Sao Paulo passes Ciara on penalties and goes to the semi-finals of South America

Sao Paulo passes Ciara on penalties and goes to the semi-finals of South America

In the fight and in the penalty shootout decision, Sao Paulo defeated Ciara tonight (10), and qualified for the semi-finals of the Copa Sudamericana. In normal time, Fuzhou won by 2 to 1, without much difficulties. In the first set of penalties, he tied 3-3. In alternating shots, Fernando Sobral was sent off and Patrick got a 3-3 tricolor rating. Now, Rogerio Ceni’s side faces Atlético-Go, who eliminated Nacional-Euro, in the fight for the spot in the title decision.

Motivated by the crowd, who attended Arena Castellao in full force, Ciara showed from the start that they would put a lot of pressure on their opponent. Ze Roberto left the area and pulled Miranda, opening the way for the midfielders’ offside.

Needing an equaliser to get the spot, Sene bolstered his midfield defense, with Pablo Maia entering the place of Gabriel Neves. Galupo won the Rodrigo Nestor place. The coach also chose to try Rinaldo on the Wellington youths on the left. In the attack, Nikao was chosen instead of Luciano. The idea was to give the team more conditions to catch the ball in the attack zone and escape Ciara’s pressure. It worked until the end of the first half, when Richardson made a superb move and cross for Mendoza to head and open the scoring.

Tricolor came back from break with Neves and Nestor at Maia and Galoppo places and were able to find themselves. After the theft, Igor Vinicius scored, received from Calleri and drew with São Paulo. The owners of the house followed suit. After a foul from Wellington, who was involved in the second half, Guilherme Castilho put Ciara ahead on the scoreboard. What followed was a home and away game, but both teams decided not to expose themselves too much, and made the decision with the maximum penalties.

Who did well

Mendoza. The quick Colombian striker gave the defenders of the Sao Paulo team work at all times. In addition, open registration for hosts.

Straight from Sao Paulo

Who Was Wrong – Wellington

The left side started the match on the bench and entered the second stage. With little time on the field, he hit a poor cross, leading to Guilherme Castilho’s kick, which led to Ceará’s second goal. In the end, I make way for Patrick.

performance of Sao Paulo

Ceni chose a team with a larger footprint in the midfield, with Pablo Maia replacing Gabriel Neves and Gallobo replacing Rodrigo Nestor. At the break, Ceni reversed the exchanges and promoted the entrances to Neves and Nestor. But after Ciara’s second goal, the team lost and the rivals experienced more pressure.

car performance

Coach Marquinhos Santos has set Roberto’s outfit as a reference man, but has changed his positions with Vina at times. Even after São Paulo’s draw, the team continued to stifle visitors.


Mendoza in the 44th minute of the first half and Guilherme Castillo in the 18th minute of the second half; Igor Vines, from Sao Paulo, in the 10th minute of the second half.


The penalty shootout started with hope for São Paulo, as Guilherme Castillo squandered the first charge defended by Felipe Alves. Calleri put Tricolor ahead, but the advantage was lost after Victor Luis scored for Ciara and Igor Vinicius hit the post. After that, Luciano and Diego Costa scored for the Sao Paulo team, and Matthews Peixoto and Eric tied. On the last charge, Vina wasted and could give Igor Gomez the rating for São Paulo, but he wasted too.

In the alternating penalty kick series, Fernando Sobral sent them and Patrick scored the São Paulo rating goal.

data sheet:

CEARÁ 2 (3) x (4) 1 São Paulo

Competition: Sudamericana Cup, Quarter-finals
date and time: August 10, 2022 (Wednesday), 7:15 pm (Brasilia time)
place: Arena Castellao, in Fortaleza (CE)
Rule: Fernando Rapallini (Argentina)
Auxiliaries: Juan Plati and Gabriel Chad (both from ARG)
Video Assistant Referee: Nicholas Gallo (COL)
yellow cards: Igor Vinicius, Miranda, Galupo and Calleri (São Paulo); Richardson, Victor Lewis and Fina (Ciara)
Goal: Mendoza, in the 44th minute of the first half and Guilherme Castillo, in the 18th minute of the second half (Ciara); Igor Vinces, 10 minutes into the second half (São Paulo).

CEARÁ: Joao Ricardo Michel Macedo (Boech), Messias, Luiz Ottavio and Victor Luis; Richardson (Eric) and Guilherme Castillo; Lima (Fernando Sobral), Fina and Mendoza (Iori Castillo); Roberto costume (Mateus Peixoto). Technical: Marquinhos Santos

São Paulo: Felipe Alves, Diego Costa, Miranda and Leo; Igor Vinicius, Pablo Maya (Gabriel Neves), Igor Gomez, Gallobo (Rodrigo Nestor) and Rinaldo (Wellington, later Patrick); Nicao (Luciano) and Gallery. Technical: Rogerio Cini

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