Paula Oliveira rejects the accusation of being 'traditional': 'I speak what I think'

Paula Oliveira rejects the accusation of being ‘traditional’: ‘I speak what I think’

Audiences who go to cinemas to watch “Papai é Pop”, which opens today, will see Paolla Oliveira in a different role than the many female artists that the actress has experienced on television and cinema. In the film, a comedy based on a successful book, she plays a first-time mother who faces a crisis in her relationship with the arrival of her daughter. Father Lazaro Ramos plays.

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Motherhood is a topic present in Paula’s life. In 2020, the actress revealed that a doctor advised her to freeze eggs due to the “premature aging” of her body. Today she says yes, being a mother is on her horizon, but she will not succumb to the demands of the “traditional woman position”.

“[A maternidade] It’s part of my future. I in no way put myself in the position of a traditional woman, I believe There is no longer room for that. Every time I Can Speaking, discussing and somehow clarifying who I am and what I think, I will do it to fight this or that place. “I don’t want to be in just one job,” the actress says.

Paula Oliveira reflects on the change she has made in her life as a public person when she chose to openly reveal her current relationship with sambesta Diogo Nogueira. In the same way that she defends her right to secrecy, Paula wants to be able to speak out and expose her personal life freely when it suits her.

Samba musician Diogo Nogueira and actress Paula Oliveira together in Rio de Janeiro

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“There’s no model for perfection, but it’s nice to show affection, and that was my choice now. I talk a lot about being conservative, but it’s time for us to be proud and show affection and affection and relationships that speak to lightness and that’s where we need it,” he says.

Is dad bob?

Directed by Paola and Lazaro, directed by Caito Ortiz, the new film is based on “O papa é pop”, a 2015 book by writer and speaker Marcus Bingers that has sold more than 500,000 copies in countries such as Brazil, Portugal, Spain and other countries. England. In it, the Santa Catarina native shares stories about his own experience with parenthood, and reinforces the importance of family ties in upbringing.

Although the title of the film and the book initially reflects on fatherhood, the other side of this equation has not been forgotten. At the beginning of the plot, it is Paula’s character who gives herself more to her daughter, giving up her career, friendships and vanity in favor of raising an often lonely Laura.

Lazaro Ramos and Paula Oliveira filmed the comedy

Lazaro Ramos and Paula Oliveira filmed the comedy “Papai é Pop” in isolation due to covid-19 protocols

Photo: Publicity / Stella Carvalho

“When we talk about empowerment, we are talking about individual movements. And the The film brings relational empowerment,” he explains piangers. “We must speak of the father, but to speak of the father, we must speak of the mother. single motherThe kid, the friends, the friend who lays that bad pile. This is the proposal to connect, in search of happier families, balanced and connected relationships.”

Elisa Lucinda

In addition to the husband and wife, the third number is important for the development of the plot: Gladys, single mother Lazaro, played by actress and poet Elisa Lucinda, brings a layer of understanding and comfort to a desperate and lost couple. For Paolla, it was after the movie’s first public screenings and reactions from public And journalists say the importance of the dynamic between the two women has become noticeable.

“We’re only aware of a few things here, including this relationship with her mother-in-law,” he said in an interview with Splash. “There, Elisa [Lucinda] He’s very present, and he was very cool. There was a very interesting situation. I’m right there at the sink washing dishes, shaggy, and really nervous with the situation,” she recalls, about a certain scene in the movie where her character is so busy and tired.

And I looked at Elisa and said, ‘That’s right, that’s exactly it.’ So I thought: ‘That’s right, the way is right.’ This external complicity and this genius who is Elisa just cemented this relationship, and I didn’t even realize it was so important, no Sima in front of a movie with many sides.Having a very important person, [personagem] Elisa does not have a mother present, their relationship lacking exactly what the movie suggests.”

Therefore, for her, the fact that she is not a mother turns out to be a positive point in her understanding of her relationship with the character and her complex situation. “I have friends who are very present, and I have a mother who is very present. They have all been with me for a bit,” he says.

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