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PlayStation 20 Lists Additional PS Plus Game You Might Miss

PlayStation has released 20 games available on PS Plus Extra that you may have missed.

See how the company describes the list below:

Looking for something completely different? With award-winning consoles and even atmospheric underwater adventures, check out the wide range of must-see games available for PlayStation Plus Extra.

1. Ghostrunner

Fast, furious, and relentless, Ghostrunner’s first-person mixed parkour combat isn’t for the faint of heart.

There’s not much room for error as you race through the Ghostrunner cyber city, but mastering the mechanics will create an exciting flow that’s hard to find in other games.

  • For whom I love: Cyberpunk 2077, last forever
  • Type: Action / Platform
  • PS . Store

2. Ash

Danger awaits you in every corner of Ashen, but the artistic direction and stunning visuals make exploration fun.

Inspired by traditional RPGs, Ashen feels familiar from the start, but features an innovative passive multiplayer system and dark, charming aesthetics.

  • For whom I love: Dark Souls Remastered, Elden Ring
  • Type: action adventure
  • PS . Store

3. The Messenger

This retro side-scrolling game is full of ’90s nostalgia with gorgeous 8-bit and 16-bit visuals.

Play as a mini ninja on a mission to save your clan in The Messenger. Fans of action platformer games and old school soundtracks will love this game.

  • For whom I love: Cuphead, Celeste
  • Type: Action / Platform
  • PS . Store


Put on your snorkeling gear and enjoy this underwater adventure inspired by Journey and Flower.

With a diverse ecosystem to explore, tons of secrets to unlock, and fluid swimming mechanics, ABZÛ is a water journey that truly pays off.

  • For whom I love: Trackless Journey
  • Type: Action / Simulation
  • PS . Store

5. Dead cells

No two Dead Cells games are alike, and the mysteries of this island castle never fade.

Different combinations of patterns and methods make each dead cell match unique. With plenty of fighting skills to play with and movement upgrades to unlock, it’s a game that can stay fresh in every game.

  • For whom I love: Hades, back
  • Type: Action / roguelike
  • PS . Store

6. Thomas was alone

Short and intimate, Thomas Was Alone is a puzzle-platform experience that vibrates in a bunch of mindful ways.

Slide, jump and jump through 100 levels in this simple adventure created by Mark Bithel. The sharp narrative and Thomas Was Alone characters are the highlight of this humorous indie game.

  • For whom I love: Stanley’s Tale, A Night in the Woods
  • Type: Challenge / Podium
  • PS . Store

7. Kona

An interactive adventure with a surreal twist that will freeze your bones.

Set in a remote Canadian village in the 1970s, Kona invites you to uncover the truth behind mysterious events as you confront nature and manage resources to survive.

  • For whom I love: What Remains of Edith Finch, Amnesia: Rebirth
  • Species: Mystery / Survival
  • PS . Store

8. Kufr

Twisted religious imagery mixes with action-packed combat in this Gothic quest for redemption.

Put on the Penitent One’s spike helmet and blast your way through hordes of savage enemies in the Blasphemous universe. Pixel art lovers will love to fight enemies in this game.

  • For whom I love: Hollow Knight, transmitted by blood
  • Type: Action / Platform
  • PS . Store

9. Celestial

He traversed the rocky terrain of Celeste Mountain and helped Madeleine overcome her personal struggles along the way.

With stunning pixel art, precise controls, and exhilarating platforming action, Celeste gives you the final push you need to make a leap of faith in the dark. Face your fears!

  • For whom I love: Hades, life is strange
  • Type: a program
  • PS . Store

10. Kingdom: two crowns

Collect coins, organize defenses and fight the creeping darkness in Kingdom Two Crowns.

Get ready to ride and defend your kingdom in this mini strategy adventure. Immersive experience in single player mode and fun in co-op.

  • For whom I love: Frostbank, Terraria
  • Type: Strategy / Adventure
  • PS . Store

11. Moonlight

Follow the story of an enterprising shopkeeper who dreams of being a hero in this top-down RPG.

A unique blend of dungeon management simulation and dungeon exploration, Moonlighter invites you to explore dangerous worlds and loot rare equipment, weapons and artifacts to upgrade your shop and take on enemies.

  • For whom I love: Undertale, Stardew Valley
  • Type: Strategy / Adventure
  • PS . Store

12. Battle Chasers: Nightwar

Immerse yourself in the innovative RPG inspired by the 90’s comic book of the same name.

With a lively art style and fun character animations, Battle Chasers: Nightwar brings a lot of nostalgia to JRPGs to explore dungeons. Attention: Tactical combat is also amazing.

  • For whom I love: Final Fantasy VII, The Banner Saga
  • Type: RPG / Strategy
  • PS . Store

13. The Outer Prairie

What will you find in moments of silence on a desert planet, in the far reaches of the solar system, before the nearest star explodes?

Otter Wilds combines storytelling and intelligent puzzle solving. Do you just need another 22-minute session to gather important information and preserve your skin?

  • For whom I love: Twelve Minutes, The Stanley Tale
  • Type: adventure / challenge
  • PS . Store

14. Murta’s children

For the guardians of Mount Marta, this intimate story is nothing but a family affair…

Combat-packed exploration meets story-driven rogletti action in Children of Morta. Share the Bergson family’s epic saga with a friend in a local co-op.

  • For whom I love: Slay the tower, curse the dead gods
  • Type: Action / roguelike
  • PS . Store

15. Child of Light

Enjoy the audiovisual feast of Aurora’s haunting journey in this RPG.

From extensive artistic guidance to fascinating exploration, Child of Light encourages you to see hope in a dazzling watercolor world full of atmosphere.

  • For whom I love: Brothers: A Tale of Two Boys, Jinshin Impact
  • Type: RPG / Adventure
  • PS . Store

16. Enter Gungeon

Are you looking for the thrill of a bullet fight hell? Then you need to check the entry of Gungeon.

Enjoy the magic of 16-bit creatures as you blast your enemies to pieces: Enter the impressive Gungeon arsenal. Take on Gundead alone or with a friend!

  • For whom I love: Sol Crista, Risogun
  • Type: Roguelike / Shoot them
  • PS . Store

17. Hollow Knight: Void Heart Edition

Step into the 2D world of Hollow Knight if you dare. Make sure not to get lost in this amazing art reference and addictive gameplay.

Don’t be fooled by the look and feel of the simple platformer game: Hollow Knight is full of surprises and delight in equal measure, ready to lure you deeper and deeper into the Hallownest…

  • For whom I love: Cuphead, dead cells
  • Type: Action / Platform
  • PS . Store

18. Nidhogg

Because when realistic dueling isn’t enough, count on Nidhogg’s (or devastating) multiplayer fun…

Nidhogg offers the purest dueling experience: joy, tension, nail-biting moments… and it’s even better to face less experienced players than you!

  • For whom I love: Towerfall: Ascension, Street Fighter V
  • Type: combat / platform
  • PS . Store

19. Jotun: Valhalla Edition

Discover the meaning of victory in the face of adversity in this amazing place of Norse mythology.

In Jotun: Valhalla Edition, prove your true worth. Explore nine beautiful hand-drawn worlds in your quest to defeat Goten and overcome the humiliation of death without glory.

  • For whom I love: Hyper Light Drifter, Bloodstained: Night Ritual
  • Type: action adventure
  • PS . Store

20. Steins; Elite Gate

You discover a way to change the past with just your email and a modified microwave in hand. How do you resist?!

ENJOY THIS VISUAL NOVEL AT STEINS; GATE ELITE, featuring the iconic visual style of the series, reimagined from the original. Pamper yourself: take your own time.

  • For whom I love: Doki Doki Literature Club Plus, Life Is Strange
  • Type: visual novel
  • PS . Store

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