Ball Market: Willian says goodbye to Corinthians and Santos sees transformation

Ball Market: Willian says goodbye to Corinthians and Santos sees transformation

The national and international football market remains turbulent, with speculation and results amid the transfer window around the world.

In Brazil, the highlight is Corinthians, who will lose midfielder Willian in the coming days. In addition to threats, the player claimed stress problems and will terminate his contract with the Sao Paulo club – he should no longer play in the Vitor Pereira team shirt and justified his decision in an interview.

On the other hand, Flamingo is still waiting for the result of the telenovela in which Oscar is involved. The Brazil-based midfielder is trying to get a permit from the Shanghai port to be loaned to Dorival Júnior.

Still in Brazil, Santos, who was closer to bringing Sutildo home, now faces a dilemma with Madson’s side, who were out of the group card before Lesca’s arrival, and now he can continue with the team.

Finally, in international football, Barcelona are in danger of losing two recently signed players: Casey and Christensen.

a UOL Esporte Highlights of the most important news of the day in the ball market. Check out some of the moves below:

end of line for william

Willian opened the game on his departure from Corinthians: Shortly after Alvenegro’s defeat and ouster against Flamengo, actor Duilio Monteiro Alves admitted the possibility of the attacking midfielder’s role ending at the club still in the mixed Maracana. The player will still meet the board this afternoon, but he’s already made up his mind about a month ago.

This Wednesday, in an interview with Disney Channel journalist Mauro Naves, Willian responded to criticism and spoke about Vitor Pereira and confirmed his family’s return to Europe. “I know my performance was not what I expected, but I was never a player who scored 20 or 30 goals in a season. […] I never had the slightest problem with Vitor Pereira.”

Oscar series

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With a guaranteed qualification to the Copa Libertadores semi-finals, Flamengo fans now live the expectation that Oscar will be able to defend the red and black jersey. Already on Brazilian soil, the player is waiting for a layoff from the port of Shanghai, from China, to work on loan until the end of the year to the club from Javea. Vice Footballer Marcus Prause has stated that there is nothing specific yet.

“Regarding the Oscars, nothing has been resolved yet. No signings as announced. Next question,” he said briefly during the mixed Maracana after the victory over Corinthians.

Santos directs agreement with Sutildo …

Santos advanced in negotiations with Tigres (MEX) and sent Soteldo on loan until June 2023. There is a principle of agreement between the clubs, pending final adjustments such as details, for example, the option to buy. The tigers exceeded the limit for foreigners and agreed to lend to the Venezuelan.

Santos, who made a place on the payroll with the departures of Leo Baptistao, Ricardo Goulart, Emiliano Velasquez and Willian Maranhão, agreed to honor higher salaries. There is competition in the market, but Soteldo’s desire to return to Vila Belmiro weighs heavily on Santos.

…and live with a dilemma with Madison

Madson celebrates his goal for Santos in the match against Coritiba, fit for the Brazilian Championship - Robson Mafra / AGIF - Robson Mafra / AGIF
Photo: Robson Mafra/AGIF

His first goal for Santos in the 2-1 win over Curitiba, Madson had departed Pixie for the following season which was practically set before coach Lesca arrived. With the new order, the right-back situation has become the cause of an internal dilemma at the club.

Madson has a contract until the end of this year and can already sign a pre-agreement with any club and leave Santos free in 2023. The board headed by President Andres Rueda considered the player’s salary to be high and was inclined not to extend the contract. But Lesca said he was “very satisfied” with the full-back’s work, which could change the situation in the coming days.

From PSG to Atlético-MG?

Rafinha is out of PSG's plans and may be appointed by Grupo City - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: disclosure

The name of midfielder Rafinha Alcantara who belongs to Paris Saint-Germain, of France, was offered to Atletico MG. The 29-year-old has another year on his contract with the French club, but he will not be used in the 2022/2023 season, so he was released to search for a new team.

The possibility of relying on Rafinha Asad, the technical committee chaired by Coca, as UOL Esporte. Despite having a contract with the Frenchman until June next year, Rafinha is free to leave the Parisian team without any kind of financial compensation, as previously reported by O Globo newspaper. However, this is not a simple negotiation process, he is after all a player who commands a high salary by football standards.

They barely arrived, but…

Midfielder Frank Kessie and defender Andreas Christensen, Barcelona’s first two signings in the transfer window, can leave the club for free and without entering the field, according to ESPN.

According to the sources heard by the portal, both athletes have a contractual clause that they can agree with new teams if they are not registered in Barcelona’s first La Liga appearance. The club’s first appearance in competition is against Rayo Vallecano on Saturday, but the duo’s status is uncertain.

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