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How do you expect FGTS? See practical tips to access

Today we will talk about how to predict the FGTS. If you need some extra cash, and you have sums stuck in your fund account, know that you can use that money to get out of trouble at any time.

Therefore, if you are interested, we suggest that you read the following text and learn more about the class compensation fund. Also learn all the important information for making anticipation.

What is FGTS?

FGTS is an acronym consisting of the Guarantee Fund for Service Time for Brazilian Workers.

In short, this is a program to protect the rights of citizens who work with an official contract in our country. So that in the event of dismissal without a just cause, he can get what is due to him. In this way, a peaceful transition to the labor market is enabled.

In fact, this fund is created automatically, linked to the employment contract, signed between the worker and the employer.

In addition, the deposit must be made each month by the seventh of each month. If that day falls on holidays or weekends, the employer must make the deposit in advance.

The amount indicated by the FGTS of each worker amounts to 8% of their total earnings. As said, it must be paid by the employer, so as not to result in deductions on the employee’s payment receipt. Because it is an obligation provided by law and limited to its superior.

What happens to FGTS amounts deposited by employers?

Since these values ​​are kept in a particular account, the worker cannot access them. In fact, only in some specific situations.

During that time, that money pays off. Then, every 10th day of every month, the available amount is updated with the interest and cash correction.

Additionally, as of 2017, a law was passed obligating the government to pass on FGTS profits to all workers. That is, all income collected by the union in the previous year.

The amount should be based on the amount available up to the last day of the base year. Thus, you are automatically deposited into FGTS accounts for Brazilians.

By the way, this amount cannot be withdrawn at any time either. In fact, only in some situations, such as unfair dismissal, home ownership or retirement. In addition, the federal government launched the Christmas withdrawal method.

What is the FGTS Anniversary Loot?

In 2020, the federal government launched the FGTS method of Christmas looting, as one of the measures in the package to contain the effects of the general disaster situation the country is facing.

In this category, it is possible for the worker to access a portion of the amount available in his accounts for the stoppage compensation fund annually. Basically, the month following your birthday.

This way, in addition to heating up the economy, workers get additional income each year.

To carry out this type of withdrawal, it is necessary for the worker to choose the method. However, you must give up the withdrawal, i.e. if you are fired without a valid reason, the worker will not be able to withdraw your FGTS in an annulment manner. Therefore, it is necessary to wait until the month of your birth.

Some financial institutions have taken advantage of this method to launch a new line of credit, called the annual withdrawal expectation. Let’s see more information below.

How do you expect FGTS?

As we have seen earlier, to anticipate the FGTS, it is necessary that the worker choose the method of drawing the anniversary.

In fact, this is an annual possibility for the worker to reach the amount, anticipation can be the answer to that tight moment.

For this, it is necessary to contact the financial institutions that provide the service. This way, you will know how much you have available to expect, as well as the interest rates and installment amounts to pay.

In this method, the installment payment is directly deducted from the available amount in your FGTS account. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about repayment or sticking to your monthly debt repayment budget.

Who can advance the FGTS?

The FGTS forecast option is available to all workers who have active or inactive accounts linked to their CPF number.

However, every banking institution requires a minimum amount available in the fund to release credit.

So, access the service portals and run a simulation. Follow the organization’s instructions to see if you can rent the service, as well as how much is available to you.

Knowing how to predict the FGTS can be very useful to you in difficult situations. Therefore, search for institutions that offer the service and find out which one best suits your situation.

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