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Real Madrid’s goals and best moments – Frankfurt in the European Super Cup (2-0) | 10/08/2022

17:54 12 hours ago

⏱ ‘Last game’

17:53 12 hours ago

93 ‘Game over!

17:52 12 hours ago

92 ‘Yellow card 🟨

Lucas Alario card. For lack of soggy.

17:51 12 hours ago

92 ‘

Rodrygo pedals and entered the area, he has no corner, but he risks the shot. The ball enters the net from the outside.

17:50 12 hours ago

91 “Heroes…Heroes…”

Real Madrid fans are already shouting “Champion”.

17:49 12 hours ago

90′ Three more

Let’s go to 93.

17:49 12 hours ago


Rodrygo rushes to the left, trying to touch Benzema, but ends up missing.

17:49 12 hours ago


Casemiro’s perfect match so far, the Brazilian midfielder is present in every corner of the field, blocking the Frankfurt attacks.

17:44 12 hours ago

84′ Substitution at Real Madrid πŸ”„

17:41 12 hours ago

82 ‘

Gotze picks up the ball in the area, but it goes hard and out of the backline.

17:40 12 hours ago


Kroos takes a risk from the midfield, but the ball goes out.

17:37 12 hours ago

78 ‘

Real continues to dominate and control the match.

17:34 12 hours ago

75′ Substitution at Real Madrid πŸ”„

17:33 12 hours ago

74 ‘

Real Madrid exchange passes in the field of defense and control the match.

17:28 12 hours ago

69′ Substitution in Frankfurt πŸ”„

17:27 13 hours ago


Frankfurt attempted an air movement, but Real’s defense deflected away.

17:25 13 hours ago

66′ Substitution in Real Madrid πŸ”„

17:24 13 hours ago

64′ Goal de Real Madrid ⚽️

Mendy launches Vinicius Junior on the left, the Brazilian enters the area and plays with Benzema. Facing the goal and kicks, marking the second of the meringue.

17:23 13 hours ago

62 ‘Safe court!

Knauff attacks from the right, cuts inward and kicks. Courtois defends.

17:20 13 hours ago

60′ in the dash!

Modric Casemiro is active, who attacks from the middle and shoots from outside the area. The ball explodes on a girder and crosses the baseline.

17:17 13 hours ago

57′ Substitution in Frankfurt πŸ”„

17:14 13 hours ago

54′ Trap!

Mendy passes the ball to Vinicius Jr. who dominates and kicks. Trapp does a good rescue and saves the eagles.

17:12 13 hours ago

52 ‘

Vinicius Jr tries to play solo, but is disarmed.

17:10 13 hours ago


Lindstrom tries a low cross, but Casemiro arrives and intercepts it.

17:09 13 hours ago

49 ‘

The second half is at the same pace as the first. Warm and with more passes.

17:05 13 hours ago

45′ start of the second half

The ball is rolling again in Helsinki.

16:47 13 hours ago

46′ End of the first half

Real Madrid 1×0 Frankfurt

16:27 14 hours ago

24′ again, COURTOIS!

Lindstrom tries the pass, interrupts Militao. But the ball remained with Frankfurt, and Sue kicked a cross, and Courtois saved it.

16:24 14 hours ago

23 ‘

The game just passes again, the ball is spinning and there are no ends.

16:19 14 hours ago


After a good movement by Real, the ball was left to Vinicius Junior inside the area, a free, the Brazilian took it from Trapp, the ball was coming. When the Brazilian from Frankfurt, Tota, interferes with the ball and practically takes it over the goal line, saving Waters.

16:15 14 hours ago

13′ Courtois!

Kamada is released, and he faces Courtois head-on. The Japanese finishing touches crossed, and the Merengue archer saves the Spanish team.

16:13 14 hours ago

11 ‘Stopped!

Bury finds Lindstrom, poking his feet, defending Courtois. But the aide noted the Dane’s erratic situation.

16:10 14 hours ago

09 ‘

Boret fired, but the ball was too strong and in Courtois’ hands.

16:08 14 hours ago

07 ‘

Corner for Real Madrid.

16:08 14 hours ago

07 ‘No kick

The start of the match is very warm, without shots, the ball just spins.

16:05 14 hours ago

04 ‘

At the moment, there is a lot of passing exchange and intense marks on both sides.

16:01 14 hours ago

00 ‘Game begins

Rolling the ball in Helsinki. Frankfurt gives out.

15:57 14 hours ago

⏱ ‘Before the match

Teams enter the field with the cups they won last season.

15:31 14 hours ago

⏱ ‘Before the match

The difference in the warm-up, the ball begins to roll in 30 minutes.

15:27 15 hours ago

⏱ ‘Champions Cup!

15:10 15 hours ago

⏱ ‘Eagles scaled!

15:07 15 hours ago

⏱ ‘The Merang has risen!

Courtois. Carvajal, Eder Militao, Alaba and Mendi; Casemiro, Kroos, Mordrick and Valverde; Vinicius Junior and Benzema.

23:15 days ago

What is the date of the match between Real Madrid and Frankfurt, and how do you follow the live broadcast?

23:10 days ago

How and where to watch Real Madrid and Frankfurt live broadcast

23:05 days ago

Speak, Oliver Glasner

23:00 days ago

πŸ—£ Speak, Carlo Ancelotti

22:55 days ago

Frankfurt potential lineup

Trap. Tori, Ndika, Tota; Knauf, Sue; Rodd, Linz; Gotze, Kamada; smear.

22:50 days ago

eagles case

22:45 days ago

Possible Real Madrid line-up

Courtois. Carvajal, Militao, Alaba, Mindy; Kroos, Casemiro, Modric; Valverde, Benzema, Vinicius Jr.

22:40 days ago

Merengues case

22:35 days ago

How is the difference?

22:30 days ago

Reunion at last!

22:20 days ago

European decision!

22:15 days ago


Hello fans! Stay tuned for the positions of each team for the confrontation soon. Catch up on details, line-ups and news as they happen live here on VAVEL Brasil’s small screen.

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