Mass for the seventh day of Joe Soares gathers family and friends in Sao Paulo

Mass for the seventh day of Joe Soares gathers family and friends in Sao Paulo

Relatives and friends of Joe Soares attended the seventh-day mass for the announcer’s death last night. The ceremony took place in the church of Nossa Senhora de Sion College, down the street from the apartment in which the presenter lived in the neighborhood of Higienópolis, in São Paulo.

Among the attendees were Joe’s ex-wife, Flavia Piedras, with her current partner, singer Zelia Duncan, Claudia Raya, Jarbas Homem de Mello, Adriana Galisto, Alexander, Marilia Gabriella, Theodoro Cochrane, Monica Martelli, Mayana Neva, Drauzio Varela, and Tuna. Doc and Leandro Karnal.

During the mass, which was celebrated by Giulio Lancelotti and Don Fernando, Flavia went up to the pulpit and paid tribute to her ex-husband. In short, she said that she misses the announcer and ex-partner.

Joe Soares died at the age of 84 in the early hours of August 5. He has been transferred to Sorio Lebanon Hospital, in São Paulo, since 28 July. His ex-wife Flavia Piedras confirmed this information on social media. At the request of the presenter, the cause of death was not disclosed.

Mass for the seventh day of Joe Soares gathers friends and family in Sao Paulo

Remember the path of Joe Soares

Jose Eugenio Soares was born on January 16, 1938 in Rio de Janeiro. The only child of businessman Orlando Heitor Soares and Mercedes Lil Soares from Paraíba, at the age of twelve, he moved with his family to Europe, where he thought about pursuing a diplomatic career.

He studied at famous schools such as Colégio de São Bento, in Rio, Colégio São José, in Petrópolis, and Lycée Jaccard, in Lausanne, Switzerland, but his love for theater was higher.

In 1956, Jô made his television debut in the cast of “Praça da Alegria”, on Record TV, where he stayed for nearly 10 years. In 1959, he played an American role in the film “The Man from Sputnik” directed by Carlos Manga and starred in an Oscar. In the same year, he wrote for a program on Continental Television called “TV Mistério”, in which Paulo Otran and Tonya Carreiro co-star.

His first comedy on TV Globo took place only in 1970, with “Do the Humor, Don’t Make War”, which became a hit with short jokes and dry storylines.

His career as a presenter started after he left Jô Globo and went to work for SBT, in 1987. He starred in the humorous film “Veja o Gordo” and soon embarked on his big dream of presenting an interview show in talk show format. In 1988, “Jô Soares Onze e Meia” was born. The program ran until 1999.

In 2000, he returned to Globo as a presenter of the popular “Programa do Jô”, which was on the air until 2016.

Joe Soares’ death. Remember the important moments in the presenter’s career

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