Not having Vittoria after a great performance, Dalton shows confidence in Yuri and raves with "aeronegô"

Not having Vittoria after a great performance, Dalton shows confidence in Yuri and raves with “aeronegô”

At the age of 35, goalkeeper Dalton spent one of those unforgettable nights in Vitoria’s last match, against Mirasol, for Serie C. Responsible for at least five tricky defenses, Dalton was the highlight of the red-black team winning 2 to 1. And he arrives alive in the fight for the classification for the final round of the first stage of Terceirona.

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– one of [atuações] most striking [da carreira], yes. undeniable. For what the game stands for, not only in the individual part. On the one hand we will count on this victory. The employees depend on him, we depend on him. Many people depend on us, not only financially, but also the masses. When you have that understanding, it’s good to know that winning can do a lot. It is magical and surreal. We’ll keep fighting until the end,” said guard Dalton.

Dalton at a press conference – Photo: Pietro Carpi / EC Vitória / Publicity

With the win over Mirasol, Vitoria completed seven matches undefeated and saw his chances of ranking increased to 45%. A great result and a good moment that was reflected in the affection of the fans who caught the eye with “aeronegô” at the departure and arrival ceremony of the delegation in Salvador.

We feel the heat, this vibration. I doubt anyone didn’t shiver at that moment. It is a feeling, an emotion, a heart. It is undeniable to say that we do not take this feeling. The fan is the twelfth player. The return was surreal, hard to measure in words as we felt.

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But Dalton was knocked out by Vitoria’s decisive match. The goalkeeper received his third yellow card in the last game and will be replaced by 21-year-old Yuri Sina, who was formed at the red-black base. Analyzing the alternate confrontation, he recalled the veteran Lucas Arcango, out of the season due to injury.

– Before responding, I wanted to point out a situation. If we’re living in the moment, it’s not my fault or just that. We have played 18 games so far. Our tournament is not only this final. Five games are played. I wanted to make it clear that if we’re in this situation, it’s for Lucas as well. I faced the same situation as Lucas in Paysandu. I know how painful it is. I played 13 matches until the injury. And after the injury, no one remembered me when we got there. I felt it on my skin. It was something that hurt me a lot. Let it be clear and well remember what he did until I entered. What happens next is the result.

– Yuri is a wonderful kid, the guy who works with us a lot, he has incredible potential. I believe in what he does, in the work he develops. I spoke to him before and after the match. Our future depended on that match against Mirasol. The responsibility was too great and still is. He knows the responsibility, conscientious man, he makes it clear. He’ll do his best,” Dalton continues.

Yuri Senna substituted Dalton against Brazil de Pelotas – Photo: Pietro Carpi / EC Vitoria / Publicity

Vitoria’s last opponent in the first stage of the Italian league is Brazil de Pelotas, who are in 18th place and still struggling not to be relegated to the fourth division. The two teams face each other on Saturday, at 17:00 (Brazilian time), in Paradao. Tickets are on sale

See other excerpts from the press conference:

emotional control
– We must have emotional control. It is wise to use this to our advantage, to understand that the game is on the court and should be played in the best possible way. The enthusiasm is there, the charge. It is important that you support us. We need them.

The feeling of being greeted by the crowd
– She motivates us a lot, makes us think, wants to give something more. When you find yourself in a situation like this when you get home on Monday, it only makes sense what you do: play soccer. It gives such joy to the masses. What this crowd is doing for us is surreal and monstrous.

Did your last game’s performance record drop?
I don’t attribute success to just one person. We play a team sport. I understand that there are people who will stand out more, but there are also supporting actors. Tréllez and Rafinha are very important. The certainty on the field gives us the certainty that the players who will decide will be ahead. But there is a support group that does so much for them. We are a group and it is the group that will win. I don’t do anything on my own. So I think it makes sense to me. I think that is the case until the end.

Reason for refund win over
– profession. There is no shortcut. Of course, the results allowed us to get here. Everything is merit. We fight for this situation, it does not happen for free. We fought for it and we pay the price. And we have to pay dearly for the arrangement. She fights and sweats. If there is no sweat, let it be blood. If there is no blood, let it be with the spirit.

support for win over
– We understand that. We live in a world connected to the internet. We know what’s going on. And it happens because we were playing together: players, fans, management. The context is general. And if it has this repercussions, it only happens because it has the consequence. It deserves it alone and exclusively. When that happens, we’re happy. People do, you know. Oversized, oversized, heavy Vittoria shirt. The truth does not explain. For me, it is an honor. I’m almost 36 and it’s the biggest shirt I’ve ever worn. Anything I have to do for this club, I will do. People comment. It is a situation that can change my life and the lives of many. Everyone knows that. And everyone wants it, and believes that it will work. You wrote a sentence saying that if you have faith, you have already succeeded.

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