Tired of Instagram full of videos?  Meet only 5 networks to post photos

Tired of Instagram full of videos? Meet only 5 networks to post photos

Instagram emerged in 2010 as a platform focused almost exclusively on photos, with the classic feed in the squares. In addition to regular users, who wanted to share scenes from life with friends, it attracted many visual artists, such as photographers, designers, and meme creators, who had a show there to showcase their work and find inspiration.

But the social network’s recent “TikTokization”, which now prioritizes so-called Reels (short vertical videos), has left less space for still images. After protests led by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, the company has rolled back some of the more drastic changes, such as the full-screen display. But one thing is for sure: the future of Instagram is videos.

Also, the amount of ads is getting higher and the algorithms are showing us posts from accounts we don’t follow in our feed. All this led to the dissatisfaction of the creator and part of the audience, who preferred the original version of the application and would like to restore it.

It seems that a lot of people are already looking for alternative social networks. If you’re an artist, check out some of the most interesting (new or old, paid or free) to showcase your photography and design work:

1 – glass

Photo: reproduction

with the design Simple and straight to the point, theThis network attracts photographers in general. Her suggestion is to highlight business, not social interactions, so as not to encourage prolonged use and “addiction.”

The feed is in chronological order, just like in the early days of Instagram. In the search, it is possible to explore by image type, such as “street” (street) or “street”.painting(Vertical). The app is only available for iOS, on an iPad or iPhone, but posts can also be created from any computer, through the website.

There is a $4.99 monthly subscription, which keeps you ad-free and ensures that your data is not used for other purposes. Companies are not allowed to register to sell products or services.

2 – grains

granular - multiply - multiply
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Free and similar in appearance to Instagram, but in light pastel colors. This network is intended to stand up to competition with analog images (its name refers to the granular effect of images captured on film).

Most publications are prepared by professional profiles in this field. A photo can only be posted if you have at least notified the type of camera, film or lens used, and that you have been notified so that other users can be inspired.

No need to download the app; Just access the site through the browser on your computer or smartphone.

3 – VSCO

VSCO - clone - clone
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A modern network targeting those who want to publish more advanced work in the field of photography and also professional videos. Image quality and extensive editing capabilities allow for outstanding creative work.

Another positive point is the cooperation between the artists. A group exhibition, called Spaces, attracts a community of professionals involved in art, creativity, design, and video.

It’s only available for iOS (iPhone and iPad), and there’s an annual fee of $30 (about R$155) to sign up, with a 7-day free trial.

4 – Tumblr

Tumblr - Play - Play
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This former stronghold of people who enjoy posting artistic images is also seeing a comeback from users, with new interactions. Publications tend to be more conceptual, with landscapes, starry skies, and models acting naturally, sometimes accompanied by equally poetic texts.

There are the most diverse profiles and blogs with diverse content, including photos, poetry, texts, phrases, audios, quotes and even videos from TikTok. You can access it through the app (for iPhone or Android devices) or through the website, including a working extension for Chrome and Firefox.

5 – Flickr

Flickr - Run - Run
Photo: reproduction

One of the first engagement networks, which emerged in the mid-2000s, has been revamped and is now experiencing a surge of growth following controversies sparked by Instagram. This type of service makes it possible to share photos or videos online, forming a community with billions of photos, organized into albums, and two million collections.

Even your friends can organize their albums by bookmarking or commenting on them. You can also view the published content without any registration, just type what you are looking for in the search field of the site; There is also an app for iPhone or Android devices.

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