Milton Neves comments on most boring and egotistical players, predicts Libertadores champion Neto: press bombs today

Milton Neves comments on most boring and egotistical players, predicts Libertadores champion Neto: press bombs today

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In an interview with the Denílson Show Podcast, presenter Milton Neves referred to Neymar as the most “boring and arrogant” player in Brazil, while former player Neto rebranded Palmeiras as the Libertadores champion this season and praised coach Abel Ferreira’s work.

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Milton Nevis labels Neymar the ‘most boring and arrogant’ in football

Presenter and commentator Milton Neves was a guest on the Denílson Show Podcast last Monday night (8) and Neymar has not spared heavy criticism.

Advertising is a great reference. Today you don’t see any announcement about Neymar. Because it’s obnoxious, boring, disguised, fake on its drops (in the field)Milton Nevis criticized.

Neymar nobody likes him. Publicity came out of it. Children don’t like him. Technicians do not like him. The rulers don’t like him and the rulers hate him‘ continued the presenter.

To illustrate his criticism, Milton Neves also revealed an insider’s story at the time Neymar was still defending Barcelona.

There is a serious case for him in a La Liga match against a team much worse than Barcelona. While the ball was on the other side (of the court), the pick hit him. Then he comes to the alley and says: “What you earn in a year, I earn in a week.” He’s arrogant‘ Milton Nevis concluded.

Milton Neves reveals his displeasure with Band

In the same interview with the Denílson Show Podcast, Milton Neves talked about an Argentine director who worked on The Band and didn’t like him.

Network TV is a spooky thing. You’re off the air and suddenly a director loves you and puts you on a show. Often you are on the air, the director comes, just like Diego Gable, he doesn’t like it … They didn’t send me away, I don’t know why. This man will never be forgiven.”, revealed the presenter who explained a problem he had with the band manager at the time.

Nobody knows Flávio Ricco (TV columnist), he writes whatever he wants, then at the World Cup, Renata Van was hanging and put his penis in it. So I do a live show during the World Cup, and during the break, I (Diego Gable) showed up… “I told Flavio Rico…”Milton said.

I just didn’t punch him in the head because I was going to get fired. How will I cultivate criticism for anyone who has a columnist? It is his opinion. It was a great injusticeMilton Nevis continued.

Neto expects Palmeiras to be the 2022 Libertadores champion and prove it

On his YouTube channel, broadcaster and commentator Neto once again praised Palmeiras for qualifying for the semi-finals of the Libertadores by eliminating Atlético MJ.

“You can give Palmeiras the nickname, man! This Abel Ferreira is a monster. He didn’t change the team, Danilo was sent off and continued with the same team. The six penalties that Palmeiras took were well defeated. What Abel Ferreira did, sorry… the Brazilian coaches must have had Another understanding of what you should think, Brazilian clubs also because Palmeiras will lie in. “What Palmeiras did, brother … is something for someone who does things right, is well organized and has a coach who knows everyone,” said Neto.

“The best player on the field lost, everyone hits well, and the six hits worked well. Congratulations to Almairas.”

Benga yearns for the 2022 Libertadores Final

Benga, presenter Benjamin Buck, stated on social media that the Brazilians, Flamengo and Palmeiras, would repeat last year’s decision.

“It’s an exciting team, balanced, cool and smart. A successful defense. In any case, Palmeiras has a very strong squad. There may not be a star team like Flamengo, but I think, I think, that the Libertadores final will be between the team that plays the best football in Brazil.” Against the team with the best team, which is Palmeiras and Flamengo,” Benga said. .

Mauro Cesar shoots Coca after Atletico MJ is eliminated

In his participation in the “Bate Bola” program on Radio Jovem Pan, Mauro Cesar Pereira noted that Cuca did nothing to take advantage of the widespread positive scenario, as Galo had two more players on the field, after Danilo (the first time) and Gustavo were sent off Scarpa (per second).

“Dude, I can’t. It doesn’t exist! It’s up to him to find solutions. If the opponent closes, you’ll open the field, and you’ll try to open the opponent. Kuka didn’t do anything, didn’t change the team’s behavior, kept playing the same way, and kept both midfielders An endless exchange of passes between midfielders and defenders Atletico’s performance was unfortunate Mauro said: “Kuca must do an analysis of what his team has done.”

Casagrande is the favorite for the title of Libertadores

In his column on UOL Esporte, the former player was another player who referred to Palmeiras as the favorite to be champion again in the Libertadores.

Palmeiras reached the semi-finals of the Copa Libertadores again and once again showed incredible mental strength. “For me, he has the favoritism to win the third championship followed by the competition because Abel Ferreira’s team has the habit of winning titles,” said Cassau.

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