Review: Huawei Watch Fit 2 has a complete package at a very attractive price

Review: Huawei Watch Fit 2 has a complete package at a very attractive price

For those looking for a smartwatch, there are many options on the Brazilian market, from simpler models (the so-called smart bracelets) to complete devices – and therefore more expensive.

A new contender arrived last month: Huawei Watch Fit 2. The Chinese brand, which has already launched a more expensive model (Watch GT3) this year, is a staple in this segment.

With Watch Fit 2, I’ve been able to combine two relatively distinct concepts: a smartwatch packed with functionality for a very attractive value.

What is the price?

At launch, in July, the product had a promotional price of R$849, which will be readjusted to R$949 shortly thereafter. Today, however, it can be found at the brand’s official retailers for R$799 – improving its already good value for money.

Currently, only the Active Edition, with a rubber strap, is available in Brazil in the colors Sakura Pink (pink) and Midnight Black (black).

Now that you know the price, let’s see the reasons why the Huawei Watch Fit 2 is an interesting option.

More modern appearance

Unlike the Watch GT3 (the classic round and strapless), the Watch Fit 2 does not seek to look more like a “watch” than a “smart”. Its appearance is simple, similar to Apple Watch, With a rectangular aluminum case with rounded edges and a simple one button.

The elastic strap is soft to the touch, with enough length and adjustment to be snug and comfortable on wrists of various sizes. If you find the look too discreet or are tired of the color, the removal and replacement mechanism is simple. You can use bracelets in other colors or materials, such as metal and leather, which are easy to find in Chinese markets and stores like AliExpress.

Meanwhile, the screen is 4.42 cm (1.74 in) and uses a touch-sensitive Amoled screen. The viewing angle is good, but it can be difficult to see on sunny days.

Photo: Rodrigo Lara/UOL

As usual with these devices, it’s possible to customize the dial style, from a bolder organization to a sleeker look. Therefore, even with the most “smarter” and sporty look, the Watch Fit 2 is able to fit into the most formal situations.

There are a variety of themes, free or paid. Definitely one that will suit your taste and use.

full package

Apart from the visuals, the most important thing about a smartwatch should be its features. The Watch Fit 2 does not disappoint, as it has 97 functions for a variety of sports, from cycling to swimming.

The selection is easy: simply press the only physical button, on the right side, and navigate through a very intuitive menu. There’s also heart and oxygen monitoring and stress monitoring, among other things.

Huawei Watch Fit 2 - Rodrigo Lara / UOL - Rodrigo Lara / UOL

heart monitoring chart

Photo: Rodrigo Lara/UOL

To take full advantage of the features, the watch must be connected to a mobile phone and the Huawei Health app. It does the clock ‘midline’ and also stores the history of information, both from training (eg time, route) or health (pulse, oxygen, etc.)

Contrary to what happened in the Watch GT3 test, which occasionally requested a new watch coupling, the Watch Fit 2 presented no such issues. I used the iPhone 11 Pro as a “support cell” and overall it worked fine. In addition, it was possible to export the results to the Health app, which is native to Apple devices, and My Datacenter.

Does the battery hold up?

The self-powered time reported by Huawei is up to ten days without recharging. Of course, this varies from person to person, but in fact the expectation is consistent with reality. In tests, with very extensive use of the functions, the Watch Fit 2 spent a working week.

In the box, in addition to the watch and operating manuals, only a USB cable is available for charging – which happens through an exclusive magnetic connector, which mounts to the back of the accessory. As with most new products, the charger (port plug) is not included.

Huawei Watch Fit 2 - Rodrigo Lara / UOL - Rodrigo Lara / UOL

The box contains the watch and a USB charging cable

Photo: Rodrigo Lara/UOL

Is it worth it?

If the idea is to get a smartwatch that is not as simple as a bracelet (like the Xiaomi Mi Band), but that also does not exceed the price, then today the Huawei Watch Fit 2 is one of the best options on the market.

The minimalist look might not be to everyone’s taste, but the screen customization and wristband changes managed to get around the problem. In any case, you can be sure that you will take home a complete and versatile product, which works well in the most diverse of uses.

Technical Data: Huawei Watch Fit 2

  • Box Dimensions: 46 x 33.5 x 10.8 mm
  • Weight: 26 grams (without bracelet)
  • Show: AMOLED 1.74.0 Update
  • screen resolution: 336 x 480, 336 pixels per inch
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, gyroscope, geomagnetic, optical heart monitor
  • drums: 292 mAh
  • The operating system: Huawei HarmonyOS

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