Investigating Dylan Bizera for his involvement with a criminal faction |  famous |  outside

Investigating Dylan Bizera for his involvement with a criminal faction | famous | outside

Digital influencer Deolane Bezerra target of an investigation by the Civil Police of São Paulo for alleged involvement in organized crime. Reports from the Coaf indicate that the lawyer and influencer’s firm has moved three times what was allowed. The information was released exclusively by SBT.

According to Coaf, Deolane moved 13 million Rls between May 2021 and May 2022, well above the 4.8 million R$ limit set by Simples Nacional.

The new investigation began at the same police station responsible for the search that took place at the Dylan Bezira Palace in July. Despite trying to prove that her modern heritage has been shaped by decades of advertising, the celebrity is to blame for crime against consumer relations and criminal association.

Ads were posted on the influencer’s social networks with promises of being highly profitable. Dylan says in one of them: “And it’s not because I’m an ambassador, but Lance Millionaire is the best on the market.” In a recent post, the attorney also cites: “It’s the company I like to promote a lot nowadays, I don’t have a job, it doesn’t fill my patience, the return is very good”It is announced when selling a product that has gambling properties.

Deolane’s sisters Bezerra, Daiane and Daniele are also part of the investigation. They appear as partners of “Bezerra Publicidade” and use advertising in similar ways.

According to the survey, Influencers do not act as ‘advertisements’ for items, in fact, they are ‘actual partners’ of producers, in order to get a ‘percentage’ of the sale of each item. The document notes “frequent” practices of crime against consumer relations, where influencers used the ease of persuading their followers, due to the trust they had gained in them.

EM OFF EXCLUSIVELY FOUND For the civil police in São Paulo to request the preventive detention of Diolan Bezerra, fearing that the blogger would leave Brazil. “The company involved in the Deolane lawsuit is Berzord, not Lance Millionaire,” the Lance Millionaire press office told the report.

If Deolane and its sisters are proven to have influenced a consumer, by mentioning or misleading a statement about a particular good or service, through their advertisements, they will be subject to imprisonment from 2 (two) to 5 (five) years, or fine.

Withdrawal and money laundering:

Deolane Bezerra has also been investigated for tax evasion. The blogger announced to the IRS a total income of R$67,026.32, an amount considered incompatible with the luxurious life that the blogger boasts on her social networks.

“In analyzing the modest ‘individual’ tax return of the person being investigated, we found it to contrast with the ‘luxury and expensive’ lifestyle of digital influencer Dra Deolane, which is why we understand the reasons for the corporation’s contacts with Coaf in light of the identification of tax evasion evidence.”says the document.

Also according to the investigation, part of Deolane Bezerra’s fortune, which is believed to be the result of advertising contracts “In fact, it may be the result of an activity aimed at laundering money from drug trafficking.”

Association with a criminal faction:

Civil police in São Paulo have also opened a third investigation against Deolane Bezerra, on charges of money laundering and criminal association. Based on the report from Coaf, the agents will investigate the attorney’s business with members of organized crime.

The influencer bought cars from two people associated with bus companies in São Paulo: Upbus and Qualibus. According to the police, the two companies are under the control of members of the criminal faction, the first command of the capital, PCC.

The blogger also sold vehicles to these people, a practice deemed money laundering by the São Paulo police. Two luxury cars owned by Dylan Bezerra were seized in July. The blog tried to recover the cars, but the court rejected her request.

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