Tommy Lee posts a crystal clear frontal nude photo on the networks and shocks the web;  Check it out - Hugo Seating

Tommy Lee posts a crystal clear frontal nude photo on the networks and shocks the web; Check it out – Hugo Seating

On Wednesday (10), rock icon Tommy Lee decided to show his wildest side by posting a full frontal nude on his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts. Unsatisfied, the Mötley Crüe drummer is still joking about the situation on Thursday morning (11), after its fallout on the web.

The candid click, in which Lee’s penis can be seen fully exposed while enjoying a Jacuzzi bath, was posted on the musician’s Instagram feed, as well as on his Twitter and Facebook accounts. Although Tommy later acted as if the post was an accident, the Instagram caption indicated otherwise – this is because the drummer only wrote one “Ooooopppsss”, indicating that he knew he had done something risky. Check it out below:

Tommy Lee shared nude on social media. (Photo: Playback / Twitter)

A few hours later, the photo was deleted by Instagram. However, the post is still available on Twitter and Facebook. Click here to check for uncensored clicking.

Earlier this morning, the drummer mocked the fallout from his nude. On Instagram, he shared a photo of an elephant and a naked man. “How can you breathe for this little thing?said the animal, pointing to the boy’s penis.

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The ‘talented’ Tommy’s fame has spanned since the drummer’s sex tape with ex-wife Pamela Anderson was leaked in 1996 and re-emerged in 2022 after the premiere of ‘Pam and Tommy’. In the production, Marvel star Sebastian Stan gives life to rockstars and stars in a spectacle beyond grotesque, talking to his talking penis. The production earned Stan an Emmy nomination. Watch below:

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web reaction

Lee’s posts quickly went viral across the web and garnered thousands of comments, including one from his wife, Brittany Furlan, who wrote ‘bring it up’ When you see a click. Singer Machine Gun Kelly (who played Lee in “The Dirt”), also talked about the drummer’s private parts. “I’m dying, damn it!”Release.

Despite much praise, Tommy has also been the target of criticism and complaints, with some netizens not appreciating the view and noting that if the post had been posted by a woman, the platforms would have deleted the account immediately. “Okay I’m late for this but how does Tommy Lee still have a whole p*u picture on Instagram when you can’t even post your clip without your account almost getting banned?” , asked a Twitter user. Check out the best feedback:

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