Cartola 2022: Alf manga and Messias out of Round 22;  See Pending, Injured and Possible

Cartola 2022: Alf manga and Messias out of Round 22; See Pending, Injured and Possible

We have come to another weekend for the Brazilian Championship. And the twenty-second round of Cartola comes with it. Stay informed of infected, pending and potential information. Therefore, you surround yourself with the ideal options for building your own assortment. Don’t forget that you have until 16:00 (Brasilia time) on Saturday (13) to confirm your team.

In a duel between two teams in crisis, striker Curitiba will not have a thousand manga (suspended) in the match they receive Atletico MG. In classic Ceará, the Ceará duo will not have her primary defense against Fortaleza. Messias and Luiz Ottavio absences can burden them in a game of much rivalry. Romarinho is the main victim of Vojvoda.

A thousand manga does not face a rooster – Photo: Guilherme Griebeler / Coritiba

Round 22 Market is open until 4pm (Brasilia time) this Saturday (13). Click here and expand your team!

Here are the affected, injured and potential teams from Round 22:

America- MG
Suspended: none
Wounded: Aloysio, Gorey and Wellington Paulista
Possible team: Cavicioli. Patrick (Caceres), Maidana, Eder, Danilo Avelar, Lucas Cal, Juninho and Benitez (Ali), Everaldo, Felipe Azevedo (Pedrinho), Henrique Almeida

public relations gym
Suspended: none
Wounded: Christian, Gulimar, Marcelo Sereno, Marlos, Rinaldo
Possible team: Pinto. Orejuela, Matheus Felipe, Nico Hernández, and Pedrinho; Eric, Alex Santana and Vitor Bueno; Vitino, Romulo and Vitor Rock.

Commentator: Edson Fernando
Injured: Ramon Menezes and Ronaldo
Possible team: Renan. Dodo, Kamutanga, Lucas Gazelle and Jefferson; Marlon Freitas, Willian Maranhao and Jorginho; Wellington Rato, Chorin and Bigelow (Louise Fernando).

Atletico MG
Suspended: none
Injured: Ottavio
Possible team: Iverson. Goga (Mariano), Nathan Silva, Junior Alonso and Guilherme Arana (Dodo); Allan, Gere and Nacho; Zaracho, Keno and Hulk

Suspended: none
Wounded: none
Possible team: Vladimir. Renato (Thales), Bressan, Rafael Vaz and Cortez; Raniel, Bruno Silva and Eduardo; William Poetker, Besoli & Muricchi

Commentator: Lucas Fernandez
Injured: Brino, Carlinhos, Kaichi, Lucas Piazon and Gustavo Sauer
Likely team: Kitten. Daniel Burgess, Felipe Sampaio, Cuesta and Marcel (Hugo); Chi Chi, Patrick de Paula (Del Piage), and Eduardo; Luis Henrique, Givino, and Ericson

Commentator: Nathan
Wounded: Alerandro Whitalo
Potential team: Clayton. Aderlan, Leo Ortiz, Kevin Lomonaco and Luan Candido; Raul, Lucas Evangelista and Heoran (Praxis or Miguel); Artur, Helenho and Jean Hurtado.

Those arrested: Luis Ottavio, Messias and Ze Roberto
Injured: Diego Rigonato
Possible team: Joao Ricardo. Nino, Gabriel Lacerda, Lucas Ribeiro, Vitor Luis; Richardson, Guilherme Castillo, Fina, Lima, Mendoza, Mateos Peixoto.

Messias knocked out of the derby against Fortaleza – Photo: André Durão / ge

Suspended: none
Wounded: Paulinho, Maicon
Possible team: Cassio. Wagner, Bruno Mendes (Balbuena), Jill and Lucas Peyton (Fabio Santos); Rooney (de Queiroz), Cantello and Renato Augusto (Giuliano); Gustavo Mosquito, Roger Guedes and Yuri Alberto

Comment: a thousand manga
Wounded: Andre, Robinho
Potential team: Alex Morla. Matthews Alexander, Henrique, Luciano Castan and Egidio; William Farias, Val and Regis; Adrien Martinez, Leo Gamalio and Hernán Perez

Suspended: none
Wounded: Owendel
Potential team: Walter. Joao Lucas, Marlon, Joachim and Igor Karius; Camilo, Pepe and Raphael Java; Pirani, Rodrigoinho (Andre Luis) and Valdivia.

Suspended: none
Injured: Bruno Henrique
Possible team: Santos, Matthews, Fabricio Bruno, Pablo (David Luiz), Ayrton Lucas. Diego, Thiago Maya and Victor Hugo; Everton chives, Lazarus and Mario

Suspended: none
Wounded: Luan Freitas
Potential team: Fábio, Samuel Xavier, Nino, Manoel and Caio Paulista; Andre, Martinelli (Felipe Melo) and Gansu; Matthews Martins, Arias and Kano

Commentator: Romarinho
Wounded: none
Possible team: Fernando Miguel. Brítez, Benevenuto, Titi, Juninho Capixaba; Ronald, Lucas Sacha, Thiago Gallardo and Lucas Krispim; Moses and Robinson.

Suspended: none
Injured: da Silva, Luiz Philippe, Marcelo Rangel, Mathiosinho and Sedemar
Potential team: Thaddeus. Maguinho, Caetano, Rinaldo and Savio (Danilo Barcellos); Oremir, Diego, and Louan Dias; Vinicius (Abode), Pedro Raul and Dada Belmonte.

Suspended: none
Injured: Cayo Vidal and Rodrigo Moledo
Possible team: Daniel, Bestos, Mercado, Vitau and Rene; Gabriel, Edinilson, De Pena, and Alan Patrick; Anderson and German

Suspended: none
Wounded: Elton and Calvey
Potential team: Pegorari; Talison, Paulo Miranda and Nogueira; Rodrigo Soares, Yuri Lima, Judson, Bruno Nazario and Moraes; Felipe Perez and Isidro Beta.

Palm trees
Suspended: none
Wounded: Gilson
Possible team: Weaverton. Marcos Rocha, Gustavo Gomez, Murillo and Péquez; Danilo, Rafael costume, Rafael Vega, Gustavo Scarpa (Lopez); Ron and Dudu.

Suspended: none
Wounded: Kevin Malthus
Possible team: Joao Paulo. Madson, Maicon, Eduardo Bowerman, and Felipe Jonathan; Rodrigo Fernandez, Vinicius Zanusillo and Carlos Sanchez; Lucas Barbosa, Lucas Braga and Marcos Leonardo

Sao Paulo
Commentator: Pablo Maya
Wounded: Arboleda, Caillou, Luan, Walt
Possible team: Philip Alves. Diego Costa, Luisao and Leo; Moreira, Gabriel Neves, Gallobo, Patrick, Wellington; Luciano and Calleri

Pablo Maya misses Bragantino – Photo: Rubens Chiri /

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