Atlético's failure in the Libertadores led to a rethink of the star team.  Coca is hurt in the dream of taking over the national team

Atlético’s failure in the Libertadores led to a rethink of the star team. Coca is hurt in the dream of taking over the national team

Sao Paulo, Brazil

“we are not …”

hulk pronunciation After the elimination of Atletico from Libertadores, against Palmeiraswho played with fewer players, had the opposite repercussions to what the veteran striker expected.

The Minas Gerais press reacted very harshly with the fall. Since yesterday, the media have been wondering what happened to the very expensive team, made up of stars, which waned in the quarter-finals not only in the Libertadores, but also in the Copa del Rey.

The disqualification caused a deep disappointment to the pioneers, the billionaires who keep stars on the team, with salaries worthy of European football. While the club accumulates debts of more than 1.3 billion Brazilian riyals.

The plan of the sponsors, who control the club, and the decisions of football, was to make 2022 a historic year, with great achievements. Main winner of the Copa Libertadores.

Because of the stadium that will open in 2023. The arena will be expensive. The costs were estimated at R$410 million. It increased to 650 million Brazilian reals. But, construction company MRV, which even owns the name of the stadium, warns that the work could cost R$900 million. Because of the epidemic, the high cost of materials and “adaptations” required by the province of Belo Horizonte.

The strategy was to motivate the Atlético fans to join as fans of the club. The sale of digital brochures for the club’s games is guaranteed from 2023. The MRV Arena is scheduled to open in the first half of next year.

Achieving a major breakthrough was key. More than just a goal, it was Atlético’s mission. Argentinian coach Turco Muhammed knew very well about this project. And when the club started to falter, his job was already in jeopardy. And when the elimination against Flamengo, in the quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey, with the team behaving with fear, as if it were a junior team, came in the Maracana, a dismissal was inevitable.

Koca returned, seven months after he left “to take care of the family”. He returned to the golden weight. With the condition of staying only until the end of the Brazilian. Small decade, from July to November. The coach wants to be free after the World Cup, because he knows he has two important defenders to replace Tite, who will not be in charge of Brazil.

But Coca’s plan also failed.

He was very excited that he would be able to lead Atlético to the Libertadores final. It will be essential to highlight its importance as a technician to public opinion. Show yourself as the best Brazilian for the job.

The failure of Atletico Mineiro, along with other players, hit Coca’s tactical repertoire. Even with an impressive numerical advantage in modern football, his team failed to score even a goal at Palmeiras. He lost on penalties.

The coach tried to distract from the embarrassment, by publicly warning that Vargas would have to explain himself and possibly be fired, because he was fired. Entered in the 50th minute of the second half! As much as he would have received a penalty, the coach’s anger is unjustified. Atletico, along with two others, were bound to win.

Koca now lived the obvious.

Commitment to the classification of the club in the Libertadores.

With the potential that Atlético had, and devoting himself to only one competition, he had to commit to fighting for the title, and not just being “in the top”.

Kuka lost important points in the battle to take over the selection.

Yesterday’s game will not be easily forgotten.

The club managed to take prizes of “only” 28 million Brazilian reais, adding Supercopa do Brasil, with the disappointing participation in Libertadores and Copa do Brasil.

The experienced Hulk knows the charge will be huge, much bigger than it already was, at Atlético, after yesterday’s elimination.

“The only thing that hurts is the lack of appreciation, not from the fans, who charge a lot of money, but they also support a lot and will always have our respect. But the journalists who criticize Club Atlético Mineiro, need a little conscience, because for a year now we are the most winning team. in Brazil “.

“In a year or so we’ve had five titles, and it’s the same team. Sometimes we won’t make it, but I’m not sorry for the word, we’re not related… On the contrary, things happen when they have to happen, we’re not a machine that’s going to play well every time.”

The truth is that Hulk managed to disrupt the atmosphere, criticizing the goals that Atlético Mineiro suffered. The complaints were clear. defense system.

Koca spoke to the striker and the team before yesterday’s match in Allianz, seeking more unity among the athletes.

In addition to Vargas, there is another uncomfortable situation in Atlético. The one where Nacho Fernandez didn’t show great football last season. Until he ceased to be the absolute owner of the team.

At the end of the season there will be a serious evaluation.

And depending on the Brazilian performance, some stars may leave.

The club’s management and pioneers’ requirement is to fight for the championship title.

The team occupies only seventh place.

17 games left.

“We have to face 17 games in Brazil as finals. When there is a chance mathematically, anything is possible. Nothing is impossible for God and our whole team has a lot of faith. We have to face 17 games as finals because we only have Brazil to play and get bigger.” a number of points for doing the calculations at the end,” Hulk postulated.

Copa Brazil and Libertadores qualifiers turned on the warning signal.

It is not this performance that will delight the fans.

It will encourage them to spend 2023 the year of the opening of the MRV Arena.

Coca and the players know this situation well.

The club still owes more than 1.3 billion Brazilian Real.

Apart from the circuit no one knows yet the final cost…

The French side increases the list of players with legal problems

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