iKEG delays customer orders for months and raises suspicions of fraud |  Detective TC

iKEG delays customer orders for months and raises suspicions of fraud | Detective TC

About five months ago, this column denounced KNIT for delaying mask delivery and ignoring customer contact. A similar practice has been reported to TudoCelular about the iKEG online store.

The company specializes in selling thermal products, such as mugs, bottles, beer coolers and other products. However, the service is no longer offered to consumers. TC investigator details the following investigation:

TudoCelular got a call from a consumer in Rio de Janeiro who said he saw an ad for iKEG on Instagram and decided to take advantage of the promotion to buy a portable beer cooler.

The official store offers two options for purchase: “Immediate delivery” and “Factory direct”. The second usually charges much less than the first, but requires a wait of between 30 and 60 business days to receive the product. Products that cost between 120 and 140 reais in the market can go up to something between 70 and 80 reais in this method, as you can see in the screenshot below.

The report received in this column is from someone who made the purchase on the 4th of June of this year and expected the order to be received in July. However, so far without the order being delivered, he started researching the topic and discovered that he was not the only one having problems with the company.

It’s not accurate

When consulting the iKEG page within Reclame Aqui, it is possible to check a series of complaints from people whose orders have not been delivered, from purchases made in months such as January, February and March, for example – any period longer than indicated at the time of acquisition.

In the past six months, 20,337 complaints were registered on the platform, to which only 3,627 complaints were answered – an average of 17.8%. However, most of the responses contain an automatic and generic message, without providing any solution, and the last reply was three months ago.

Affected consumers even created a Facebook group called “Eganados por Ikeg”, which has 3,300 members. There are people who have gone through the problem and haven’t been able to find a solution yet. Some even filed lawsuits against the owners of the company.

This amount of complaints against the company makes it clear that the case this column has received is not an isolated case. In other words, the violation is framed in art. 35 of the Consumer Protection Act – which talks about unfulfilled offers and misleading advertising – is exercised collectively by iKEG.

iKEG is a company incorporated in March 2018, in Cuiabá, the capital of Mato Grosso. The company also has a branch, which opened in November 2019, in the city of São Paulo. Her partners are Andre Salton and Idovan José Gianello Gnato, who closed their social networks profiles.

According to registration with Federal Revenue, iKEG has a share capital of R$100 thousand and its main activity is “retailing of other products not previously identified”.

The brand became famous for products similar to Stanley’s, but without charging the same amount. Its products are also appearing in national retail stores, where they are delivered without the same problems as the official website, according to reports seen in the same group of potential victims of the accident.

In social networks, the company did not stop publishing periodicals. However, Instagram posts are closed comment boxes, which means they don’t want repercussions from people affected by the non-delivery.

The TC investigator contacted iKEG, through the official service contact – we did not find any press office representing the company. Once the email was sent, we received an automatic response – with a series of Portuguese errors.

In it, the company apologizes to customers for late orders and attributes the case to a “major failure” that would have affected shipments. It also states that the issue would have affected more than 70% of orders between January and April of this year and had to contact customers who had memorized their addresses incorrectly to re-register – something the user told us. Case denied.

The message says the company will respond to customers through social networks, emails, or a URA (Voice Response Unit) phone service. To achieve this, he has quoted a 15% discount coupon as “compensation”. That is, the company which has excess orders and will not be able to deal with it, to make up for what has happened, induces a new acquisition.

First of all we want to apologize to our customers whose orders are delayed, we know how painful this issue is when it comes to not receiving your product on time.

We sincerely apologize but in fact we had a huge failure, which greatly affected the submission of all orders.

In order for you to understand our process, once the goods are ready, we contact customers whose addresses were incorrectly saved at the time of purchase, in order to re-register them in the correct manner so that the carrier can collect them and deliver them to your correct location. Since the issue affected more than 70% of requests from January to April, this process is taking longer than expected to be resolved.

Our suitability has sometimes been questioned by people who do not know our history, but for everyone to know, iKEG is a company that has been in the market for exactly 4 years. We started in 2018 on a small scale, with a small number of clients, to bring innovative products to the market, as was the case with our chopeira, tested many times due to adversity imposed by the market, among others. But in such a short time, we have already served more than 150 thousand customers and more than 2 million products have been sold in Brazil and many countries around the world such as Portugal, Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia, etc. On June 28, we completed 4 years of existence. This is clearly not the way we would like to spend our anniversaries, but unfortunately mistakes happen.

Due to the time we take to resolve each case, we estimate that all late orders from the above period will be delivered within the next few weeks, and as you can follow our social networks, thousands of orders are sent daily through our logistics team and one of them may be yours, Don’t worry, once your order is received, you will receive updates via the email registered at the time of purchase. We are doing our best to resolve these delays, but due to the large number of requests unfortunately affected, this resolution time tends to be a bit longer.

We are not looking to save time or hurt any customer, on the contrary, iKEG strives for the best way to serve its customers, combining reasonable price + quality products. Anyone who knows iKEG knows what we’re talking about.

Finally, we attend and respond to all clients on our social networks and emails as soon as we can. We have implemented a URA phone service (3003-0890) to speed up the service and it is subject to improvements.

Finally, customers whose orders are delayed will have access to the exclusive benefit of a 15% discount on future purchases. The coupon to be used is an additional 15%.

For any other requests, please reply to this email.

We thank you all for your tremendous understanding,


At the end, a note appears stating that the message is automatic and says so “Soon those present will serve you”. But days passed and we received no response.

This space will remain open for any clarification from iKEG. If there is any new update, the text will be updated.

Affected or know someone who has not received the purchase made on the iKEG official website? Report this to us in the space below.

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