Internacional loses to Melgar on penalties and is eliminated by Sudamericana

Internacional loses to Melgar on penalties and is eliminated by Sudamericana

There was no shortage of emotion on Thursday night, at Beira Rio Stadium, for their rematch international Melgar in the quarter-finals of the Sud Americana. Colorado lost many chances in the first half, a player was sent off in the second half and it ended in a 0-0 draw (same as the first score), which made a penalty shootout decision. Inter stopped in the crosshairs of goalkeeper Caseda, who took three kicks, and lost 3 to 1, without a place in the semi-finals.

As a result, Arequipa will now face Independiente del Valle, who eliminated Deportivo Tachira, in the half of the competition.

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INTER Attempt to press at first

For the house factor’s sake, the Internacional did not want to be surprised by Melgar, and immediately showed his strength. On his first attempt, Brian Romero, making his debut as a starter at Beira Rio, nearly erased the score with 30 seconds on the clock, but ended up tangling the ball when trying to take the goalkeeper out of play.

In sequence, until the mid-20 minutes, Colorado followed suit best. Despite suffering some attacks from the Peruvians, who caused problems for goalkeeper Daniel, Wanderson, Vitau and again Romero demanded the attention of Cassieda and the opposing defenders in three dangerous kicks in the penalty area.

GACHOS Objective Canceled

After much insistence, the Brazilian national team finally managed to slip off the scoreboard in the 25th minute. In a play initiated by Wanderson, Romero was fired up front, crossed in the measure for Edinilson to head the ball, but ended up disallowing the goal since he was caught The 8 jersey is in an offside position.

In the latter part of the stage, Manu Menezes’ men did not slow down. Until extra time, Colorado tried kicks from outside the area, or aerial play, as the Peruvians closed to reduce spaces, and they managed to take a goalless partial equalizer to the locker room.

Malagar changes, and the establishment of the interface in a state of numerical fall

Ready to change his side’s position in the second half, coach Pablo Lavalin opted for the change by removing Bordachar and putting Iberico in his place. However, until the middle of the tenth minute, he saw little of his team producing, as well as continuing to defend himself from Inter’s attacks, as in the case of Anderson and Bestos chances.

With the passage of time, in addition to a new change on the part of the visitors, it was the turn of Manu Menezes to also withdraw to his alternatives. He gave more speed to his offensive system, and put Tyson in Alan Patrick’s place. However, a few moments after the switch, Gabriel ended up taking the red card in an attempt with Arias, in midfield.

All the difference, penalties or nothing

Even with his team having to run for one more on the field to reduce spaces in favor of the Peruvians, Manu preferred to bet on his last chips, boosting Pedro Henrique and Mikael’s attack.

Watching the chimes of the clock, both parties thought only of finding the target to the end. In an attempt to cash in on another player, Melgar kept pressing in the final minutes, and almost scored with Iberico, at 47, but the ball went out too little, giving the referee a signal to end the duel to the frustration of the local fans in Riverside.

On counts, Edenílson, Taison and De Pena all stalled in Cáceda’s defenses, with Paulo Henrique being the only one to turn. Thus, Inter saw Arequipa’s team make the score 3 to 1, ensuring their place in the semi-finals.

data sheet
International 0 (1) x (3) 0 mil

date and time: 08/11/2022 – 19:15 (from Brasilia)
place: Beira-Rio Stadium in Porto Alegre (RS)
Rule: Roberto Tobar (CHI)
Auxiliaries: Christian Schemann (Che) and Claudio Rios (Che)
Video Assistant Referee: Juan Lara (Che)

yellow cards: Reina, 9’/2ºT; Carlos de Pena, 47’/2

red card: Gabriel, 28 D/2

international: Daniel. Fabricio Bustos, Gabriel Mercado, Fitao, and René; Gabriel, Edenelson, Carlos de Pena, Alan Patrick (Tyson, at 19min/2ºT) and Anderson (Pedro Henrique, at 33min/2ºT); Brian Romero (Mikael, at 33 min/sec). (Coach: Manu Menezes)

maghar: Cassida. Alejandro Ramos, Dinomostier, Galeano, and Reina; Orzán, Tandazo (Cabrera, 12’/2ºT), Arias (Archimbaud, at 36’/2ºT) and Pérez Guedes; Burdachar (Iberico at halftime) and Cuesta. (Coach: Pablo Lavalin)

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