Vitor Roque: Who is the 17-year-old who qualified for Atlético in Liberta

Vitor Roque: Who is the 17-year-old who qualified for Atlético in Liberta

Are you in shock? It’s Victor Rock’s goal! The Atletico-PR fans are becoming increasingly fond of the 17-year-old striker, whose goal qualified Forsão for the Copa Libertadores semi-final, against Estudiantes, in Argentina.

Even without being a regular starting player for Luis Felipe Scolari – who reached the sixth continental semi-final of his career – the Jewel hit Hurricane in April of this year, coming from Cruzeiro, and was already in the interest of the fans, who adopted a logo created for the striker at the time of Minas Gerais.

Moreover, the boy showed that he loves a big game, and yesterday he came off the bench to score in overtime and put Atletico in the way of Palmeiras through the continental competition.

However, this is not the first time the striker has shone in the continental competition. He scored the first goal to beat Libertad, in the first leg of the round of 16, and became the youngest athlete to score in the tournament, at the age of 17 years and 121 days. In addition, the player’s goal was the club’s 100th goal in the history of the continental championship.

According to SofaScore, the club’s 27 jersey from Parana – whose position he is opposed to Pablo – collects 19 matches, which is only seven for a start. And despite the few minutes, he has already scored six goals, one assist and four penalty kicks.

One of those goals was even against Palmeiras, Atletico’s next rival in the Libertadores. The young striker scored the team’s first goal in the 2-0 victory over Alverede, at Allianz Parque, in the fifteenth round of the Brazilian League.

But Vitor Rock did not catch the eye today. The boy was sold to Hurricane for R$24 million, and it was treated as the main promise of Cruzeiro’s base classes. Vitor Roc debuted in October last year, through Vanderlei Luxembourgo, and even charmed President Ronaldo Finomino.

So much so that Fox did his best to keep the jewel, and after failing, he went to court against Atlético. At the moment, there is a battle for a value greater than the R$24 million paid out in April. The amount was paid in addition to the calculation of two thousand times the salary of the athlete – a formula for arriving at the price of the fine in the event of a national transfer, according to the Pele Law. However, Cruzeiro says he made adjustments to Rocky’s salary and understands that the amount paid does not match what the player received.

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Vitor Roc scored one of Cruzeiro’s goals in the victory over Athletic

Photo: Staff Photos/Cruz

Vitor Rock made his debut in October last year, at the age of 16, but he had little time to show his talent. Only 18 minutes have passed on the pitch after Bruno Jose, in the second stage of a goalless draw against Botafogo, was substituted in the 30th round of the Second Division. In addition, Rocky started his strides as a striker, and not as a fast striker. .

The promise quickly caught the attention of Ronaldo Phenomeno, who praised the striker constantly in his life. “Promise, Jewel, Character” were some of the terms the five-time champion used to refer to the young man. Even a happy birthday to former Brazilian striker Roque received.

The world press also succumbed to the talent of the young striker. The Spanish newspaper “AS”, for example, recounted the path of the young player and called him “Ronaldo’s jewel”. The newspaper also highlighted the billionaire’s release clause, which the player entered into in a contract with Raposa, amounting to about 300 million euros (about 1.65 billion Brazilian reals).

Vitor Rock didn’t make his base entirely in Cruzeiro. The striker arrived at the club at the age of 14, having defended his rival America-MG. The transfer was confusing, with the right to file a complaint by Alviverde’s legal officer at the Public Labor Department about the alleged harassment.

Coelho invested in the Roque formation 10 to 13 years. The player left the club on the eve of turning 14, without justification, when he could sign his first contract. Soon, he introduced himself to Cruzeiro. To solve the problem and avoid accusations of grooming, Cruzeiro agreed to share the athlete’s economic rights with Coelho.

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