Dominant Corinthians lost again to Flamengo and fell into the Libertadores quarter-finals

Dominant Corinthians lost again to Flamengo and fell into the Libertadores quarter-finals

a flamingo In the semi-finals of the Libertadores Cup 2022! Robro Negro won an award Corinthianson Tuesday evening, in the Maracana, 1 to 0, and with a total of 3 to 0, it advanced and will face, in the next stage, the winner from Talleres and Velez Sarsfield, who will play on Wednesday, 21:30 (from Brasilia).

The first half was balanced, with two chances for both teams, the chances of Robro Negro with Pedro and Everton Ribeiro and Tao with Edson (one of them saved the defense).

At the beginning of the second stage, after a good start, Arascaeta sent it to Pedro who did not forgive and opened the scoring, scoring his eighth goal in the competition, in the isolated artillery. Bruno Mendes was sent off after touching his arm at the entrance to the area.

Now, Corinthians are turning their attention to the two remaining competitions on their calendar: Campeonato Brasileiro and Copa do Brasil. First, he receives his arch rival Palmeiras, on Saturday, in a head-to-head battle in Brazil, at 19:00 (Brasilia time).

Then it’s time to take on Atlético-GO, also at the Neo Química Arena, for the return of the Copa del Rey quarter-final, on Wednesday. Just like this Tuesday, you’ll need to reverse the score from 2 to 0.

On the other hand, Flamengo will play two matches against Atlético – PR: the first on Sunday, in Brazil, in the Maracana, and in the fourth, in the Arena da Baixada, in the quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey. In the first leg, it was a negative draw.

the game

The first half is balanced

The first minutes of the duel Yuri Alberto was on the ground, after he was hit in the face by Thiago Maia. The first nervous moments.

In the sequence, Flamengo came first, with a cross from Everton Ribeiro to Pedro who controlled his chest and sent a bike. The ball passed in danger from the right side of Casio.

The response came only in the tenth minute, when Yuri Alberto received from Willian at the entrance to the area, he carried the ball, but when it was time to kick, he was intercepted. Soon, Edson went behind Thiago Maia and stole the ball, accidentally with a hazard, for Santos’ defense.

Rodini played wrong after that, Fabio Santos scored with Willian, and crossed the wing into the area, to find Fausto, who hit the ball without danger. Rodini made up for himself when he passed a cross to Everton Ribeiro, in the next attacking move, heading, with danger.

At the age of nineteen, a serious foul on Corinth on the left side. In charge, Willian sent the bulkhead, in Alvenegro players. The next dangerous move was precisely the number 10 shirt, which was knocked out by Leo Pereira after trying to dribble close to the area. In the charge, Santos defended.

On the left side, the triangle between Fabio Santos, Willian and Edson, with jersey number 28 inside the area, was cut by the defense. Flamengo began spinning around the opponent’s area more, but ineffectively, until the 32nd minute, when Everton left Ribeiro Rodini in front of goal, but Raul stole it away. Soon, Gabigol ventured out of the area, and passed near Qaim.

A bucket of cold water at first

While Flamengo returned unchanged, Renato Augusto took Fausto Vera’s place in Corinthians. After Willian’s pass, Rooney easily carried the ball and shot it out. Soon, it was Du Queiroz’s turn to try from outside the area, upstairs. Alvenegro kept trying, with a new kick from Doe, which was blocked by the defenders.

However, the good moment was completely erased in an attempt by Arrascaeta, who fled on the left, took Fagner and crossed low to Pedro’s scale, who reached into the carriage and sent it to the back of the net, opening the mark. And expanding the feature further, for a total of 3 to 0.

Soon, Fla had another chance, when Arrascaeta made another move through the middle and passed to Gabigol, on the right, in a superb Cássio defense. At the age of 17, the Uruguayan hit a free kick and David Luiz hit the net, but from the outside.

A short time later, Pedro got into a fight with Bruno Mendes near the ball area, and the defender put his arm on the ball. The referee issued the red card called for by the VAR. With Mendes dismissed, Edson left for the Balbuena entrance.

After Raul Gustavo’s defensive error, Thiago Maia crossed and found Gabigol who kicked on Cassio. On the rebound, he kicked the jersey 9 and saved Balbuena Corinthians. Cassio had to counter Gabi’s kick again shortly thereafter. He left at the end of the duel, and Gabigol had another chance, but he sent it.

data sheet

Corinthia 1 x 0 Flamingo

place: Maracana, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Date: August 9, 2022 (Tuesday)
time: 21:30 (from Brasilia)
Rule: Esteban Ostojich (URU)
Auxiliaries: Richard Trindade (URU) and Carlos Barreiro (URU)
Video Assistant Referee: Lloydne Gonzalez (URU)
yellow cards: Leo Pereira (Flamingo); Raul Gustavo (Corinthians)
red card: Bruno Mendes (Corinthians)
Flamengo: Pedro, six minutes into the second half.
Current audience: 68418 fans // Pay audience: 62802 fans
Enter: 5,387,254.50 Brazilian Real

flamingo: Santos, Rodini (Mathusinho), David Luiz, Leo Pereira and Felipe Luis; Joao Gomes (Diego), Thiago Maia (Vidal), Everton Ribeiro (Victor Hugo); Arascaeta, Pedro (Everton Cipolinha) and Gabigol. Technical: Dorival Jr.

Corinth: Cassio, Wagner, Bruno Mendes, Raul Gustavo and Fabio Santos; Fausto (Renato Augusto), Rooney (Giuliano) and de Queiroz; Addison (Balbuena), Willian (Gustavo Silva), and Yuri Alberto (Roger Guedes). Technical: Victor Pereira.

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