Michele Bolsonaro takes a picture embracing Guilherme de Padova's wife

Michele Bolsonaro takes a picture embracing Guilherme de Padova’s wife

A photo of First Lady Michele Bolsonaro with Giuliana Lacerda, wife of Guilherme de Padua – convicted of killing actress Daniela Pérez in 1992 – circulated on social media today after IG Portal writer Fabia Oliveira reported a lunch with the two. .

The meeting was to take place in Belo Horizonte on Sunday (7), when President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and his wife went to attend a prayer service at Lagoinha Baptist Church, in the capital of Minas Gerais.

According to Fabia Oliveira, after the service, Jair and Michel Bolsonaro had lunch with Juliana and Guilherme de Padua, among other guests. The actress’s confessed killer works as a pastor in the same church.

a UOL Contact the Government Communications Department to confirm lunch and await return for text update.

“You didn’t even know who I was.”

And in a video posted after the fallout from the photo, Giuliana Lacerda said the first lady did not know who she was. Guilherme de Padua’s wife claimed she waited in line to take a picture with Michelle, among other gifts.

I did not exchange a single word with her. Start. You didn’t even know who I was. I went there, nice because she, a very simple person, a divine woman, because I’m a fan of her, and she took this picture with me, like [com] Everyone is there in this line, in this celebration. It was just that.
Giuliana Lacerda, pictured with Michele Bolsonaro

At mass last Sunday, Michele stated that “Planalto has been ‘consecrated to demons.'” The clothes the first lady wore at the event are similar to those in the photo with Giuliana Lacerda.

Michelle also commented on a post made by the actress’s mother Gloria Perez yesterday in honor of her daughter’s birthday.

“This year, the documentary Pact Brutal has brought you back your identity, taken you out of the realm of fantasy and saved the real person, the kind and sentimental person, in his luscious world riven by the ambition and envy of a psychopath couple,” the author wrote. Michelle reacted to the heart-shaped and crying face emoji:

First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro comments on Gloria Perez’s post about Daniela Perez

Photo: Playback / Instagram

The series recalls the crime committed 30 years ago

Guilherme de Padua is back in the center of the public debate after the premiere of HBO Max’s series Brutal Pact: The Assassination of Daniella Perez. The production, which premiered on July 21, details how the actress was murdered by the then-actress and his wife at the time, Paula Thomaz – now Paula Peixoto.

Guilherme de Padua claimed to have seen the series and said the production was “partial”. In an interview with Splash, directors Tatiana Issa and Guto Barra explained that the project did not want to give space to hear the two who were convicted of the crime five years after the death of the actress, and are now free.

“Over the years, they’ve had a lot of space in the press. They gave different versions that were changing. There were situations where they promised to ‘tell what was never said’, but nothing happened. We are a documentary, it’s different from journalism,” Guto said. Bara.

Michelle enters the campaign and leaves behind the Queiroz case

Michelle Bolsonaro entered Jair Bolsonaro’s (PL) Forever re-election campaign after speaking at the PL’s national convention, officially making the candidate. On a religious note, the president’s strategists see Michel as a source of strength for evangelicals and women.

With regard to them, one goal is to get Michelle to temper the female disapproval of Bolsonaro. According to a Datafolha poll published at the end of July, Bolsonaro has 27% of female voting intentions, compared to 46% of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT), his main opponent and leader in opinion polls.

In the religious sphere, the First Lady, despite attending the Atitude Baptist Church, of the Baptist denomination, included a speech close to New Pentecostal.

“She sticks to her husband’s campaign using language that, in addition to being well known to evangelicals and sounding right to them, is also emotional, and therefore powerful,” said professor and political expert Vinicius de Valle, director of the site. The Evangelical Observatory, by UOL Thais Oyama columnist.

Usually kept secret, the first lady has been brought into the spotlight in recent years on two notable occasions: when she took a COVID-19 vaccine in the United States, even though she could take it in Brazil, and when her name was implicated in the Queiroz case. It was in Michel’s account that Fabricio Queiroz deposited checks of R$89,000.

The Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro appointed Queiroz, a former advisor to Flávio Bolsonaro (PL-RJ), to be the hinge of the “fracking” scheme in the president’s son’s office while he was state deputy in Rio. In addition to the amounts deposited by Queiroz, the wife of the former parliamentary adviser made transfers totaling 17,000 R$ to Michel Bolsonaro in 2011.

And Bolsonaro has already admitted that the checks that Queiroz deposited into the first lady’s account were for himself, claiming they were paid for a loan he was going to make to Queiroz.

The Federal Supreme Court (STF) has voted to file a motion for an investigation against Michel, and crack investigations have been halted after the Federal Supreme Court (Supreme Court) overturned evidence collected by prosecutors.

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