'Fame': Where are the winners of the reality show that revealed Thiaguinho?

‘Fame’: Where are the winners of the reality show that revealed Thiaguinho?

Thiago André Barbosa, also known as Thiaguinho, completed 20 years of his career in 2022 as one of the biggest names in Brazilian music today, with the right to a prime-time special on TV Globo, upon the return of “Som Brasil”. What many don’t remember is that he was revealed to the country on a Fama reality show in the early 2000s.

With four seasons, taking place between 2002 and 2005, “Fama” presented Angelica and Tony Garrido, lead singer of Cidade Negra, and consisted of a singing competition for the opportunity to sign with a record label and record an album and be promoted to all of Brazil.

However, Thiaguinho’s success after the program is a point off the curve. The singer who performed “Meu Nome é Thiago André” on Globo didn’t win the reality show – he came in seventh in season two – but he has a projection a far cry from the base of other former participants, even those who won the competition.

From “A Fazenda” to political campaigns, the “Fame” winners haven’t been in the news lately due to their musical talents. Find out the whereabouts of Vanessa Jackson, Marcos Fennell, Thiago Picuelo, Fabio Souza, and Evelyn Castro. The latter also did not win, but she succeeded as an actress in the humor channel Porta dos Fundos.

Thiaguinho shared on Mais Você and spoke about his 20-year career

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Vanessa Jackson

Vanessa, winner of the first version of the program, is a singer, songwriter and actress, and currently, in addition to concerts and corporate events, she is a member of the jury of “Canta Comigo” and “Canta Comigo Teen” (Record TV) .

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Vanessa Jackson Sings “Faustão na Band”

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Recently, she got into a controversy when she was evicted from her own apartment where she lives with her family in Osasco, in the city of São Paulo. The eviction order was also followed by a police order, if necessary, and was done after the landlord, a 76-year-old retiree, went to court and asked for the property’s rent to be paid, as he relied on it to survive.

Vanessa’s defense tried to claim that the singer lives with her mother, who is also elderly and bedridden, who stated that she was never contacted by the real estate company to ask for payment for the late months, but the judge in the case did not. Accept allegations and maintain order. Vanessa can still appeal.

Marcus Fennel

The winner of the second edition, was responsible for the elimination of Thiaguinho from the competition. Despite winning the show, Marcus is no longer in the media for his voice. Even after an artistic career, the singer ended up following a different path and entering politics, being a pre-candidate for state deputy in Minas Gerais.

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Marcos Fennell during Programa do Ratinho, on SBT

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Despite getting notoriety with his Rede Globo reality, Marcos is currently critical of the station frequently and is a supporter of the current president, Jair Bolsonaro.

Thiago Picuelo

The third season was won by Thiago Picuelo, the singer who ended up teaming with Hugo, who is also a co-coach. The two established themselves as music partners in 2004, have released seven albums and DVDs, and also participated in the soundtracks for series such as “Cobras & Lagartos” and “Paraíso” by Rede Globo, “Revelação” and “Cúmplices de um Resgate”. , from SBT.

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A Fazenda 2021: Tiago Piquilo presents the details of penis surgery

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Recently, Thiago was one of the workers selected for the thirteenth edition of “A Fazenda” (Record TV), where he was eliminated in the eighth week, opposing audience preference with Dayane Melo and Sthefane Matos.

Last year, the singer broke the news again after undergoing penis enlargement and penis enlargement surgery in July 2021. In an Instagram post, Tiago’s team explained how physical therapy works on the genitals and how he will recover from the operation.

“The physiotherapy that Thiago does every day, because it is in an intimate area, it is done only and exclusively within the reserved area, as it has been since the beginning of the program. Having cameras broadcasting 24 hours from all angles, including inside and wrote in one of the posts, things will not do Others a lot, like accusation.”

Fabio Sousa

In the fourth season, Fabio Souza debunked Evelyn Castro, now a comedian for Porta dos Fundos, and became the show’s heroine. Even with a schedule packed with shows, Fábio also chose to pursue an academic career and graduated in law, leaving his brand, romance, a bit aside.

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Fabio Sousa won the fourth edition of “Fama”

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Evelyn Castro

The runner-up in the fourth edition of the program left the world of music altogether to pursue his career as a comedian, joining the cast of “Porta dos Fundos”, one of the most popular comedy programs in the country, along with João Vicente, Gregorio Duvifer, Fabio Borchat and others.

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Evelyn Castro in Porta dos Fundos

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In addition to humor, Evelyn also took part in other projects such as the character of Mariah Carey, in the series “Tô de Graça” (Multishow); He was in “Chacrinha: O Velho Guerreiro” as Mãe Cacilda de Assis, as well as in A Sogra Perfeita, as well as in the Netflix movie “Cabra da Peste”. On television, she made her steady character debut as Deusa, in “How Much More Life, Better!” , a seven-person television series on Rede Globo.

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