Marcelo Camargo, Hebe's son, denies receiving a large inheritance from his mother and returns to blast a movie made about her

Marcelo Camargo, Hebe’s son, denies receiving a large inheritance from his mother and returns to blast a movie made about her

* By Vitor Antunes

Hippie Camargo (1929-2012) she was able, during her lifetime, to experience the luxury and splendor that she was not able to experience in her youth, when she was a poor girl living in Taupati, within São Paulo. In a conversation on the YouTube channel of Joanna Mariaa Brazilian who lives in Iceland and has been the biggest hit on the web, he is the son of a hippie, Marcelo Camargosays that glam Doesn’t match his personality: “I’m more modest, and I live in a country town [Santa Fé do Sul, em São Paulo]The media reported that the inheritance left by the presenter will be estimated at about 60 million Brazilian riyals and that it was divided between Marcelo and Claudio Bisotti (1950-2021), manager of Hebei for 17 years whom she considers her son. The thing Marcelo vehemently denied:

This is all a legend! (…). Where is all this inheritance? If anyone finds it, I’ll share it! There is no such legacy – Marcelo Camargo

In an interview with YouTube, Camargo said he lives in a house that “is good, but not as big” as his mother’s. After triumphing in her career, even in definitive and historic moments both on television and in the history of Brazil, the singer has given herself a chance to enjoy what is rightfully hers. The heir explained how he earns his current income, as well as emphasizing that the mansion of the presenter, who benefited from accommodation during his stay, has become a white elephant: “It is very difficult to sell. I have income left over, of course, but nothing crazy. I do not go to New York directly. , for example. The last time I traveled was in 2014. People thought I was swimming in money. My mother invested everything in her house!”, confirms Marcelo Camargo.

Hebe Camargo, on SBT. Musa appeared on the channel between 1986 and 2010 (Photo: Louurival Riobeiro/SBT)

Camargo says his mother bought houses in the neighborhood in order to increase the size of her home and connected it to her development, which was as luxurious as it was expensive. After his death, management of the property fell to businessman Claudio Bisotti (1950-2021), who was also his nephew. Marcelo points out that Claudio found it difficult to maintain such a large house: “Claudio and his wife Helena worked hard to maintain it. He died in a very complicated (financial) situation,” he reveals.

Marcello highlights that he deeply regretted the death of Bisotti, a victim of Covid-19. According to him, his relative was a safe haven for him. In addition, he was responsible for managing the TV Inspirational Group, which is now in the custody of two people trusted by the late presenter: part of his tutelage was under the management of a jeweler. Lydia Sayeghand another with Evaldo Pereirafamily friend.

Marcelo Camargo reveals the truth he’s facing (Image: Reproduction/Instagram)

And Marcelo was very happy with the repercussions of the program.”coffee with seal”, which he presents on the monolithic channel, on YouTube, as well as on TV Aberta São Paulo, a community channel in the capital of São Paulo, with the suggestion of having light and interesting content, unlike what is broadcast on police programmes. And in the style devoted to his mother. In Indeed, the program is of fundamental importance to his presentation.The image of the mother is highlighted in the script, where it is also proposed to demystify some stories related to the inspiration of television.One of them is related to the name of Hebe:

Some say her name is Hippie Maria or Hippie Maria Montero Ravagnani… No! In her autobiography, a wrong name appeared, even. Her name is Hebe Camargo, only – Marcelo Camargo

His exclusive interview with Influencer Joanna Maria It was shown on the communication channel that she lives with her husband in Iceland, but always comes to Brazil to visit her family in Vitoria (Spain). Iceland’s wife Alvor Jeslason She lived in Scandinavia for 15 years and has since married an engineer who works in that country’s civil service. On her channel, she shares targeted content LifestyleAnd fashion, beauty and behavior, as well as, of course, talking about the cultural characteristics of Iceland, a European island country of 343,000 people. It is located in the northern region of the continent, northwest of the island of Great Britain and southeast of Greenland. Its capital, Reykjavik, is surrounded by the waters of the North Atlantic. And Joanna just appeared on the show Stars on TVGive TV network! Is Espírito Santo, recorded and edited directly from Iceland.

Marcelo Camargo on his YouTube channel (Image: Reproduction)

Deception with a movie about hippie

Although he agreed with praise for the musical made in honor of his mother which she directed Miguel FalabellaHe also had great appreciation for the literary biography written by the journalist Arthur XXX (1951-2021), Marcelo didn’t say the same about the movie that honored – or attempted to honor – his mother, who played her Andrea Beltrau. In the interview with influencer Joanna Maria, he was highly critical of the feature: “At the time the rights to Cláudio were given, it allowed the production of a beautiful musical, just like an authored book, signed by Xexéo. We thought the movie would follow the same sequence.” The heir, who was an only child, explains his displeasure:

I found it disappointing and disgusting. (…) IUnfortunately the movie that came out was terrifying. It has nothing to do with Hebe (…). That was (from the movie) totally fictional. The movie was a surprise to me. And a very bad surprise – Marcelo Camargo

Dissatisfied with the film, which later became a series, Marcelo found himself compelled to give a workshop, an interactive lecture, to remember his mother’s memory in his own way, under the right to “defend her hurting her whatever ‘hurts'”. A lot of people might be thinking ‘Oh, my hippie must be happy with the movie… and I say, never! I know my mom like she’s the back of my hand and I know she must be mad at the movie. I can’t let this picture of her be. (…) My mom was You hate whiskey, for example.” in a long time Mauricio FariasThe anchor was always shown with a glass of drink in her hand, according to her son.

Marcelo tells the Icelandic-born interviewer that he has not seen the excerpts for the film, only the final project. He was disappointed with what was delivered, especially for being the singer’s only child and not seeing her properly represented in his eyes. Frustrated by “character” and not only him: “People close to Hebe hated her too. (…) This vulgar Hebe, amazing (because she was drunk). Never! My mother liked drinking at parties, but not at work. She was Very professional, she will not admit she is late or keep the audience waiting (…) nor will she throw a microphone on the floor.” He continues:

The movie is the antithesis of the hippie – Marcelo Camargo

On another occasion, when extra magazineCamargo was already interested in the movie, because there was a discussion about her sexuality, something that never happened: “I never wanted to talk to her about sex.” Contrary to what is also in the tape, Marcelo claimed to have an amicable relationship with his stepfather, Lilio Ravaniani (1922-2000): “We were not enemies.”

‘Hippie’: The film’s frustrated presenter’s son: ‘Mother of Horror’ (Photo: Disclosure/Globo Filmes)

Beautiful memories of mother

Outside of what is usually attributed to Hebe, traits that up until opening this article, the son of the television pioneer, still in interview with Joanna Maria, talks about the simplest memories he had with his mother. One of them, the last time of the announcer on the football field. She, a Sao Paulo fan, went to Morumbi Stadium just to watch Neymar He played in the Campeonato Paulista final that year, 2012, the year he died. Another, also related to football, relates to an episode that, being Mother’s Day, the boy chose to watch the Campeonato Paraibano final instead of staying with his mother. Hebe didn’t mind the fact: “I want you to be happy! If you’re happy there, I’ll be happy here.”

Among other memories highlighted was the presenter’s 80th birthday, which was celebrated at Disney “We left the first car in the Disney parade! (…) My mother was wearing a dress in the colors of Brazil, the driver said she could not get up, but she She did, and was seen by Brazilian fans and cheered. It was the most Brazilian possible stop at Disney,” he concludes.

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