Is the Galaxy Z Flip 4 all that?  We tested the new Samsung phone

Is the Galaxy Z Flip 4 all that? We tested the new Samsung phone

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 is part of the 2022 generation of Samsung phones with a foldable screen. The manufacturer continues to bet on this format, to continue to focus on a market – small, true – it dominates practically alone. The cost of the new smartphone is $999 in the US, which is about R$5,080. Prices will be announced in Brazil on August 23 at a local event. Until then, curiosity among tech enthusiasts is only growing: What does it look like to use the new Flip?

You can tell that the company has made significant progress regarding the Galaxy Z Flip 3, as of 2021. I have a test unit loaned by Samsung during the Unpacked 2022 event in New York. Right away, I can tell you that the smartphone has nothing to do with other mid- and premium spec phones in the market. Come with me to understand first impressions.

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Since not everyone has had the experience of using a foldable mobile phone, the first point is that the screens remain the same on the Flip 3. On the Flip 4 there is an external 1.9-inch screen dedicated to quick actions. Did you know that checking notifications, checking the weather forecast, or starting a timer when cooking? This will be the attractiveness of the product. The new generation allows you to reply to messages and answer calls on the screen – the bad WhatsApp does not support this function.

The inner screen – foldable made of glass – measures 6.7 inches. Both bring high definition, excellent build and Gorilla Glass Victus Plus coating, which is the strongest in Corning Glass.

Galaxy Z Flip 4: Accessing the timer on the external display – Photo: Thássius Veloso / TechTudo

Open applications on the external screen automatically become large when the user unlocks the phone. The brand’s engineers seem to really care about the continuity factor of what a person does on a smartphone.

Flex mode and FlexCam are present. Let’s say you’re in front of the camera and you leave your phone unlocked (90 degrees) when it’s time to take a selfie. The top half will preview the history, while the bottom half contains some quick controls. It is a way to justify new technology.

Another advantage is the ability to take pictures almost anywhere. Since the canvas is tilted in several positions, you can place it over a trash can and photograph the landscape of Times Square – as you saw on this business trip.

The back of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 – Photo: Thássius Veloso / TechTudo

Is this enough to attract new customers? I don’t think so, but the Galaxy Z Flip 4 goes beyond functionality. South Koreans clearly state that the intent is to produce a piece of desire, the dream of consumption.

The Flip 4 seems to solve previous issues to get behind the foot of some customers. For example, the main camera now captures 65% more light. This is an important advance in the face of the complaints seen in the predecessor Galaxy Z Flip 3. It has not yet been possible to test the foldable smartphone in these conditions, but from a technical point of view, we are talking about an important leap.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 – Photo: Thássius Veloso / TechTudo

Even the independence of use has been taken up by the South Korean giant. The battery jumped from 3300 mAh to 3700 mAh, which indicates that the device will be connected for a longer time away from the socket. Fast charging functionality (wired and wireless) remains, as well as the ability to activate Wireless PowerShare, which only recharges other nearby devices when connected.

The new face art paper leaves nothing to be desired. We are talking about the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 processor, which has been performing well in the Android world. Today’s fastest phones come with the component. There is 8 GB of RAM.

In our initial experiments, the collapsible galaxy did not stutter or freeze. It just works, as all phones should. It remains to be seen if the performance will continue as the months or years go by.

Galaxy Z Flip 4 open screen – Photo: Thássius Veloso / TechTudo

When changing kids, Flip has hardware and software to cater to all audiences. Its magic is in the shape: it stays small in the pants pocket, when not needed, and increases when the wearer needs complete information on anything.

Samsung has undoubtedly innovated with its ability to bend glass and electronic components to produce a screen in these molds. The company has been investing in this for a decade and currently has no real competitors, at least in the West. It’s different and interesting dealing with a phone like this.

Different because you need to relearn the clocks to consult the small screen or go to the big screen. Interesting because it allows you to better monitor your smartphone usage.

Some people would argue that the foldable device allows you to better express your lifestyle by speaking to the forefront of the industry. And there is no doubt that when choosing a smartphone, we also set our worldview.

Galaxy Z Flip 4 in different colors – Photo: Thássius Veloso / TechTudo

My conclusion is that the Flip has taken up its space over the years and has undergone significant improvements in the 2022 generation. It is best at what still generates complaints and is still unbeatable that only Motorola is able to challenge the Motorola Razr, but who seems to have fallen asleep while the Korean opponent was Southerner is swimming with a stroke.

Does it make sense to pay more for the latest technology? At this time, the consumer’s sovereign decision is in effect. The fact is that Flip 4 meets practically all technical requirements.

Some notes before you finish

  • Galaxy Z Flip 4 supports 5G internet
  • The internal screen has 120Hz, good news for mobile game lovers
  • Weighs only 187 grams, so little
  • The whole cell construction gives a sense of stability, including the hinge
  • There is no Samsung Dex on board
  • Runs on Android 12 and One UI 4.1.1
  • The company also revealed the new generation of the Fold; Galaxy Z Fold 4 has a foldable screen that turns it into a tablet.

Thasios Veloso (Tweet embed) is a journalist specializing in technology, a sector he has covered for ten years. He’s an editor take you and hanging CBN and gives Globo News. Contact us by email

* The journalist traveled to New York at the invitation of Samsung

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