Beyond 'Internet' on WhatsApp: How to Chat Privately in All Apps

Beyond ‘Internet’ on WhatsApp: How to Chat Privately in All Apps

WhatsApp has gained a new feature to remove “online” status from conversations, but the app is not the only one that has this capability. Many apps offer features that allow you to hide when someone is online. Some settings, such as read receipts on WhatsApp and activity status on Instagram, may indicate that the user is active in apps. To get more privacy to use apps without others knowing that you are connected, it is possible to disable some features that are already enabled by default in many messengers. So, now check out the tips on using your apps discreetly.

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Remove read confirmation on WhatsApp

Removing read receipts on WhatsApp prevents people from knowing if you’ve read sent messages or seen their status. This can be a fun way to read something received or view someone’s status without anyone noticing.

To do this, go to “Settings” > “Account” > “Privacy” > “Read confirmations”. Then disable the option by placing the green ball on the left. It’s worth noting that when you disable read receipts for others, they will not be visible to you either.

Disable read confirmation on WhatsApp for more privacy – Image: Reproduction / Flávia Fernandes

Reply to WhatsApp chats via notifications

While the internet connection end is not enough for all mobile phones, another way to interact in the app without seeing you there is to reply to messages via notifications. When you do this, the reply is sent only to the recipient, but the online status does not appear in your profile, as when you open WhatsApp.

To do that, first, you need to check if your notifications are enabled. Enter “Settings” > “Notifications” > “Notifications” > “Use high priority notifications”. Enable the function so that conversations are received in the notification bar. When you receive it, simply click “Reply” to write the message.

Reply with notification on WhatsApp is an option to chat offline in the app – Image: Reproduction / Flávia Fernandes

Remove “Last Seen” and “Connected” on Telegram

“Last seen” and “Connected” can also be disabled in Telegram. The application provides the option to configure the last seen and online to be displayed All, contacts only or for no one. The function can be interesting for those who are looking for more privacy in the messenger.

To do this, go to the three horizontal lines and press “Settings” > “Privacy and security” > “Last login and online” > “Nobody”. It should be noted that by disabling it for you, it will not be possible to view others as well.

Telegram allows you to disable the last seen and online messenger – Image: Reproduction / Flávia Fernandes

Hide Activity Status on Instagram

Instagram activity status is displayed live and indicates whether the person is online at that moment, or when was the last time they were on the social network. You can disable this service and use Instagram more discreetly by going to your profile and tapping on the three vertical lines. Then follow the path: “Settings” > “Privacy” > “Activity Status”.

In this area, it is possible to disable both the last seen online and connected to the messaging and the person’s option to see you online when they are in the same chat. Do this by disabling the “Show activity status” and “Show when you are online” functions.

Activity status on Instagram appears when a person is online in the app – Photo: Reproduction / Flávia Fernandes

Disable the “Show when you’re online” switch in Messenger

You can configure Messenger to not let your contacts know when you are online. To disable the feature on Android, go to Chats and tap on your profile picture. Next, tap on Online Status twice and disable the feature. On iPhone, the function can be removed as follows: tap on Chats, go to your profile picture and tap “Online Status” > “Show when you are online” > “Off”.

Remove internet status in Facebook messenger – Photo: Reproduction / Flávia Fernandes

Turn off read receipt in iMessage

Apple messenger also allows you to disable read receipt. This option provides more privacy for those who don’t want to be seen. To disable the function, click on “Messages” and turn off the “Read receipts” option. This way, the app will only show that the message has been delivered, but won’t show whether it has been.

Disable read receipt in iMessage – Photo: Reproduction / Helito Bijora

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