Anne Heck dies: Remember the actress's career and understand the car accident that took her life

Anne Heck dies: Remember the actress’s career and understand the car accident that took her life

He passed away on Friday 12/8. ann heck . The information was confirmed by the family of the actress, who has been in a coma since 5/8, when she was injured. Serious car accident. Before the official announcement, the actress’s representative informed the portal “TMZ” that she would not survive. “Unfortunately, due to the accident, Anne Heche suffered a severe brain injury and is still in a coma, in critical condition. You must not survive.”.

Anne, the youngest of five siblings, was born in Ohio, United States on May 25, 1969.. The actress has never concealed a very turbulent relationship with her father, who died of AIDS when she was 13, and whom she accused of sexually assaulting her. Three months after the death of his parents, one of the artist’s brothers also died, after the car he was driving crashed into a tree.

Anne Heck died after being in a tragic car accident (Image: Getty Images)

The family then moved to Chicago, where she was taking her first steps in her artistic career at the age of 16, and was only able to act when she came of age. Her first major role was in 1996, in the HBO movie “If This Walls Can Talk”. Since then, Ann has participated in dozens of films, including “Seven Days, Seven Nights”, “Volcano”, “Donnie Brasco”, “wantedand ‘brave act’ and ‘I know what you did last summer’.

One of Anne’s most famous love affairs was with the American Ellen DeGeneres. The two began dating in 1997, once the presenter and comedian announced that she was a lesbian. The relationship ended three years later, amid rumors that Anne cheated on Eileen with photographer Colman Lavon.

Anne Heck with her two children Atlas and Homer – Photo: Instagram

It was never known if this part of the story was true, but the fact is that the two married in September 2001 and had a son, Homer, in 2002. They separated in 2009, and in March of the same year, Ann gave Light Atlas, her son with actor James Taber, with whom she worked on the series “Men in Trees”. The couple separated in 2018.

Anne Heche (in a green coat), in 1997, when she was dating broadcaster and comedian Ellen DeGeneres – Image: Getty Images

How was the accident that killed Anne?

On the afternoon of 5/8, Ann had a serious car accident in Los Angeles, United States. According to TMZ, she crashed into the garage of an apartment complex. The locals tried to get her out of the car, but she flipped her back and She collided with a house, which led to a fire that broke out not only at the place of residence, but also got into the artist’s car..

According to the car, she was rescued by firefighters, who took her to the hospital with several burns spread throughout her body, which led to her surgery. She has been in a coma since her hospitalization, always breathing with the help of machines. Toxicology tests showed that Ann had taken alcohol and drugs before driving.

Homer, the firstborn of the American, sent a statement To the “Page Six” portal on behalf of his brother Atlas and himself, where he deeply regrets the loss of Anne. “After six days of almost unbelievable emotional changes, I was deeply saddened and silent,” the 20-year-old wrote.

I hope my mother is free of pain And begin to explore what I like to think of as your eternal freedom. During those six days, thousands of friends, family and fans showed me their hearts. I am grateful for their love, as well as the support of my father, Cole, and my stepmother, Alexei, who have been my strength during this time. Rest in peace, mother. I love you “.

Tapper used networks to say he would love his ex forever. DeGeneres wrote on Instagram: “This is a sad day. Sending all my love to Anne’s children, family and friends.” 💔

James Tupper, father of Anne’s youngest child, wrote: “I love you forever” – Image: Instagram

Ellen DeGeneres wrote a loving letter to Anne’s children, family and fans – Photo: Instagram

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