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Registered, you won directly on Pix? The app promises to pay 97.00 BRL fast, but is it reliable?

Recently, Brazilian YouTubers started posting the ATO 789 website. According to influencers, the app promises to pay R$97 “on the spot” to all users. To ensure this value, followers will only have to register with the platform. The promise, as expected, caught the attention of many people. After all, who wouldn’t want to earn free money and increase their income without leaving home?

However, the public wants to know: Is the ATO 789 website reliable? Or is it just another virtual scam, created just to enrich developers and YouTubers? It is worth remembering that in order to win on the Internet in 2022, be careful. With that in mind, check out our review of the ATO 789 below and see if the app actually pays. Read carefully before trying your luck on the platform.

Which app really promises to pay? Photo: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia/pronatec

ATO 789 – Discover the app that promises to pay 97 BRL instantly

First of all, it is important to note the fact that there is no information about the ATO 789 on reputable websites or reliable media. Therefore, the only way to find out how the site works is to analyze the information on its official page and check the promises of Brazilian influencers.. Also, ATO 789 is not available in official app stores. To download the platform, users (potential) have to risk entering third-party websites and downloading the apk.

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How to make money on ATO 789?

Just access the official website of ATO 789 to conclude that the platform is nothing more than a virtual scam. The page, in addition to wild promises and meaningless information, has a simple design, is poorly produced and full of Portuguese errors. In other words: it’s clearly amateurish. The website itself reveals that new users can only “test” the platform.

To earn real money, subscribers must “invest” in the site. The minimum investment amount is 120 BRL. And to persuade users to deposit into developer accounts, the platform promises expressive earnings. Whatever it is, it is necessary to “spend to earn”, which is never recommended in small-tasking applicationsOnline business platforms or income generating websites.

Is the app that promises to pay reliable? Does the ATO 789 Really Pay?

The ATO 789 is clearly unreliable, does not deliver on its promises to pay, and is not worth it. To generate income, the platform needs constant investment of new users. In other words, it works as a file pyramid diagram. In these fraudulent investment models, those at the top of the pyramid (developers and users) earn real profits. On the other hand, traditional users are confused.

In addition, it should be noted that pyramid schemes are taken into account Crimes against the popular economy. According to Brazilian legislation, officials can pick up 6 months to 2 years in prisonIn addition to paying fines and judicial compensation. So if you have already lost your money on ATO 789, the only way to get your money back is File a lawsuit against the scheme ownersThe. be cerfull!

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Discover another way to make money online

As you can already see, the above option is not worth it. So, how to earn online in 2022? To guarantee real payouts, you can bet on Passive income applications.

With these apps, you can earn money by sharing your Wi-Fi connection bandwidth. In other words, it is possible to make money without doing anything. the process takes a long time, But it is worth it for those who want to increase their income on the Internet.

To make money using this method, it is a good recommendation to download apps like HoneyGain. To do this, just go to the official website of the application and Follow the instructions.

Finally, does not guarantee payments or potential issues with websites, applications or games. We are not affiliated with the app or developer, we recommend you to search carefully and read all information before downloading any app or registering on platforms or websites.

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