After eliminations, Atlético-MG will suffer a reduction of at least 48.5% in tournament prize money

After eliminations, Atlético-MG will suffer a reduction of at least 48.5% in tournament prize money

Atlético-MG qualifiers in the Copa Libertadores and in the Copa del Rey have a profound impact on sporting and financial planning. The club still has the Brazilian to minimize the damage. But it is safe to say that in the best possible scenario, the reduction in the championship prize pool will be close to 50% compared to 2021.

Last year, Gallo was a national champion in both competitions (Copa Brasil and Copa Brasil). In addition to the semi-finals of the Copa Libertadores. One of the best seasons for the club in the national territory. There were over 150 million Rls in prizes (see below).

If she manages – which would be a starting miracle – to beat the Brazilian champion again, Atletico 2022 will close at R$78 million in accumulated prize money. Which represents a decrease of 48%. To date, Gallo has won prizes worth R$38 million, including the Super Cup, the Copa del Rey and the Libertadores.

Atlético crest on a corner flag during the Libertadores match – Photo: Staff Images/CONMEBOL

The Brazilian Football Confederation does not disclose the value of the Brazilian awards. However, it is directly related to the splitting of broadcasting rights stakes. According to journalist Rodrigo Matos’s blog, at UOL Esporte, the 2021 Brazilian champion (Atlético himself) got 10% of the total of 396 million Brazilian riyals. Looking at inflation adjustments, values ​​will be slightly higher in 2022.

The biggest difference between 2021 and 2022 was in the Copa del Rey. When he was champion, Gallo earned R$71.15 million. In the current year, it decreased in the round of 16 with a cumulative amount of only R$ 4.9 million

Therefore, for the sake of comparison, it can be considered that this year’s running points winner will receive at least R$40 million. There is a decrease of R$2 million for each position below the first position. Vice takes 38 million Brazilian reais, for example. The seventh place, the place of the rooster, will take 28 million Brazilian real.

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The first place for the Brazilian is far from the sporting reality of Atlético. A difference of 13 points for the leader Palmeiras. There are 17 rounds to go, or 51 points for wins. Gallo’s biggest interest, at least, is to join the G-4, ensuring a direct place in the group stage at Libertadores in the inaugural season of the MRV Arena, as well as the prize for the Conmebol competition itself.

– The sporting impact was not as we had planned, within what we expected for 2022. Reaching the Libertadores final was as far from the Copa del Rey as possible. Unfortunately, we were not qualified. It is up to us to join forces, through Brazil, to open the 2023 season, to open hope for titles next year – Director of Football Rodrigo Caetano analyzed.

From an economic point of view, it has a negative impact, but we will find solutions.”

Hulk crestfallen during Palmeiras x Atlético-MG in Libertadores – Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF

“Bora de Brasileirão! The biggest game show at a game-granting price. Sign the premiere!”

The Atlético Financial Board prepares the club’s annual budgets, which are voted on each November by the Board of Directors. In the 2022 projection document, there is no separation between the prize pool projections and the game’s broadcast rights. The two components are “added”. What is expected for this year is R$ 163.678 million in TV + Awards.

Last year, with the headlines, Atlético reached R$279 million in prizes and TV stakes. Club record. It is a source of income that represented 55% of the total operations in 2021.

Atlético-MG Budget Forecast – Photo: Reproduction

Atlético raised R$279 million in television and prizes in 2021 – Image: Reproduction

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Atlético Awards 2021:

  • Libertadores: 40.9 million Brazilian real
  • Brasilírao: 39.6 million Brazilian riyals
  • Copa do Brasil: 71.15 million Brazilian reals
    Total: 151.6 million Brazilian real

Atlético Awards 2022:

  • Brazilian Super Cup: 5 million Brazilian riyals
  • Libertadores: 28.2 million Brazilian riyals
  • Brasil Cup: 4.9 million Brazilian real
    Total: 38.1 million Brazilian Real

Best Screenplay for 2022:

  • Brazilian: 40 million Brazilian riyals (title)
  • Ended the year with R$78.1 million
  • Which is 51.5% of the amount received in 2021

Galo na Veia – Atlético-MG Membership Program – Photo: Disclosure

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