BlueBenx Finance is accused of applying a millionaire scam to customers who invest in cryptocurrency

BlueBenx Finance is accused of applying a millionaire scam to customers who invest in cryptocurrency

BlueBenx Finance customers have reported being victims of a million-dollar scam Cryptocurrency investments. On Thursday (11), they received an email from the company announcing an “immediate suspension of operations, including withdrawals, refunds, deposits and transfers” on the grounds that they had been subjected to a hacking attack.

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Some of them personally went to the company’s headquarters in São Paulo in search of clarification, but found no one. At least 15 people recorded the incident on Friday afternoon (12) at the Citizenship Protection Police Department (DPPC).

Attorney Pamela Passos was one of them. “When I arrived, I spoke to the receptionist. I said I needed to go to the 15th floor. She and the security guard tried to call the company, but no one answered. There were other people at the front desk waiting for a job. The corporate building manager spoke to us and said BlueBenx rent was late for a few months and that they have already set a date to remove the furniture from the living room this weekend,” he says.

She says she started investing in November 2021. The biggest attraction was the high return on the amount invested. Initially, Pamela invested 10 thousand Brazilian reais. A few months later, he made further contributions totaling about R$49,000. “My husband saw the email yesterday and didn’t want to wake me up. When I found out, I lost my breath and started crying all the way.”

BlueBenx Finance is a Brazilian financial technology company founded in 2017 whose main business is investing in cryptocurrencies.

TV Globo tried to contact the company by phone and email, but until the latest update for this report, there was no response.

In the email sent to clients, they claimed that they are “taking this action today to restructure BlueBenx Finance, with a view in the near future to fulfill all of our obligations” (Read the full message below).

Another person, who did not wish to be identified, says he invested R$680,000 in the company. “I invested in them for six years. For me, they had credibility and trust. I had no problems. Now, I am afraid that I will not be able to get the money back. There are a lot of people involved. On a social network, there are more than 200,” he said.

Another customer, who will not be identified, clarified that he had a balance of R$740,000 on Friday morning, and now it only shows R$200,000.

“I invested in cryptocurrency in this company for four years. It was an investment that I got from everything I built in my career and part of my apartment sale. I invested everything I had in BlueBenx. Suddenly, my balance was gone.”

The freezing of balances in the company’s accounts also affected the spouses Julio and Gabriela Guimaraes. They say they have invested in the company for two and a half years. Together, they have about 400 thousand Brazilian reals.

“They emailed at 11:52 this Thursday, and I only got to see it this morning. It’s a shock. This is an investment we have for life. It’s our biggest investment. It was the biggest because they have the most profitability,” they say.

  • In April, the Senate approved a text containing rules for transactions involving virtual currencies

In 2019, the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) began a process to investigate signs of an irregular online public offering by BlueBenx. In January of this year, according to information from the newspaper “O Estado de S.Paulo”, CVM rejected an offer of an agreement with the company and partner Roberto de Jesus Cardassi because there was no “endowment of irregularities” mentioned.

In a note, the Public Security Secretariat informed that the case is being registered by the DPPC’s Investigation Division into offenses against consumers.. “The police listen to the victims to record the police report and the judicial police procedures,” he said.

Email sent to customers by Bluebenx:

“We are writing a very important letter to report that all activities related to BlueBenx Finance have been suspended.

Last week we experienced a very aggressive hack in our liquidity pools on the cryptocurrency network, after continuous attempts to resolve the issue, today we started our security protocol with the immediate suspension of operations of BlueBenx Finance products, including withdrawals, refunds, deposits and transfers.

We are taking this action today to restructure BlueBenx Finance, with the aim of fulfilling all of our commitments in the near future.

We have always been transparent about our information and primarily for the benefit of our customers and partners. In pursuit of this information continuity and with the aim of improving answers and uncertainties about this moment, we have established a risk management structure with Nicolia Dos Anjos Sociedade de Advocacia that will be at the forefront of this restructuring and bring information to market and especially to our clients start responses on 08/15/2022. BlueBenx has valuable assets and we are working hard to meet our commitments.

We are taking this necessary action for the benefit of all of our clients to return liquidity to operations while taking steps to preserve and protect assets.

We understand this is difficult news, but we believe our decision to temporarily halt withdrawals, deposits, and transfers between accounts is the most responsible action we can take to protect our community.

There is a lot of work ahead, since we are considering several options, this process will take at least 180 (one hundred and eighty) days to return to operations.

BlueBenx has been built on the trust of our customers, the continued dedication of our team, but above all, to meet the barriers and difficulties of a company like ours in a challenging and challenging market.

We thank you for your support today and seek your understanding. We will overcome it all with dedication, effort and manliness.

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