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Pia Haddad – Karolina Pliskova Live (1-0) | 08/13/2022

The Brazilian is looking for the biggest final of her career (Art: VAVEL Brasil)

20:26 A few seconds ago

live on set

Blacksmith Maya 2/4 Pliskova | The Brazilian confirms the transmission with Game aggressive and Smashing to close

20: 216 minutes ago

There are no chances

Blacksmith Maya 1/4 Pliskova | Czech Republic shuts down Game Serve with two aces

20:18 8 minutes ago

Zero took off the scoreboard

Blacksmith Maya 1/3 Pliskova | A second return from the Czechs remains on the net, and the Brazilian confirms the service for the first time on the set

20:12 14 minutes ago

on fire

Blacksmith Maya 0/3 Pliskova | The Czechs accelerate the pace and confirm 40-0

20:10 16 minutes ago

Czech unlocks feature

Blacksmith Maya 0/2 Pliskova | Very aggressive, czech distributed Forehands Heavy and breaks the Brazilian

20:07 20 minutes ago

Confirmed withdrawal

Blacksmith Maya 0/1 Pliskova | The Czech Republic confirms the service with a force of 184 km / h

20:05 21 minutes ago

Breaking point saved

Blacksmith Maya 0/0 Pliskova | The Czech gets a pass over the Brazilian and shoots breaking point. The problems of the former world number one at the beginning of the second half

20:02 24 minutes ago

The second set begins!

Karolina Pliskova on duty

20:00 27 minutes ago

The game and the first group Blacksmith Maya!

Blacksmith Maya 6/4 Pliskova | The Czech sends the return on the network and the first group belongs to the Brazilian! 6/4 after 51 minutes

19:55 32 minutes ago


Blacksmith Maya 5/4 Pliskova | The Czech remained in good shape and confirms the transmission. The Brazilian has one more chance to work in the group

19:50 37 minutes ago

Break the loot!

Blacksmith Maya 5/3 Pliskova | The Czech saves multiple group points and shifts the quarters breaking point after, after Game 14 minutes

19:45 42 minutes ago

Follow match eight

19:40 hours ago

lost point

Blacksmith Maya 5/2 Pliskova | The Brazilian has a chance to close the first set, but he makes a double fault. else count

19:35 hours ago

Follow the long game

Blacksmith Maya 5/2 Pliskova | The Brazilian saves the third breaking point

19:30 an hour ago


Blacksmith Maya 5/2 Pliskova | The Brazilian saves a breaking point With loot no return! count

19:25 hours ago

The Czechs are still alive

Blacksmith Maya 5/2 Pliskova | The former world number one confirms at a 40-0 speed. The Brazilian will serve in the first group

19:20 hours ago

Missing game!

Blacksmith Maya 5/1 Pliskova | The Czech responds after the Brazilian Open 40-0, but the Brazilian confirms in third game point

19:15 hours ago

Another break!

Blacksmith Maya 4/1 Pliskova | Aggressive in returns, Brazilian gets another break! Czechs with assembly problems

19:10 hours ago

in rhythm

Blacksmith Maya 3/1 Pliskova | The Brazilian gets a nice open transmission to confirm the transmission again

19:05 hours ago


Blacksmith Maya 1/2 Pliskova | The Czechs put in a good performance in service and cut losses in the first set

19:00 an hour ago

Confirmed withdrawal

Haddad Maya 2/0 Pliskova | The Brazilian confirms the 40-0 . service

18:552 hours ago

It started with a fracture!

Blacksmith Maya 1/0 Pliskova | Brazilian Transformers Room breaking point By an involuntary Czech error

18:50 2 hours ago

long game…

Pliskova has already saved three break points in Game Six more minutes into the opening match

18: 452 hours ago

hard start

Pliskova has already made two double mistakes in Gamewhich is in count

18: 402 hours ago

It started!

18:352 hours ago

heating started

Tennis players prepare for the match soon in Toronto

18: 302 hours ago

raffle prize

Pliskova won the coin and chose to start serving

18:252 hours ago

Tennis players on the court!

The arrival of Pia Haddad and Pliskova to the match. Heating will start soon

18:20 2 hours ago

Not long!

Pia Haddad And the Pliskova Come to court soon!

18:15 2 hours ago

Doubles game over

Gauff/Pegula doubles 7/5 over Keys/Mirza and goes to doubles decision in Toronto. The winners of the match between Dabrowski / Olmos and Melchar Martinez / Perez are waiting

18:10 2 hours ago


Previously ranked No. 1 in the world, Pliskova is striving to reach the 33rd final of her career, and eighth in the WTA 1000. Pia Haddad has played three finals so far, all 250 of the WTA’s

18:05 2 hours ago

Meanwhile, in Montreal…

In the Montreal Masters 1000, Hubert Hercock defeated Casper Roode and is in the final! Waiting for Pablo Carreno Busta or Daniel Evans

18:00 2 hours ago

In progress

Pegula returned to the court to play in the doubles semi-finals alongside Coco Gauff. They won the first set by 7/5 and lost the second set by 5/4 to Keys/Mirza

17:553 hours ago

Determine the first finalists!

17: 503 hours ago

Where and how can you watch the match Pia Haddad vs Pliskova live on TV and in real time?

Toronto WTA 1000 – Semi Final
Venue: Sobis Stadium, Toronto (Canada)
Time: 19:00 (from Brasilia)
Where to watch: ESPN 2, Star +
Real time: VAVEL Brazil

17:453 hours ago

What is the date of the match between Pia Haddad and Pliskova, and how do you follow the live broadcast?

fencing between Beatrice Haddad Maya And the Karolina Pliskova Before the semi-finals of Toronto WTA 1000 It starts at 19:00 (Brasilia time). The match will take place in Toronto, Canada, and will be broadcast on ESPN 2 and Star+. VAVEL Brasil monitors in real time

17:403 hours ago

arranging games

17:353 hours ago

On the other side of the key

The other semi-finals Open National Bank It is an unprecedented confrontation between #7 Jessica Pegola and #15 Simona HalepTwo-time champion. This match is scheduled for 15:00 (Brasilia time).

17: 303 hours ago

Speak to me!

17:253 hours ago

Mourning history of Maya vs Pliskova

17:20 3 hours ago

year numbers

17:153 hours ago

Looking to the top 10

about it, Pliskova May return to the top 10 after Open National Bank. For this, the Czech needs to overcome what she did in 2021 and win the title in Canada.

17:10 3 hours ago

A week of enlightened mourning

17:05 3 hours ago

Pliskova campaign

17:00 3 hours ago

Pia Haddad campaign

16:554 hours ago

Hello sports fans!

Hello! From 19:00 (Brazilian time), the confrontation between Beatrice Haddad Maya And the Karolina Pliskovafor the semi-finals of Toronto WTA 1000, in Canada. Follow us!

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