Bar in SP who has previously perpetrated violence against women on social media has installed a banner that reads: "We don't hate children, it's only for you"

Bar in SP who has previously perpetrated violence against women on social media has installed a banner that reads: “We don’t hate children, it’s only for you”

The bar and restaurant La Borratxeria Parrilla, in Pinheiros, in the western region of São Paulo, was criticized on social networks this Tuesday (9) because A sign placed on its front reads: “We don’t hate children, it’s only for you.” Hamburg has already marketed topics such as violence against women and children on other occasions (read more below).

A picture of the banner was posted on the facility’s Instagram. On the same account, another post shows a cardboard box with the words: “Children’s space. Leave your child here and eat in comfort.”

Netizens slammed the message on the bar front. “It’s amazing how childlike hate is normalized, isn’t it? Replace kids with women/black/obese/old people/Chinese, and any other social group, and it was already giving the police there,” the tweet reads.

Another said on Instagram: “If there’s anything more ridiculous and serious than this restaurant in Joao Mora, someone tell me.”

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According to the chairperson of the Adoption and Family Living Committee for Children and Adolescents at OAB-SP, Ariel de Castro Alves, Letters constituting the “crime of incitement to violence”.

“Many violations are committed. Children’s rights to respect, integrated protection, dignity, family and community life, and not to suffer humiliation, embarrassment, oppression and malicious attitudes,” Ariel said.

Instagram post from La Borratxeria bar, in Pinheiros, Western District of São Paulo – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

The lawyer, a member of the National Institute for the Rights of Children and Adolescents, declared that “the Intolerance Crimes Police Station (Dicradi) should initiate an investigation and investigate the behavior of the owners of the institution.”

In addition, the expert estimates that “the Office of the Attorney General for Children and Youth can launch a civil investigation to investigate violations of the Anti-Corruption Act and the Federal Constitution committed by the owner” of the hamburger.

a g 1 However, no response was received until the last update of this report.

This isn’t the first time the tape has used social media to make posts of this kind. In 2019, the same establishment, then called Underdog, posted two videos in which a restaurant employee assaults a co-worker. (Read more below).

Before that, in 2017, another banner was placed on the facade of the institution comparing children to animals. “Here your dog is welcome! But children please tie them to the mail,” read the message on the board.

A poster on the Underdog hamburger shop, in Pinheiros, Sao Paulo’s Western District, in 2017 – Image: Reproduction/Instagram

In 2019, Underdog’s social media profile posted videos in which a restaurant employee assaults a co-worker.

In the first video, a customer complains that the snack is salty, the owner of the place goes to the kitchen and attacks the employee. The second scene shows the same employee collecting another snack with a black eye and in the background the boss says: “A little salt.”

An employee plays a battered woman in the Underdog hamburger video – Image: clone/social networks

At the scene the chef attacks an employee – Photo: clones / social networks

The videos were taken from the hamburger’s official Instagram profile, but were reposted on the personal page of founder Santi Roig. The publications have received criticism for apologizing for violence against women.

In a series of eight videos on his personal account, Santi said that the most aggressive criticism, without dialogue, was answered by him. “I suppose I’m not very good at answering and I end up answering correctly and I shouldn’t. Often times, I shouldn’t. These are things I need to improve on, okay?”

The chef said that the videos were put together and that the employee who interpreted the scene had one of the highest positions in the hamburger shop. “She gets the same pay. Everyone says it’s the least they can do. Yes, it’s the bare minimum and everyone should do it, but they don’t. It’s the truth,” Santi said.

For the purpose of the two videos, he explained that the goal was to taunt the “bipolar president.” The person who “comes to the table and treats the customer with a fake laugh and delights the customers all and comes behind the kitchen and kicks all his staff”.

He criticized “opinion-forming feminists who believe they are saving the world” and “YouTube blogs” who have criticized the establishment and apologized to victims of violence.

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