Dagavan launches the letter D as light against darkness: We must believe in happiness

Dagavan launches the letter D as light against darkness: We must believe in happiness

That’s why she sings “Let the wind carry / And love take care of everything / And let everything laugh / And may life be long and all” in “In a Peaceful World”.

or “Let us smile lest we fall into the trap, Who does not laugh at anything, does not know what he has/what to do? Anything is possible like a sunny day, It is throwing the hook and waiting to see what comes” In “Illuminado” the song in which she sings with her sons And her grandchildren are closing the album.

Throughout 12 songs, the 73-year-old singer from Alagoas also spoke about love, a topic that has been beautifully addressed in his long career, and about nature in “Beleza Destruída,” his first recording with Milton Nascimento.

“We were living in a period of great darkness, and I wanted the opposite, I wanted to come out with a light, I wanted to deliver a message of optimism, and I wanted people to believe in the future, and only he could save,” Javan tells g 1.

The 25th album of his career was recorded very quickly by Djavan standards, which usually stays in the studio for 2-3 years. Because “the desire to be in that epidemic has stopped.”

The process began in June last year and ended in April, after a season in São Miguel dos Milagres, on the Alagoas coast, where he composed most of the songs.

Gavan wrote songs from the 25th album D on the Alagoas Coast in 2021 – Photo: Disclosure / Gabriela Schmidt

“I went hoping to come back to Rio with three letters to start, but I made eight, I was happy.”

After a period of calm, Dagavan returned with everything. He finished the album tour “Vesúvio”, in June, when he announced the new album and already had a month to start the next tour: in March and in Maceo’s hometown.

But before that, he’s set up a “One Shot” show with the greatest hits for the Mundo Rock Theater in Rio, on September 10, and for the Koala Festival in São Paulo.

“You know, I have a lot of traffic, I can do a three-hour presentation. I want to write a script that looks like ‘It worked,’ and make new arrangements too,” he says with a laugh.

Playing on the same day as Coldplay, Camila Cabello and Bastille, Gavan isn’t worried about looking out of place. “I think it will be a great thing, and I hope it will be an unforgettable show.”

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In the interview below, Gavan also talks about how he’s been misunderstood throughout his career, and comments on “essential tremor,” a disorder caused by lack of sleep that has already led to rumors of Parkinson’s disease.

g1 – I was surprised when at the end of the album tour “Vesúvio” announced the release of “D”. Tell us a little bit about the process of this new album. Does he appear in this “forced calm” of the epidemic?

dejavan She started composing the album in June 2021, worked on it until October and recorded it until January. I don’t know how I was able to do things more quickly than on previous albums, I think I was really hungry to be in this epidemic that has stopped, without being able to be productive.

I went on vacation to Maceió, to São Miguel dos Milagres, in fact, to write lyrics because in my business, I write lyrics only after everything is ready. The audio in the recording is the last thing entered chronologically. I went hoping to get back to Rio with three letters to start, but I earned eight, I was happy.

g1 – In “In a world of peace” you say “May we laugh at everything again, may life be long and all.” Is this tone of optimism full of hope just what the world needs right now?

dejavan – We were living in a great period of darkness, right? Then the epidemic brought a lot of sadness and negativity. I wanted the opposite, I wanted to come out with a light, I wanted to deliver a message of optimism, and I wanted people to believe in the future. Only he can save.

In other words, you have to invest in the future, invest in joy, invest in decision, with the certainty that nothing is final. We need to believe in happiness. This record was made with the aim of bringing something of radiance and positivity.

Gavan sings at rock in Rio on September 10, the same day as Coldplay, Camila Cabello and Pastel – Photo: Publicity / GabrielaSchmidt

g1 – “D” is their 25th album. What does reaching this achievement mean to you?

dejavan – It’s very symbolic, very beautiful. I am reflecting on a life dedicated to music and I am truly proud of my entire dedication. Between mistakes and successes, I think I’m making a profit, because it’s a profession founded in Brazil, in the world.

I have worked all these years with the same enthusiasm and the same pleasure. It is this joy that makes me able to cover a lot of positive things in my career.

g1 – A lot is said about the complexity of your words and it’s an ongoing conversation since the beginning of your career. Does this bother you a little?

Java – It doesn’t bother me, no, because I realize it a lot more today than when I started, because people say it all the time. Fans, musicians, and critics have said I am different, play differently, sing differently, write differently, and arrange differently.

Today I already realize that the work I do has a very personal imprint, but this obviously takes time to establish itself and results in great suffering. I have suffered a lot throughout my life from a lot of rejection and misunderstanding. They didn’t understand what I was doing and wanted to put me on the sidelines because they didn’t understand what I was doing.

I was very unqualified for my lack of understanding, but contrary to what might have happened, this only gave me more strength, because the only thing I brought since I was young was to have so much perseverance, so much certainty. My mom taught me this “Aim for what you believe in and go for it without hesitation.” She taught me that since I was young, I always was and always am.

It’s not a comment, it’s not a denial, let’s say, as to what I’m doing that’s going to rock me, no, because the criticism I’m making internally is so great that no criticism is greater than mine, you know?

I am immune to him, I have suffered greatly, because injustice hurts me. It creates a lot of frustration, but even so, I struggled all the time with it, with these adversities and I’m here to this day.

g1 – You’ll be playing on the world stage on The Rock in Rio this year. I wanted to know how to prepare for this show. Can we expect hits in the style of 1999’s “Djavan Ao Vivo” album?

Java – It’s the trend, because it’s just one take, it’s a short 1 hour, 15 minutes, 1 hour and 20 minute show of a world of folks who frequent rock music in Rio. When you produce a script for a show, the idea is to elicit sympathy on stage and in the audience. You want people to attend that party, that event.

And as you know, I have a huge number of songs, I can do a three-hour show with only a number of hit songs, but I will try to put a new one. I want to write a script that sounds like “He worked, he had work”. I’m going to rearrange a few things and everything, so it’s going to be a nice show. I hope it will be a really memorable show for me.

Rock in Rio, from left; Iron Maiden, Post Malone, Justin Bieber, Guns N’ Roses, Green Day, Coldplay, Dua Lipa – Photo: Marcelo Brandt/G1; Fabio Tito / g1; Flavio Moraes / c 1; Celso Tavares / C1; Kevin Winter / Recording Academy / AFP

g1 – You play in one day pop, but mix with Coldplay, Camila Cabello, and Bastille. How do you think you will fit into this lineup?

Java – I don’t know any of the three like this personally, and I’ve never spoken to them. As people today, online, are heard and seen all over the world, I think my music and theirs have some connection. Mainly because my music is diverse, it covers all genres, and it is in Latin, American and Brazilian music. So I think all is well, that would be a nice thing.

g1 – You recently talked about the “idiopathic tremor” that you have been dealing with for a few years now. How much do you think it’s a concern, how exciting do you think it is to research health issues in older artists, like you, Caetano, Milton?

dejavan I prefer to associate it with some kind of anxiety, because we are people who have been in everyone’s life for years and everyone who loves it, at least wants to keep talking, saying things, showing off, and bringing some beauty into people’s lives.

I associate it with a natural concern which is why, of course, I tried to explain when I was asked, while they didn’t ask anything, I didn’t say anything.

Basic shiver, me, at least, I don’t know if there were other causes, but I was due to lack of sleep. There are stages in my life where I sleep poorly, I sleep less. Now, no, I make a superhuman effort to sleep at least 7 hours a day. And I have. But I came from lack of sleep.

Diavan “D” album cover – Photo: The Art of Giovanni Bianco

g1 – The good thing is that you are all in great shape, doing excellent performances in Brazil and around the world. In addition to exercise and a structured life, do you feel there is a different energy from phase that ultimately improves these health problems?

dejavan – I think theater makes everyone better. When you arrive on stage, you are in front of 5, 10, 15, 20 thousand people like you, radiating positive energy.

For example, I was on stage, sometimes sick, thinking “Oh my God, I won’t be able to play today”. But when I start getting dressed, things start to change, when I jump on stage, I sing the first song, and on the second, I’m already very good and excellent.

It is as if there was nothing before. The theater has this magic, which comes from the people, it comes from the positive energy that people send us.

g1 – Finally, Djavan, what do you need to be happy? Where do you find fun? On stage, on tour, in the studio, in Rio, in Maceió?

Java – I’m a generally happy person because I have a really good family, a really good marriage, and nice kids. We have a very fruitful, very good company. Everyone loves each other, and they don’t have those confusions.

But the happiest moment of my life is when I’m in the studio, it’s the moment I create, I carry everything that is stored in my heart, in my head … a period that lasts from two to three years, if I don’t compose, if I don’t start recording, if I did not study, I die, I feel sick.

It’s something I have to do and this is a moment that makes me so happy, because I’m right there creating… If you can watch a recording day, you’ll understand… We laugh a lot, it’s so light, it’s so much fun for everyone that it’s a pity when it’s over.

When it ends, no, because I’m not the one to finish it, the record that leaves me because at some point I have to leave the studio. But I also really like the theater, it’s great to be there, there were so many people who love you, to be able to show the new work, to be able to show the songs that everyone knows.

Music gives me a lot of happiness and no doubt I have been in the right profession since I have been singing since I was young. I can’t complain.

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