The Predator: The Hunt offers a fantastic action that is one step closer to greatness

The Predator: The Hunt offers a fantastic action that is one step closer to greatness

After three and a half decades and five mid-range films, it has become a classic action and horror movie predator (1987) finally got a noteworthy sequel. Predator: huntingDirected by Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Street), features many of the franchise’s most vibrant and polished scenes without the blood sacrifice. with amber midthunder (corpsAs the protagonist, the film relies on a magnetic character of a marked nature, while injecting into the plot content social commentary that transcends the cinematic genre. In addition, there is a clear nurturing with a healthy balance of nostalgia. It’s a pity that all of this, handled flawlessly from mid to late production, isn’t enough to save him from a threat worse than any space hunter: a bad start.

In his first job, the hunt He is a very predictable college professor. What made the 1980s an iconic classic, but derived from a more luxurious Rescue aliens (1986), it was precisely the director’s intelligence John McTiernan In making the title monster a menace between the various conflicts – internal and external to the characters – adding complexity to the simplified action plot, thus amplifying the typical tensions of other genres that decided to embrace it. The Predator is left out of the original feature and you’ll still experience intense combat and light-hearted drama about shades of gray in times of war, the political struggles of the imperial system and gay tensions among macho soldiers. Invite the creature to the slaughter and you add horror and sci-fi into the mix.

As it was organized, the hunt Until he tried to do something similar, he admits from the first minutes depending on the promise of a struggle between a young Naru and an alien creature that kills for sport, now in the American West in the 1700s. Raised to be a Comanche shepherd, Naru wants to establish herself as a hunter through a ritual that suggests reversing roles with a predator. Therefore, the mixture of the film’s struggles presents itself to the protagonist as a common solution: killing the predator will prove her to her peers and will also spare her family and friends from certain death.

The feeling is that Trachtenberg and screenwriter Patrick Eason They saw in this synergy an attractive simplicity, but the truth is that it makes everything that precedes direct conflicts with the Predator an unpleasant exhibition. Until Naru and the animal engage in a head-to-head confrontation, it remains only to stress the tiring drama between her and her brother (Dakota Pevers) and offer the list of seeds that will bear fruit in Chapter Three for the series’ more educated viewers: lessons that will enable the wartime heroine to achieve a tactical victory against a dangerous alien—and that serve the film’s main ballast of nostalgia for what she did. Arnold Schwarzenegger35 years ago.

That this dubious beginning did not turn into a protocol track for the rest of the film is a blessing and a curse: first, because it finally allows the hunt It’s a great movie overall, with sure-footed Tratchenberg direction, Midthunder allure, and the Predator’s choreographed attacks filling your eyes with every scene; Second, because it just makes it clearer how much better the movie would be with a more dynamic and engaging introduction. A big sign of this is Naru’s struggle with a group of French hunters – perhaps the most digestible version of the white men believed to have been murdered by an Indian heroine in Hollywood. It is referenced only in the opening chapter, and becomes a relevant element in the middle of the film, adding tension and dynamism to the plot. However, at the same time, they represent another conflict linked to others as having the same solution. It is a narrative literature style that detracts from the general tension, and gives the entire project an uneasy air of security.

The Predator has superhuman physical abilities, but driven by a kind of cruelty that terrifies us precisely because it is so equal to that which is the hallmark of our race, the Predator is one of the most ruthless monsters in pop culture. Confronting it requires all kinds of strategies; From the daring, like mechanical traps, dispersals, and coordinated enclosure, to the primal, like covering your entire body in cold mud. Nothing in this process is courteous or secure. the hunt He understands this principle objectively (and that’s great), but withdraws and protects himself in his narrative trenches more often than is ideal.

Predator: hunting


Predator: hunting


year: 2022

nation: United State

classification: 16 years

Period: 100 minutes

road map: Patrick Eason

spit: Dane Delegrew, Amber Midthunder

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