New luxury wedding: budget doubles, parties exceed R$1 million with increased food and flowers

New luxury wedding: budget doubles, parties exceed R$1 million with increased food and flowers

A luxury wedding is an expensive business. But it was much more after the pandemic. The price of the basic package for the wedding with all the best and the best 1,500 BRL per guest for at least 3500 BRL.

The estimate is from luxury wedding planner Ana Julia Figueiredo, who has been in the business for 16 years. These values ​​do not include personal expenses, such as the bride’s dress, hairdressing and wedding night.

High end wedding details – Photo: Publicity / Duo Borgatto

“I say: you can have a wonderful party for 4 thousand reais per guest. At the first meeting with the bride and groom, he really amazed me,” she joked. But the increase has an explanation.

First, everything stops. Then everything rose. Now everything is open and continues to rise. He says that the combination of strong demand (many people want to get married and have a party) with rising prices has made the values ​​of services and products in the party sector explode.

Influencer Giuliana Motta got engaged and surprised with the new prices. She was proposed in 2019, and planning stopped in 2020. From there to here, for the same wedding she had planned, about R$60,000, You will need to pay 4 times more than scheduled. This is because the spreadsheet hasn’t closed yet.

Eating and drinking is expensive, isn’t it?

Buffet prices increased by 50%. If previously it was possible to offer a good and basic menu starting from 280 BRL per person, now it is necessary to pay at least 420 BRL. Basics include white meat, red meat, pasta, a side dish (risotto or vegetables), salad, islet appetizers, desserts, and non-alcoholic cocktails. In more detail, you can have foie gras, octopus and truffles.

Alcoholic beverages also play a role in raising the bill. “Today we pay for champagne from R$400. Previously, it was R$300. And it goes a lot, average bottle consumption per two guests., with several drinks, which cost another R$100 or R$120 per guest. From‘, he lists. And there’s still wine and whiskey.

In addition, there are details: invitation, calligraphy, sandals for guests to dance at the party, souvenirs, cutlery, table decorations, valet parking for cars significantly increase costs.

When you put all the cats in a spreadsheet, the value of a fancy wedding can exceed R$1 million. “I’m ashamed of myself, because it’s a lot of money. But the cost is relative. We have to be careful when talking to someone so we don’t sound arrogant,” Figueiredo worries.

flower, separate show

Floral arrangements by André Pedrotti – Photo: Disclosure / Helson Gomes

Can you marry without flowers?

Well, yes, but it is the magic of the decoration of the event. When it comes to the luxury market, “The sky is the limit of adornment and flower”Figueiredo says.

Juliana is one of those brides-to-bes in tow when it comes to decoration. After struggling to find a place by the sea that accommodates her guests, she panicked again.

“Without a doubt, the most that happened was the decoration. It would have cost about 30 thousand Brazilian reals, which is a really large sum. But everything went up, everyone will get married in 2022 and 2023. And everyone wants to decorate with flowers, which is a rarity here in Rio de Janeiro. So it really tripled in value. My ceremonies are tired of saying I want a wedding full of flowers, and that’s why it’s expensive,” he says.

The expressive increase in this market affected the budget of the parties. Before the pandemic, the planner said she had spent, on average, 200,000 R$ to organize a wedding for 400 people on flowers and decoration. Today, the value reaches 380 thousand Brazilian reals.

“Ah, but wouldn’t you find it cheaper?”. Here’s the thing: These are market prices, not a specific supplier, Figueiredo guarantees.

Andre Pedrotti is one of their suppliers, one of the most sought-after florists for fancy parties in Brazil. And he tells us in detail how everything we see every day (a rising dollar, problems in the distribution chains, fuel going up exponentially) converge so that The price of flowers increased by 300% on average:

  • proceeds: First, did you know that You have to pay royalties for the flowers? He says there are three rose laboratories in the world that develop buds and get very little money from those who grow them. And the The price of this royalty accompanies the dollar. Since the currency has appreciated a lot this year, it has also made production more expensive.
  • Fertilizer: Input guarantee the production of flowers such as Manure and fertilizer are imported (i.e. bought with dollars) It also went up.
  • fuel: And on top of that, Greenhouses are maintained to keep flowers cool with diesel or coal. Fuel prices experienced a boom after the Ukrainian war.
  • auction: There are a lot of people want to buy. And the All buyers are vying for flowers at the Hulambra Auction, in the interior of São Paulo, which is held only three times a week. If you don’t bid fast and high, you risk running out of flowers at the end of the virtual “trade”.

The price to pay for flowers is also high. They ride in refrigerated trucks from Hulambra to Sao Paulo. From the capital, they spread to the places of the parties. To decorate a wedding in Manaus last month, Pedrotti filled 70% of a plane with flowers.

  • in Roses They are the flowers used in larger quantities in parties. Its button went from 0.30 BRL to 3 USD.
  • in lily It also helps with size. The package increased from 22 Brazilian riyals to 35 Brazilian riyals.
  • in fruit garden They are dear. Its branch increased from 12 BRL to 30 BRL.
  • and the peony They are the most controversial, because they give little and charm. and more expensive: The cost of the button ranges from R$25 to R$30.

Riku also cries for the opponent

Even those who have a lot of money to afford a party also cry for discounts and feel the effect of the increases, or because they are comparing the budget with previous parties or with those of friends.

But even with the high prices, Anna Julia says she’s never had so much partying as she is now. “We still have clients from weddings for 2020 and 2021. And the enthusiasm of new clients wanting to celebrate at any cost. People got married again on Friday, and they started getting married on Sundays, and it’s not just on Saturdays anymore. I have a wedding on Fridays. next Thursday “.

Bad for some, good for others. She says a wedding of 400 guests generates 200 jobs, between production, assembly and the party itself.

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