Monkeypox: Federal government sets maximum alert level

Monkeypox: Federal government sets maximum alert level

With 2,293 confirmed cases of monkeypox in Brazil, the Ministry of Health has set maximum alert to deal with transmission of the virus.

According to the National Monkeypox Emergency Plan, which the agency released over the weekend, there are three levels of classification for a health emergency. The ministry adopted the last grade for classifying monkeypox in the country.

At this level of alert, the disease is “a nationally relevant threat with an impact on various areas of SUS management, requiring a broad government response.” In practice, the government’s initiative aims to alert all agencies that monkeypox requires the utmost attention.

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“This event constitutes an exceptionally serious situation, which may culminate in the declaration of a Public Health Emergency of National Importance (ESPN),” the Ministry of Health reported in the emergency plan.

Due to the increase in the number of confirmed cases in the country, the rate of transmission from the community and the lack of medicines to treat the disease, the ministry decided to set the maximum alert level.

See the plan:

National Monkeypox Emergency Plan – 1st Edition By Rebecca Borges on Scribd


“SUS is making efforts to obtain these inputs for the sake of the population of Brazil, but it is worth noting that at the moment, there are no vaccines or medicines available on the international market in order to obtain them from Brazil,” the ministry explained.

According to the contingency plan, there are also levels 1 and 2 of the response to the virus. In the first case, the state does not have the resources to consider cases, but the risk is still not great. Training requires technical guidance and resource mobilization, with the possibility of sending a team to places with cases.

At level 2, the risks are “significant,” “exceeding local response capacity, and requiring additional resources and complementary support from the federal domain, with the dispatch of a public health emergency response team.”


According to the latest bulletin issued by the Ministry of Health, issued on Monday (8/8), Brazil has 2,293 confirmed cases and 2,363 suspected cases of the disease.

São Paulo is the federal unit with the most records: 1,636 confirmed cases and 608 suspected cases. Then, in the ranking, appear Rio de Janeiro (253 confirmed cases), Minas Gerais (101) and the Federal District (92).

In addition, the country has already recorded one death from the disease. The victim was a 41-year-old man, who had multiple concurrent illnesses and was battling cancer. He died in Belo Horizonte, the capital of the state of Minas Gerais, in July.

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