associated with all kinds of legends and legends. Among the many Cain And the Abel. The dream offered a place in Dreaming to Abel, humanity’s first murder victim. In his afterlife, he became a narrator living in House of Secrets. When Abel begins to feel lonely, he brings Dream Cain to live with his brother in puzzle house.

Over the centuries, Sonho built his kingdom, creating dreams and nightmares and bringing allies to his side. This is the case LucianDream Librarian.

the dream

The dream can be referred to as one of the most powerful dimensions in the entire world. DC Universe in the comics. Not only for being where imagination is the limit, but for having an outlet for any reality. A dream can only be reached “head” For all dreamers, but they can also travel between realities.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, it is not always that simple. As Sonho said when he travels to HellAnd the There are protocols to follow.. But access to the gates of hell is not for everyone.

Morpheus Tools

Even being the embodiment of a concept, Dream’s powers are not infinite. This means that the character can be weakened or killed. Through the comics, we discover that Morpheus has found ways to do so Focus and control your powers.

Therefore, he created three tools that became essential to “day to day” Dream King. Being: (1) sand pocket, allowing Dream to sleep people; (two) A ruby ​​that can turn dreams into reality and (3) one A helmet made from the bones of a defeated enemy that protects you.

These things are made of the essence of a dream, so they are part of it. However, it serves as a “Make the rules” for their own jobs. These tools are essential for an epic start SandmanAs the confinement of infinity only isolated him, while the lack of his belongings weakened him.

Your son Orpheus

There are some rules that a dream cannot permanently break, and among them is falling in love with a human person. But this did not prevent him from having a child. son of dream and CalliopeAnd the Orpheus It is famous for one of the most famous legends in Greek mythology.

In it, O bride of Orpheus Eurydice, tragically dies from a snake bite. Then Orpheus asked his father to return it. The dream, in turn, refuses to help. But, the death And the to retreat send it to me Hades. Then comes the famous scene in which Orpheus accepts a break-out deal with his lover, but only if he is able to move on without looking back.

At the end of the path, Orpheus checks to see if Eurydice is still after him. Then the man loses his lover. Alone and isolated, Orpheus ended up in the path of a servant Dionysus. His refusal to participate in their rituals ended in a struggle that left him with only his head.

Immortal, Orpheus was destined to be just a talking head ever since. The character expresses his father’s life several times afterward, being used as a bargaining chip by Joanna Constantine in 1789. After that, Morpheus gave him eternal rest.

from nothing?

Any thing It is one of the greatest mysteries in the first season of Sandman. The woman imprisoned in Hell is one of Morpheus’s saddest stories. ten thousand yearss before their meeting in the land The devilNada was the queen of a tribe called first people.

I fell in love with a dream, or rather, Kai’ckulAs the people of Nada call it. The woman decided to call Morpheus, and, using magic to enter the dream, Nada confessed her love. The problem was that this meeting was doomed to fail.

The relationship between the eternal and the mortal is not only forbidden, but dangerous. However, Kai’ckul insisted on their romance. But this relationship caused the destruction of the Nada tribe. then the woman He decides to take his life. Enraged by the abandonment, Morpheus condemns her to hell. Later, Death convinces her brother to forgive Nada and reincarnate as a new person.

the death of the hypnotist

The dream broke many rules in 75 editions in Sandman. However, the death of his son Orpheus was unforgivable. Familiar bloodshed puts not only the dream, but also his entire kingdom and his friends at the mercy anger. At that time, in order to save everything that was important to him, Morpheus decided to destroy himself with the help of death.

But a dream is not something or a person being killed or destroyed. It is understandable. and how do you say Fifth in v for revengeAnd the Ideas never die. With the demise of Morpheus, a new entity was created to replace him, Daniel Hall.

It is worth noting that this has not happened before, and when Roderick Burgess Imprisoning him, because he did not kill, was just “Not available”. That’s why the dream was cut off, because the place can not be “Disengage” Morpheus and created another king, whose master was still alive, waiting for an opportunity to escape.

Daniel Hall, Morpheus replacement

Morpheus’ successor, Daniel Hall, is no stranger to anyone who followed the series’ first season. Netflix. This is because the child born in the dream is a son lita And the Hector Hall.

Although Daniel is not a copy of Endless, he is still Morpheus. This new version of Sonho has Memories and knowledge And the powers from its predecessor. The difference is their white robes and their personality. For a dream, death is like the renewal of a Lord’s time in Doctor fromThe face changes only because the essence remains the same.

Powers and Abilities

In short, the dream reigns supreme dreamsAnd the nightmares And even, Insomnia. Therefore, his abilities are not infinite, causing the entity to be contained or weakened. But depending on the moment in Morpheus’ story, the character can be quite a challenge.

he can evoke dreams And the create illusionsAnd the interdimensional travel What if teleport. He is also a variable, managed to change its appearance and size. He can also heal himself, he’s a magic userAnd the Create light in your spare timeBesides having Super power and reflexes.


Tom Sturridge He was not the first to impersonate Morpheus. In addition to Ernest Kingsley Jr. Bring the character to life for a moment in Episode 4 From the Netflix series, Hope in HellAnd the James McAvoy Already voiced the character in audio book started in 2021.

There is still another performance worth mentioning. in 2017A short film of just over half an hour was released. in it, Evan Henderson And the Nicholas Brown Story adaptation 24 hourswhere he brought the consequences of abuse of sapphire Morpheus.

In addition to having good special effects and a beautiful animated sequence, the short film gives us a glimpse of what it would be like if the series followed the original look of permanence.

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