Car Hunter - 'Micos' on Wheels: 10 Resale Used Cars

Car Hunter – ‘Micos’ on Wheels: 10 Resale Used Cars

A popular saying goes that “every pot has a lid”, and this also applies to the used car market. Although some models are difficult to resell, sooner or later the buyer will appear. But it is understandable that most of them want to escape from cars with low liquidity and tend to choose the most acceptable cars in the market.

A survey conducted by the Mobiauto portal has listed the 10 models that have been advertised the longest, that is, they take longer to negotiate and are therefore bad for resale.

Based on these 10 models, I will give an opinion on why they are in low demand and whether they can still be good deals. But attention: to me this list is clearly not and does not intend to be an absolute truth. Whether it is done by any other big rated company or even by the opinion of professionals who work with used cars, the results will never be the same.

So, I hope the reader has the same perception and doesn’t miss the “X” and “Y” model – or that he doesn’t agree with any of the models mentioned here.

santa fe

Photo: Felipe Carvalho/Car Hunter

1- Hyundai Santa Fe 2008

Since the Santa Fe is an SUV from a brand that has a good reputation in the market, it will have everything that is well accepted among used cars. But I understand why the 2008 model is at the top of the list.

The car is good, but a market value of about R$40,000 reaches an audience that doesn’t always want to struggle with the appetite of a six-cylinder engine or the high cost of maintenance.

The 2.7 engine from the 2008 model was replaced by a 3.5 engine in the 2011 model. More modern, more powerful and its cost is only R$10,000, which makes the 2.7 even smaller and that’s why it “swings” in advertisements.

Vectra GT - Disclosure - Disclosure

Vectra GT

Image: disclosure

2- Chevrolet Vectra GT 2009

The national car, with simple mechanics and present in our market, should not be bad for resale. But the 2009 Vectra GT’s problem is the near-values ​​to the 2010 model, which has big improvements like 12 extra horsepower and a redesigned front end.

There’s less than a R$2,000 difference in Fipe Table values ​​between them, making 2009 sold only to those who aren’t suspicious.

Focus Sedan - Felipe Carvalho/Hunter Auto - Felipe Carvalho/Hunter Auto

focus sedan

Photo: Felipe Carvalho/Car Hunter

3- Ford Focus Sedan 2011

Being an excellent car, the Focus sedan has always been one of the references in its class, but only when it is new. Unfortunately, the market used was tough on the model and the demand for it was low.

But, in my opinion, it is a good choice for those who want to spend a lot of time with the car and not worry about resale. It offers the same content as heavyweight competitors like the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla, but it’s about 25% cheaper.

Volkswagen Virtus - Disclosure - Disclosure

Volkswagen Virtus

Image: disclosure

4 & 5 – Volkswagen Polo and Virtus 2022

In fourth and fifth places, as models with worst resale according to Mobiauto, are the Polo and Virtus, both 2022 models. Same at zero kilometers.

In my opinion, its value should be around 90% of the zero kilometer value to be worth it, which is not always the case in practice.

Ford Edge - Felipe Carvalho / Car Hunter - Felipe Carvalho / Car Hunter

Ford Edge

Photo: Felipe Carvalho/Car Hunter

6- Ford Edge 2012

I recently convinced a customer to back out of the Ford Edge option. It’s a great, beautiful, luxurious, powerful car, but it’s time for it. The 2012 model year, which is already 10 years old, has a high chance of having gone through several owners and neglect of maintenance, which, by the way, is quite expensive.

Its market value, which is about 70,000 Brazilian reais in the most complete version, makes it impossible to purchase. To me, this is an ungrateful pursuit, but of course, if a really good person fell into my lap, I might consider buying it.

Toyota SW4 2014 - Disclosure - Disclosure

Toyota SW4 2014

Image: disclosure

7- Toyota SW4 2014

What makes a Toyota SW4 bad for resale? In my opinion, only the high price, a common thing that happens with almost all Toyota cars. But her audience is loyal, including knowing that despite being expensive, devaluation is low.

I have no doubts that it is worth having a good SW4 in the garage.

Volkswagen New Beetle - Felipe Carvalho / Car Hunter - Felipe Carvalho / Car Hunter

New Volkswagen Beetle

Photo: Felipe Carvalho/Car Hunter

8 – Volkswagen New Beetle 2008

Cars such as the New Beetle, Fiat 500, Mini Cooper or Chrysler PT Cruiser are models that have a very specific audience. Understandably, the new 2008 Beetle makes an appearance on this list, because it costs so much and delivers so little. On the Fipe table, it’s worth over R$40,000, which is a high value for a 14-year-old car packed and packed and with invaluable insurance value.

For this price, the market offers the user more reasonable options. It is only worth it for fans of models, who appreciate the retro look and do not care about the negative points. The good part is that this type of car has a collectible appeal, and can be appreciated in the long run.

Chevrolet Montana - Disclosure - Disclosure

Chevrolet Montana

Image: disclosure

9- Chevrolet Montana 2005

Pickups do well in the used market, but because they are work-oriented vehicles, they are not always used with caution by their owners.

The 2005 Montana, with its 17 years of service, tends to be forgotten, and even more so with an overdose of the Fiat Strada on the used market. But I’m sure if one turns out to be in good shape, you won’t have a hard time getting a new owner.

Fiesta Sedan - Disclosure - Disclosure

Fiesta Sedan

Image: disclosure

10- Ford Fiesta Sedan 2017

The problematic exchange history and changes in brand direction in Brazil make the Fiesta Mico a great second-hand market. It’s no surprise to see the 2017 sedan here, which struggles to compete for space with other models ranging from R$50,000 to R$60,000. In my opinion, not worth buying.

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