What are the best gym headphones?  Watch Tilt Lab Day Champion

What are the best gym headphones? Watch Tilt Lab Day Champion

Good music can stimulate even the most grueling exercise session. But for that, the headset has to be a partner: firmly in place, sweat-resistant, and easy to control, without the need for a mobile phone.

All this was taken into account in the analysis do academics Tilt Lab Day, an event in which the best headphones on the market were selected and went live last Tuesday (9). Check out the video at the top of the page.

In close feud, Edifier W280NB climbed to the top of the podium, with the best average scores for the judges – Paula Machado, Ph.D., health sciences and personal trainer; Bruna Souza Cruz, Tilt Editorial Assistant; and Rodrigo Lara, reporter and producer at Tilt.

Competitors JBL Endurance Race TWS, Motorola VerveLoop2+ and Philips Sport BT TAA3206BK/00 also performed well, highlighting different aspects. Check out the reviews below and choose the perfect option for you.

Edifier W280NB: Perfect Balance

Photo: Publicity / Editor
  • sound quality: 9
  • Design and ergonomics: 9
  • Ease of use: 9.3
  • System: 8.6
  • The final grade: 9

The great champ performed well in all aspects.

For Cruz, it offers “immersive” sound, while Lara highlights the noise-cancellation system. “It has two levels that you choose in the app, which provides more safety for those running on the street.”

And he can run as he pleases: “It held it well on my ears, and it didn’t even fall with a sweat,” Machado assesses. “He has an arc that ‘weights’ his neck. This prevents him from falling, as I’ve noticed in others,” Cruz adds.

Another point worth mentioning is the battery, and especially the recharging. According to Cruz, it took 10-20 minutes for her to “use the phone for one hour a day for three days.”

JBL Endurance Race TWS: Bet on Freedom

JBL Endurance Race TWS Headphones - Disclosure / JBL - Disclosure / JBL
Photo: Publicity/JBL
  • sound quality: 9.3
  • Design and ergonomics: 9
  • Ease of use: 8.3
  • System: 9
  • The final grade: 8.9
  • price: 500 BRL *

TWS offers in the name (short for “True Wireless System”): This was the only model evaluated with single headphones. However, the feature was polarizing.

Cruz agreed, “I prefer headphones without the arc structure behind the back of my head, because it always gets tangled in my hair. If I were to invest in one of the four headphones I reviewed, it would be these.”

On the other hand, Machado had an understandable concern: What if the phone fell? “I have small ears and a lot of eyelets, so I don’t feel safe with headphones that don’t have any kind of support.”

Another problem: the model requires you to carry the case together to store the headphones. “I thought the box was too big,” Machado says. “It was another thing to take during the race.”

All three reviewers agreed with the sound quality. Lara commented, “It has well-defined frequencies, which can be equalized via the app. The level of isolation on the outside is great and can also be configured.”

On the other hand, the main criticism has been about usability: the touch commands don’t always work correctly.

Motorola VerveLoop2 +: The cool model

Motorola VerveLoop2 + Earphone - Press release / Motorola - Press release / Motorola
Photo: Advertising / Motorola
  • sound quality: 8
  • Design and ergonomics: 8.3
  • Ease of use: 8
  • System: 8.3
  • The final grade: 8.1
  • price: 229 BRL *

Let’s say it’s the most “sporty” looking – especially in the orange version. But the work environment was divided in opinion.

“Using the wire itself as a loop to put it over the ear helps with its stability,” Lara lauds. Machado had the opposite experience: According to her, VerveLoop was the most visible while running. “The hard speaker bothered my ears the most,” he added.

The sound quality wasn’t outstanding, for better or worse, but the three raters did detect interference. So, if you are going to invest in this option, it is a good idea to keep your cell phone close by.

On the other hand, Cruz was surprised by the battery. “I’ve used it for more than seven days in a row, 80% of the time in the gym and 20% walking on the street, without having to recharge.”

Philips Sport BT: simple and effective

Philips Sport BT Headphone TAA3206BK / 00 - disclosure / Philips - disclosure / Philips
Photo: Advertising / Philips
  • sound quality: 7.3
  • Design and ergonomics: 7
  • Ease of use: 8.6
  • System: 7.3
  • The final grade: 7.5
  • price: 203.11 Brazilian Real *

“This phone is in line with its price, which is the lowest in comparison,” Machado said. “It’s a simpler phone, but easy to use. I had no pairing difficulties, and didn’t need to check the manual.”

“I loved the versatility in coming with four options of tips and hooks for fastening,” Cruz said. “They will likely fit different sizes of ears.” However, Lara noted that the straight plastic speaker base hurt her ear a bit.

The sound quality is pretty much “standard”, without any modding app, but Bluetooth leaves something to be desired. “The coupling is good, but it doesn’t use the latest connectivity standards, so the range is limited,” says Lara.

* Prices were checked on 08/10/2022. It likely varies over time.

UOL may receive a portion of sales through recommended links in this content. Store prices and offers do not affect the editor’s selection criteria.

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