Matias confesses to committing a crime to Isadora dressed as Elisa in "Beyond Illusion"

Matias confesses to committing a crime to Isadora dressed as Elisa in “Beyond Illusion”

“I shot … but I was not supposed to hit you, my love. The bullet was for the damned sorcerer. It was my knee, my knee that failed,” Matthias would cry.

Isadora, as Elisa, makes Mathias confess to a crime in ‘Além da Illusion’ – Photo: Globo

Matthias admits he accidentally shot Elisa in Beyond Illusion – Photo: Globo

The former judge will go on to provide details about his daughter’s murder, under the eyes of Violetta (Malo Galli) and Salvador (Jorge Lucas). Isadora will then ask her father to confess the crime to the police and ask Davi (Rafael Vitti) pardon.

“I will tell the police everything if you will forgive me for committing suicide. Forgive me, Elisa?”, Mathias promises.

Violetta, Heluisa and Police Chief Salvador watch Matias confess to shooting Elisa in Beyond Illusion – Photo: Globo

Alongside Augusta, Davy celebrates Matthias’ confession in Beyond Illusion – Photo: Globo

In hiding, David will celebrate Matthias’ confession. Moved by the general situation, Isadora will cry on her mother’s lap. And Violetta will settle accounts with her husband once everyone is on the farm.

“Knowing that he killed our daughter and accused an innocent man, when he was still aware of what he was doing … I can’t understand it, Matthias. And no forgiveness,” Violetta will say.

Isadora dresses as Elisa and avoids embracing Matias in Beyond Illusion – Photo: Globo

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Matthias tells Violetta he doesn’t regret blaming Davey for Elisa’s death in Beyond Illusion – Photo: Globo

After speaking to Violetta, Matthias will search for Isadora. The former judge will say that he was not able to give love to his daughter. Isadora agrees and asks if he would do anything differently if he could go back in time.

“Maybe I would have been a better father to my daughters… Isadora, Elisa told me that when I missed her, I was supposed to hug you, and she would be between us. Can I?” asks Matthias, who will hug Isadora.

Isadora settles scores with Matias in Beyond Illusion – Photo: Globo

The next day, Matías will thank Leônidas (Eriberto Leão) for his friendship and go to the police station. The former judge of Salvador will admit that it was he who killed Elisa and will demand the release of the sorcerer. Upon learning that Davy is in prison, Matthias will also ask to speak with his daughter’s friend.

“We need to have a conversation,” Matthias will tell David.

Matthias pleads guilty to Elisa’s death in the police station in “Beyond Illusion” – Photo: Globo

Matthias talks to Davy in prison in “Beyond Illusion” – Photo: Globo

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12 August


Isadora pretends to be Elisa, and Matthias pleads guilty to the crime against his daughter. David celebrates his possible deliverance. Violetta asks Salvador to give her family some time. Leonidas scolds Heluisa for the setup in which Matthias was involved. Joachim sees when Davy escapes from Salvador. Violetta asks Augusta for forgiveness. Joachim and David fight. Lavinia and Julia managed to get the Santa diary. Mariana discovers that she won the lottery. Violetta and Heluisa come to an understanding once again. Matthias confesses to his crime at the police station. Salvador reveals that Joachim captured David. Matthias asks to speak with David.

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Isadora and Davi analyze the documents of the operation that Matias keeps at home

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Spoiler Alert #35 Isadora will dress up as Elisa to help David

Spoiler Alert #35 Isadora will dress up as Elisa to help David

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