Israel, Rodolfo duo, touch when they talk about his father's death in the pandemic: "The appeal is very difficult even today"

Israel, Rodolfo duo, touch when they talk about his father’s death in the pandemic: “The appeal is very difficult even today”

The resumption of the routine of performances and events brought different sensations and feelings to the artists. Besides the joy of returning to the stage, there are reports of those who have had difficulties with their voice in long performances (as happened with singer Vinícius, the duo of João Bosco), and those who have faced depression (the case of Belutti, the duo of frames).

Israel, Rodolfo’s partner, also made an emotional statement about returning to the stage and admitted:

“This recovery has been very difficult,” he said in an interview. g 1citing the death of his father, businessman Antonio Oliveira Ribeiro, a victim of Covid-19.

“The epidemic was one of the most terrifying and happy moments of my life, because at first my father called me to his house. He called my family, my children and my wife to stay at home with them,” he said, Israel, about to go to a farm near Goiania during the quarantine period.

“I’ve spent a good part of the pandemic there with my family, great days. But on a certain day, my dad got Covid with my mom, it got complicated and he died,” he recalls, moving, before going up on stage at Villa Country, in São Paulo.

“And then it became a nightmare for everyone. This recovery has been very difficult until today.”

Israel and Rodolfo in ‘Best of the Year’ for Domingão com Huck – Photo: João Cotta/TV Globo

Israel said that his father took care of the duo’s career at some points and that he left many teachings behind. “There he must be very happy, very proud of us.”

The singer also stated that he feels that the time he spent near his father before his death was a kind of farewell, because, in his childhood, he could not spend much time in the company of his father, who was also a singer.

“When we were kids, just traveled, we didn’t get together much. We spent this period of the pandemic together a lot. We talked about everything, sang a lot, laughed a lot, and did everything together that we didn’t do as a kid.” So I consider it goodbye anyway.”

Antonio couldn’t see the transformation in his son’s career with the duo.

Israel and Rodolffo have been singing together since they were kids, it’s been 27 years in their career, but they saw their career history completely change after Rodolffo’s participation in “BBB21”.

“It changed everything. Schedule, salary, life. How much we were known, how much people know the duo, both nationally and internationally…” Rodolfo notes, recalling their recent tour of the US.

“We’ve gone before in 2015, but this time we’ve had shows in the US that match some of the performances here in Brazil, in terms of audience size and animation, and the ecstasy of the people singing our songs,” Certanejo explained. .

“And life also became a crazy rush, girl, you don’t even have time to breathe properly,” Israel added, emphasizing that he does not miss his career prestige before reality.

Israel and Rodolfo at São João 2022 in Campina Grande, PB – Photo: Bruna Couto/g1

“We’ve struggled for this all our lives, and we know how to appreciate every drop of sweat we shed. So we’ll continue to give people lots of good music, and lots of joy, which we’ve always dreamed of,” highlights the singer.

This month, Israel and Rodolfo took the stage at the Festa do Peão de Barretos. The duo will premiere on August 21, the same date as Marcos and Belotti.

  • Circuito Sertanejo gathers events until November; see table
  • The outbreak of country artists during the pandemic has changed the traditions of the stages at Festa do Peão de Barretos

Unlike many of the newcomers announced at the party, Israel and Rodolfo have already played six more times at the event. But it’s the first time they’ve given a full show on the main stage.

“It won’t come as a surprise to us, but we’re certainly very concerned, and we’re looking forward to that show there, because we’ve never done our full show on the main stage,” Rodolfo stated.

“It’s one of the biggest theaters in the world that any artist in the world, especially in Brazil, would dream of applying to. So we’re really looking forward to it,” adds Israel.

When asked about the stories they had lived at the pawn party, they recalled the times they played in one of the secondary stages of the party for a very small audience.

“We sing for very few people there. And problems always happen, they just change shape,” Israel said.

And speaking of Perrengue, Rodolfo ended up providing that his partner, Israel, lives on “the most ‘collective’ story, both in Barretos and in the other phases that have passed over the years.”

“The funny ones, the ones that have the most interaction,” Rodolfo highlighted.

“My fall, right?” , Israel wondered, which actually made his partner laugh.

“I had already fallen on stage, with the guitar in my lap, I had already fallen before the show, little boy, a child, in a light source, and then the announcer called me. Strange. From the husband, I salivate.”

Israel and Rodolfo sing ‘Cherry Lipstick’ at the ‘BBB21’ final – Photo: Engage/TV Globo

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