Check out 10 headphones you can buy for R$400

Check out 10 headphones you can buy for R$400

Headphones are increasingly becoming the object of desire for many consumers, especially among young people.

You are no longer just an item for listening to music or watching series on your smartphone outside the home. Whether during gym workouts or everyday tasks, headphones have been a constant part of the equipment in our routine.

With the quarantine, in addition to recreational use, workers and students had to work at home, which greatly increased the time to use in-ear devices.

If you are one of those people, check out our selection to buy your own headphones for R$400. This can be a good opportunity to save money.

And if you want to learn more about how to choose the perfect headphone, Tilt Lab Day has tested several products and picked the best in four categories: Gym, Everyday, Games and Music.

Check out our selection of ten headphones for R$400:

T10 Pro Bluetooth Headphones – Trania

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Price: from R$ 179.99 to R$ 143.99 (20% off) *

The headphones have a 12mm graphene driver. Translation: They provide quality sound. You can see the separation between sound and instrument, for example. It’s also a reliable gaming headset, with near-zero latency (low latency). You can charge the case with a wireless charger.

TAT1235BK / 97 Wireless Headphone – Philips

Price: 169 BRL

Philips TWS Wireless Headphones - Disclosure - Disclosure
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The Phillips In-Ear Bluetooth headphones enhance bass, feature IPX5 water resistance and a battery that lasts up to 6 hours on a full charge. The consumer can control the music on the cell phone or with a touch on the sides of the headphones.

JBLT110BLK Wired Headphones – JBL

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Price: from BRL 89 to BRL 69 (22% off) *

This is a wired headphone, but don’t worry: the flat cable doesn’t tangle or tangle. It has a practical one-button remote control: one click and you answer a phone call or start listening to your favorite music. And you can hear it clearly even in the middle of the crowd.

Bluetooth Headphones – Happydio

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Price: from BRL 196 to BRL 159 (19% off) *

To exercise even in the rain (yes, the headphones are waterproof, but don’t dive in with them) or hear clearly what you want on the bus or subway. By adjusting the hooks, the headphones become more comfortable and adaptive to whatever activity you choose.

T13 Bluetooth Headphones – Qcy

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Price: from R$ 129 to R$ 109.65 (15% off) *

The girl’s face touched the device and stopped what you were listening to? With these headphones you will not have this problem. Just turn on “sleep mode”. The smart touch control function is fun for you to be comfortable whether you are lying down, sitting or running.

Alok . MOB 100EB – WAAW Bluetooth Headphones

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Price: R$319.90 to R$287.90 (10% off) *

If you are used to taking calls while doing other activities, these headphones are a good choice. They have a “hands-free” function, which allows you to answer calls without using hands by controlling the headset itself. It comes in three sizes of elastic so you can use the one that gives you the most comfort.

T1C Bluetooth Headphones – QCY

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Price: R$89 to R$80.10 (10% off) *

Cancellation of external noise and protection from water and dust make the product ideal for those who make a lot of phone calls or receive WhatsApp audios while in an open environment, such as the street, even on the wettest days. Its connection range is ten meters and the battery lasts four hours.

Bluetooth Headphones GT1 – Haylou

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Price: R$119 to R$107.10 (10% off) *

The charging case is smaller than the lipstick or lighter. Just put it in your pocket and that’s it. Headphones are powerful. The stereo sound in the call gives the impression of a face-to-face conversation. The high-precision touch sensor on both earbuds allows you to use various functions effortlessly.

T30 Bluetooth Headphones – Tranya

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Price: R$189.99*

Headphones allow you to perceive the different layers of the song (clear vocals, highs, depth) with great power. For use already in a business video conference, for example, the product has 4 microphones and a noise filtering system to block out ambient noise and improve your voice.

Alok . Sense 200HB Bluetooth Headset – WAAW

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Price: 369.90 BRL *

With this headset, you can connect to two devices simultaneously. It’s fine if you need to make a call while attending an online meeting, for example. If the battery runs out, you still have the option of using the cable so you don’t lose what was already going on.

Tip: Do you usually shop online? A subscription to Amazon Prime can be a good alternative. With the first month of free trial and after that for only 14.90 BRL you have free and fast delivery for many purchases anywhere in Brazil.

*Price and listing were checked August 9, 2022 to update this story. It likely varies over time.

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